Change of plan...

A quick programming note. I will not be debuting my new camera with my forthcoming Morphin Brace review. Fear not! My Morphin Brace review is coming up very soon! The shots I took with my old camera just look...better for some reason. So they're here to stay. The new camera's debut will come later.

That is all...



Busy Bee!

Hi there!

I have been super busy as of late. The weather has gone from "Kinda cold outWTF, this Winter has been pretty mild" to "It's 90 out today, but it'll be 52 tomorrow.". I've been spending an absolute TON of time working on my car. Being an over-engineered marvel, the simplest jobs seem to take up a lot of my time. Changing a burnt out license plate bulb required me to basically disassemble the bootlid from the inside [I also had to invent a new tool on the fly, which I kinda dig because I'm creative]. If they were normal human people, Toyota would've used two screws per lens for each bulb. But nooooooooooo, they want you to come in to the shop, pay for an hour's labor and overcharge on OEM lightbulbs. Their cost: $70 (est.). My cost: $3. /end rant

So jobs like that have been keeping my car legal and keeping me busy. I haven't been able to get too much work done on the computer, which sucks because there is a lot to get done. Oh well.

I have been clearing out old videos as promised. I had three Go-onger videos and a few others that need to be uploaded before I make the big jump to my new camera. I think a few will be saved for a later date. Oh well. The Morphin Brace review is coming. I need to reshoot all of the material. Expect it as the first review in April. Followed by the fugly Legend Mobirates, and then something like five more Ranger Key Sets. By that time, I'll have to make a Go-Busteroh video...and my five year video...I also need to sneak in some old school toys... I have TONS of content on the horizon. No time for a break for me. The new video coming up on 22.April will be my 38th consecutive week of uploading [39th consecutive upload, one week I uploaded two videos]. This is one of my hottest streaks to date!

Wow. I came here with nothing to say and look at how much I typed. Bah! I'll be back soon with another list or something. In the meantime, I better get cracking on more stuff. Be sure to check out my uploads every Sunday!