The Top Seven Sentai Mecha Songs!

Oh wow, another CCLemon99 Top Seven List! In case you didn't see my last entry, I suggest you check it out. I break down my video schedule through mid-September.

Mecha songs have always been hit or miss. They should be the best songs on the song collection, but some times they fall flat. Who cares about the flat ones though...I'm here to talk about the best!

7. Hyakujuu Gattai! Gaoking > Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger

Good way to start off the list, eh? This is perfect song for the 25th Anniversary mecha. This is technically the first Sentai mecha song by Ichiro Mizuki, and what a debut! Granted, he is the master of mecha songs from the 70s/80s but this is his first Sentai mecha song. Naturally a veteran singer will do an excellent job. 'Nuff said.

6. Makkana tokkon! Red Puncher > Choriki Sentai Ohranger

This is one of the few secondary mecha songs that I like. The intro alone is wonderful, it is Red Puncher being introduced to a match. This song has a unique energy to match a unique mecha. Hironobu Kageyama at his finest. Before he became the empty shell of a singer that he's been since 1999.

5. Dash! Liverobo > Chojuu Sentai Liveman

This song might not have the energy of the other songs on this list, but it definitely a winner. It starts off quiet and doesn't really get very exciting. It is, however...Badass. It's the perfect song for the best mecha of the 80s.

4. Engine Gattai Engineoh > Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Easily the best mecha song of the 2000s. Shinichi Ishihara began his Tokusatsu singing career in 1989 with the theme song for Turborugger from Turboranger. During the 90s, he had some of the most memorable Tokusatsu songs of the time. Since then, however, he has only done a handful of Tokusatsu songs. This song is one of those instances that makes you wonder why they don't let him sing theme songs anymore. Great song, great singer.

3. Biorobo no uta > Chodenshi Bioman

This was the oldest mecha song that really kicks ass. Takayuki Miyauchi (more on him later) did a great job singing, but that isn't the real reason I like that song. Listen to the last forty seconds of the song. It's completely unnecessary, but it is completely awesome. They decided to include some of the show's soundtrack into the mecha's theme song. I approve of this. It blends in, and it sounds awesome.

2. Ginga no ouja Gingaioh! > Seijuu Sentai Gingaman

Takayuki Miyauchi began his Tokusatsu singing career in 1984 with Bioman. Since then he has done it all...Themes, IN songs, mecha songs, the lot. However, he has been most strongly linked with mecha songs for some reason. I think this has to do with quality. Is there a bad mecha song by this guy? Nope. He's put out nothing but gold. I've mentioned before that the Gingaman theme song is my favorite of the era, which still seems right to me. Gingaman has two song collections with excellent songs in them. They're all well composed and well sung. However, this song is the shining star of the series. It is the catchiest of all of the excellent Gingaman songs and almost the best mecha theme song of the 90s...

1. Denji Gattai Galaxymega > Denji Sentai Megaranger

Yeah. I said it. This is MY favorite mecha song ever. This song has it all to me. It's majestic in the same way that the Liverobo theme is. It's upbeat in the same way the Engine-oh theme is. It's as solid as all of the others on this list. Yet it doesn't seem to get a lot of love from people I talk to. I think my favorite touches in this song are when the music breaks from the intro and the backing vocals singing "5-4-1! 5-4-1!!", which is Galaxymega's code on the Degitaizer. This song is a perfect match for one of the coolest mechas ever.


Well there you have it. My favorite Sentai mecha theme songs of all time. There are dozens of mecha themes out there, and I've heard them all. I definitely recommend those Mecha song collection CD sets when they release them every few years.

Take care!



At long last...schedule for the next 10 videos!

I'm back! I've been putting this off for awhile, but here is a schedule for upcoming reviews...!

22.July.2012 Ranger Key Set Hurricaneger
29.July.2012 Ranger Key Set Boukenger
05.August.2012 Hot Toys City Hunter Ryo Saeba
12.August.2012 Ranger Key Set Dekaranger
19.August.2012 Ranger Key Set Gekiranger
26.August.2012 DX Go-Buster Oh
02.September.2012 Ranger Key Set Go-Busters 2
09.September.2012 Ranger Key Set Abaranger
16.September.2012 Ranger Key Set Magiranger
23.September.2012 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R (KPGC10)

A little over half of those videos have been completed already. The Abaranger and Magiranger RK Sets haven't been released yet, but they'll be in house with plenty of spare time for their scheduled dates.

I really look forward to everything on that list... Catching up with and (hopefully) concluding the Ranger Key Sets, Ryo Saeba (!!!), and my annual current Sentai Mecha video. Also, I've been lazy on finishing that Skyline 2000GT-R review. Holding it off for that week since it'll be a special week for me.

I just want to say thank again to everyone for the well-wishes on my five year anniversary last month. If you have gotten atleast an ounce of entertainment out of my video hobby, it's an ounce more than I ever set out to give. : p Seriously, thanks for watching all these years!

Off to do some more editing. I'll be back with a new Top 7 next week-ish.