Seven Years of CCLemon99!

Wow. I honestly can't believe I've been at it for this long...but here we are.

To date I have uploaded 381 videos. Right now I'm in the middle of Kakuranger Month THREE. I've been doing this long enough that I have done three whole months of Kakuranger toys plus the ones I uploaded prior to my batching together into months. Rather than doing a seven year video of some variety, I decided to upload the video for the Kaen Shogun Ken this week to subtly mark the occassion. A five-star-toy is a good way to bring in the new year, no?

Anyway, I'm not going to do a number dump like I did last year. Pretty much take every number from that and either double it or add 50%. Yeah...I had a very good year for views and new subcribers.

The biggest change since last year is the addition of Figuarts to my channel. I know that I was vocally against the line for the first few years that they were around, but I was right to be. The figures up until whenever they released the Go-Busters ones were crap. In the time since, however, Bandai has been on a great roll pumping out great figures of characters that I really like SHIN KAMEN RIDER. Expect a lot more Figuarts videos coming from me going forward as well as the wildly requested all-Zyuranger video that will be released as my 400th video in November.

Speaking of future videos, if you check my schedule in the side-banner you'll see that my schedule now runs until December of this year. The exciting thing for me atleast is that all of the videos listed are done except for the few toys that have not been released yet. I am already working on planning out 2015 videos.

My blog...as always, you can expect two new entries a month going forward. I jokingly suggested having guest writers in the past...but if you're interested in writing something that you think would be at home in my odd corner of the internet, please give me a shout. It would be fun to have a fresh or different view on something. Oh, and yes. More Top 7 posts are coming.

I suppose I should finish out this post with a big 'Thank you' to anyone who has been following me throughout the years. A quiet guy like me really had no chance of being heard in the world prior to Youtube and I somehow managed to carve out a small slice of internet for myself without saying a single word.

Thank you so much for watching. I really, really mean it. Thank you.


The image that started it all -25.June.2007

A human eye, possibly my own.


The Review That Never Was..... *UPDATED*

Later this month will be the seventh anniversary of when I started my Youtube Channel. Over the years a lot of weird things have happened that I haven't really shared with too many people. This is a little story about an inside joke that I have with myself...

Almost every year I take photos of a certain toy, but have never put a review together and released a review of it. The toy in question is the Jishakku Change Series Robotack figure. For the uninitiated, Tetsuwan Tantei Robotack is the last Toei Metal Hero show. Robotack himself has two modes, Normal and Special Mode which he can switch to when the Wonder Flute is played.

I've had this figure pretty much since Robotack was on the air. When I started my channel in 2007, I didn't have any interest in doing any reviews or videos on any non-Henshin Item toys. As time went on, however, I added a couple of Henshin Belts, Action Figures, Super Sentai Mecha, and Model Cars. When I first started dabbling in Action Figures in late 2007/2008, I put together a photo set of the Robotack figure...which never made it to video for whatever reason.

Two years later I came across the set again and decided to take a fresh set of pictures since I was using better backdrops than I was using during the original set. Nothing ever came of this set either. Another year went by, another set...no video... In total, I have taken four sets of pictures of the same toy with nothing to show for it.

Now, in saying this...there are quite a few videos that I have made and never uploaded. Also, there are quite a few videos that I have taken multiple photo sets for due to quality issues. The Robotack figure is different because there is absolutely no reason for me not make a video of it. All of the pictures I have ever taken have been good and it's actually a really cool toy.

Maybe it will finally happen if I put it on my Google Calendar as my 401st video? Or shall the joke continue...?


*UPDATE* Added to my schedule as Video #401. Took yet another set of photos and put together the video just to make sure.