CCLemon99 2018 Year-End Review

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This is the annual post where I review all of the content that I put out in the previous twelve months. 2018...has certainly been a year. Personally I've had some ups and downs. Ups: Trips to Mexico and Canada. Downs: Where to begin?

The Youtube Channel and site output kinda reflect this. Here is the list of content that I did manage...

CCLemon99.com Posts of 2018

On the site I posted a whopping fifty-two posts in 2018. Two posts went up every month with the big exception being April. I tried something new in April where I reviewed every Akina Nakamori album with a few extras. So far, that experiment has been worth it considering the feedback I've gotten from people looking to get into Nakamori and not really knowing where to begin. I didn't expect big numbers, but I see that project going on to help other prospective fans in the future.

Outside of the Nakamori project, I'm proud of a lot of the site content that I released this year. A lot of good thought pieces and two great Sentai overviews (Gingaman and GoGo Five) to finish out the year. The weird hit of the year was the Maskman BGM post... I'm definitely going to name another stinker soundtrack in 2019. You asked for it!

1993 Sure Was a Thing... (Dairanger Fan Theory Special) [01.January]
My Biggest Failing: Song Lyrics [16.January]
Ultraman vs Kamen Rider: 25 Years Later [01.February]
Power Rangers Lost Property [17.February]
Top Seven Toys I Wish Existed [08.March]
The CD Collection--Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger CD Single [18.March]

Akina Nakamori Month
Akina Nakamori Month Introduction [01.April]
01. Prologue [Jomaku] (1982.07.01) [02.April]
02. Variation [Hensoukyoku] (1982.10.27) [03.April]
03. Fantasy [Gensoukyoku] (1983.03.23) [04.April]
04. NEW AKINA √ątranger (1983.08.10) [05.April]
05. ANNIVERSARY (1984.05.01) [06.April]
06. POSSIBILITY (1984.10.10) [07.April]
07. BITTER AND SWEET (1985.04.03) [08.April]
08. D404ME (1985.08.10) [09.April]
09a. Fushigi (1986.08.11) [10.April]
09b. Fushigi Part 2 - Wonder (1988.06.01) & MEGATREND (1987.03.25) [11.April]
10. CRIMSON (1986.12.24) [12.April]
11. Cross My Palm (1987.08.25) [13.April]
12. Stock (1988.03.03) [14.April]
13. Femme Fatale (1988.08.03) [15.April]
14. CRUISE (1989.07.25) [16.April]
15. UNBALANCE + BALANCE (1993.09.22) [17.April]
16. la alteración (1995.07.21) [18.April]
17. SHAKER (1997.03.21) [19.April]
18. SPOON (1998.06.17) [20.April]
19. will (1999.12.01) [21.April]
20. Resonancia (2002.05.22) [22.April]
21. I hope so (2003.05.14) [23.April]
22. DESTINATION (2006.06.21) [24.April]
23. DIVA (2009.08.26) [25.April]
24. FIXER (2015.12.30) [26.April]
25. Akina (2017.11.08) [27.April]
BONUS: Cage (2017.11.08) [28.April]
BONUS: true album akina 95 best (1995.12.06) [29.April]
Top Seven Favorite Akina Nakamori Albums [30.April]

AWFUL: Hikari Sentai Maskman BGM [08.May]
I'm Calling It Now. The Winner Is..... [26.May]
A Decade of Sentai Henshin Item Toys [08.June]
11-Years on Youtube ~ The Odd History of Daijinryuu [24.June]
An Appreciation of Beastie Boys' "Intergalactic" and "Body Movin'" [10.July]
CCLemon99 Magazine Issue Six [25.July]
Toy Story: Dyna Brace...Dyna Brace, Dyna Brace, AND.....Dyna Brace! [14.August]
Youtube Hiatus [31.August]
Ginga Tensei! Seijuu Sentai Gingaman Part 1 of 2 [15.September]
Wins, Opportunites, & Top Seven Episodes! Seijuu Sentai Gingaman Part 2 of 2 [21.September]
Top Seven Best Metal Hero Ending Theme Songs [05.October]
Chakuso!! Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGo Five Part 1 of 2 [28.October]
Wins, Opportunities, & Top Seven Episodes! Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGo Five Part 2 of 2 [03.November]
November!! *Shakes Fist* [30.November]
CCLemon99 2018 Year-End Review [31.December]
The CD Collection--SSSS.Gridman Singles & Original Soundtrack [31.December]

CCLemon99 Videos of 2018

This year has really sucked for the channel. I love what I have managed to scrape out, but the crackdown really killed output. My videos are still unlisted for now, but they should be public again in the future. For now, these links will take you there...

Kamen Rider Takeshi Hongo SHFiguarts [14.January]
Kamen Rider 1 S.H.Figuarts Shinkocchou Seihou [28.January]
Cat Ninden Teyande Yattarou ESGokin [04.February]
Kamen Rider Blade SHFiguarts [25.February]
Ninja Sentai Kakuranger 5 Set Mini [11.March]
Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger CD Shudaika [18.March]
Tokkei Winspector Bikel SHFiguarts [01.April]
Tokkei Winspector Walter SHFiguarts [08.April]
Tokkei Winspector Full Package Option Set SHFiguarts [22.April]
Taiyo Sentai SunVulcan VulShark SHFiguarts [06.May]
Taiyo Sentai SunVulcan VulPanther SHFiguarts [13.May]
Taiyo Sentai SunVulcan SHFiguarts [27.May]
Tensou Sentai Goseiger Tensouder Change Card [10.June]
Ferrari F355 Berlinetta [Hot Wheels Elite Model [17.June]
Gosei Sentai Dairanger Daijinryuu [24.June]
Gosei Sentai Dairanger Plahero Daimugen [01.July]
Choriki Henshin Ohranger COMPLETE [15.July]
Power Rangers Red Ranger SHFiguarts SDCC 2018 [29.July]
Power Rangers Green Ranger SHFiguarts SDCC 2018 [29.July]
Uchuu Keiji Gavan Retsu Ichijoji SHFiguarts [19.August]
Power Rangers White Ranger SHFiguarts [09.December]

That's all for 2018...see you in 2019!!!


Triple Top Seven: The Best of 2017!

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