The CD Collection--Denko Chojin Gridman Original Soundtrack

Welcome to my CD Collection review of the brand new Denko Chojin Gridman Original Soundtrack from our good friends at Cinema-Kan. They previously released the excellent Ultraman Powered Original Soundtrack so we're certainly in for a treat today. It's always nice to see what a smaller label can do versus the giants like Columbia or avex. You can always tell there is just a little more passion involved in getting a release out.

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Denko Chojin Gridman Original Soundtrack

As you likely guessed from the photo at the top of this page and the fact that that I've reviewed the 1993 CDs in the past, this is not Gridman's first CD release. I stick by my original assessment of the Gridman Music Collection. To put it quickly, I thoroughly enjoyed Osamu Tetsuka's music collection, but found it to be my least favorite of the stellar soundtracks to the rest of the 1993 Tokusatsu line-up (Gosei Sentai Dairanger, Kamen Rider ZO, Tokusou Robo Janperson, Ultraman Powered). To be last among the music of that year is hardly a negative, though.

So what is the purpose of this set? Well, it's a two-disc CD set versus the 1993 edition's lone disc. While that could mean that the second disc could just be comprised of the theme song single, it's actually much more than that. No, Cinema-Kan diligently combed through the Tsuburaya archives and found every last shred of content they could for this set...and even a very nice surprise!


This disc contains a good portion of the content you would expect. All vocal songs are represented as well as a lot of the familiar BGM tracks from the 1993 version of the music collection. The vocal songs, might I add, have grown on me a bit more over time. Both theme songs by Norio Sakai are gems. Who doesn't love Yume no Hero? Of all of the Tokusatsu theme songs of the 90s, it's the only one that I've enjoyed more over time. The sentiment I have for the lone vocal song, Futatsu no yuuki by Compoid Three, is similar. The bassline and horns are just so damn good. Like the original music collection, there is also an instrumental version of Futatsu no yuuki included.

Overall, this disc is what you would expect..........until you get to the last track...

The bonus track of this album is an alternate version of Yume no Hero! WOW! I had no friggin idea this even existed. How different is it? Musically it's the same, but lyrically it's different. Is it any better than the final version? NOPE. It's weird how the smallest changes can kinda diminish the slickness of a song. In this case, the lyrical differences are a little janky.

That said...what an addition! Columbia didn't have the guts to release the alternate version of the Kamen Rider BLACK RX theme song on that big 3-Disc set. You rule, Cinema-kan!



The content that inhabits this disc is largely made up of alternate takes and a lot of the smaller incidental music that was completely missing from the 1993 version soundtrack. This is the type of thing I live for. A lot of the stuff here has little bits of background noise and imperfections. They're wonderful little snapshots in time. The alternate takes are always welcome as well, especially when it comes to the badass action tracks from this show. You know... I probably like this soundtrack more than the Janperson music collection in retrospect. Janperson's music collection is more comedically derivative of Hollywood movie soundtracks with a splash of original action themes. Gridman is 100% original and 100% awesome.

The big new additions on this disc are the TV size versions of both theme songs which, correct me if I'm wrong, have never been released before. Yeah, the old version of the music collection featured the full size versions. We also get Instrumental versions of both theme songs, which were absent on the 1993 CD. There are four Karaoke tracks to finish the disc off. Both theme songs (previously released on the CD Single), Futatsu no yuuki (previously unreleased), and the Type B version of Yume no Hero. Again...wow! Like I said, it isn't different musically, just lyrically. The chorus singing is what necessitates the separate version.


There it is! This release was certainly worth the wait. It combines the two previous Gridman CDs, adds a healthy amount of additional content, and does it at a very efficient price. Cinema-Kan, you're definitely alright in my book. I absolutely recommend this release as well as the Ultraman Powered Original Soundtrack. I'm looking forward to what Cinema-Kan has in store for the future.

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The CD Collection--SSSS.Gridman Singles & Original Soundtrack
The CD Collection--Gridman, Changerion, Guyferd, Mikazuki, & Evolver

BONUS: Some of the awesome extras hidden in the artwork. I love the layout of the 1993 Original Soundtrack, but this new release wins on the sheer coolness.

Gridman Sigma!

Inner side of the obi


Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid...waitaminute...


I will be the first to admit that I'm not a gamer. Video game production and consumption has become a toxic wasteland of garbage and drama that I tend to steer clear of. I could go on and on about how out of the loop I am, but I think it's fair to say that you get the point. Something has finally entered my peripheral that made me take notice of a recent video game...and it's announcement certainly gave me a chuckle.

Like many of you, I caught a glimpse of the next attempt at a Power Rangers fighting game. I loved the Fighting Edition game on Super Nintendo, so this has all the makings of expanding wildly upon that. Granted, we've only seen a little bit of it so far and really don't know much about it other than it's April 2019 release date and that it is being produced by Nway Games in conjunction with Hasbro and Lionsgate.

...and Bandai if the teaser is anything to believe...

Bubbles and imperfections...?

...weird shade of green with lousy paint application...?

...could it be!?!?!

Obviously there is no way of confirming this, but their selection of helmets is somewhat nebulous when you think about it. Anyone can get their hands on these flawed, yet 1/1 scale replica helmets that Bandai released recently. The use of the helmets certainly jazzed up what could have been an otherwise boring gameplay ad with JDF's endorsement. It all seems like much too much of a coincidence if you ask me...

That was literally my first impression when I saw this teaser. Those have to be Bandai's Legacy helmets. I could be wrong...but I seriously doubt it.

My second impression was that maybe I should start stepping on other people's feet as I punch them.

This all looks...unnatural.

My third impression is...maybe it's time I finally open my PS4 and give this game a shot. It could be fun! Hoping for the best on this one.

What do you think? Are those Bandai Legacy helmets? Will this game be any good?

See ya!