M-E-G-A Mega!

So you may be wondering what in the world is going on at the end of my review of the Cyberslider from Megaranger. Allow me to explain...

What you just heard was a coded message. I won't get much into details on how it can be translated into words, but I will say that it will be very helpful if you watch my next video...which is the DX Popynica Degitank.

Basically what I did was create my own Numbers Station to send out my own little harmless secret message. If you've never heard of Numbers Stations, I suggest taking a gander at the Wikipedia article and maybe checking out a few videos on Youtube of captured broadcasts. This video of a BBC broadcast also explains them as best as they can be explained.

A few notes on the coded message. All sounds come from the DX Degitaizer and DX Keitaizer (music). I really wanted to wash the sound out to make it sound like it was really transmitted over shortwave radio, but without modification the numbers are hard enough to understand (hence the subtitles...trust me, I could barely understand it--and I'm the one who programmed it!). I did a little bit of a mash-up in my format, but I'd say it's closest to the "Lincolnshire Poacher" station.

I will eventually reveal my message...but I challenge you to try to decifer is it. After next week, either comment on this entry, on the video, or hit me up on Twitter. If you have a Google account, you should be able to get to me in the comments here and Youtube. Twitter...I'm always on Twitter, so that's the fastest.

Have fun



Rare CD Round-up 2!!


Well, I decided to add more rare CDs to the fire. Since I did Ultraman last time around, how about some less common Sentai and Kamen Rider this time?

>>>03. Gosei Sentai Dairanger Kiryoku Disc<<<

First up is the Kiryoku Disc. This is promotional item from TV-kun Magazine. It is a short drama CD in similar style to the "Super Action Sound" drama CDs that spanned Turboranger-Zyuranger (more on them later...maybe). There are two big differences on this particular disc. The first is that it was free and therefore very short (the previous discs were around 40-45 minutes). The second is...the Dairanger cast actually sings a little bit. They are truly terrible. Hahaa.

As far as drama CDs go, this one is meh. There really isn't much to it since there isn't much time to create a sound environment. This is one of those things that is fun to own for the novelty value. Heh.

>>>04. Kamen Rider SD CD Single<<<

Kamen Rider SD was a nice little OVA that came out in...1992? 1993? This CD Single is dated 01.December.1992 as the release, so let's go with that. Even though this was just a little piece of animation that not many people saw, the OVA itself spawned a music collection and this CD Single. Beyond the OVA...there are SD video games and toys based on the manga in the early 90s. The actual animation seemed to come out at the tail-end of the lifespan.

The themes to this OVA are...wildly different. The singer of the OP is a woman known as "TOM". She did some songs for Dragonball Z on some of the later Hit Song CDs (I want to say CDs 16 and 17). Her picture is in the liner notes of one the DBZ CDs...such an unassuming looking woman has such a strange voice. Regardless, of the handful of songs I've heard from "TOM" this is definitely the best. It's catchy and fits in very well with the feature.

The ending song is by Hironobu Kageyama in his prime. Fantastic song. It's on the softer side, but it definitely has a nice speedy melody. Imagine him trying to sing like this today... Yikes!

The only thing that bums me out about this CD is that my copy is missing the lyric card. : [ Oh well...I'll take what I can get in the rare CD world...


There you have it. Another selection of Rare CDs have been successfully rounded-up. I will be back next time with......... How does Metal Hero Karaoke Vol.2 (Jiban-B-Fighter) sound? No? More Sentai drama CDs? No? Unused music from the Hakaider movie? No? We'll see.

Let me know what you think!