Song Collection: Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger

As I mentioned in the sibling post to this, I intended to review two song collections this month that had nothing to do with each other. I failed big time while doing the mental gymnastics as I realized that both Seiun Kamen Machineman and Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger share a writer AND major actor. Whoops.

(Seriously, though, check that post out...I won't spoil it, but it got an extreme reaction out of me)

So...Zyuranger, huh? Easily the most memorable suits in Super Sentai history from a show that's almost as memorable. How much futher have the returns diminished by the time you get down to the song collection? Let's find out!

For this post I'll be listening to my copy of the Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger Complete Song Collection from 1997. I briefly talked about that disc here in the past.


01. Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger / Kenta Sato

It may be completely random...and completely a ripoff of the theme to Total Recall, but damn is the intro to this theme song cool.

Really, for as lousy as the Jetman theme song is (fight me), this makes up for it tenfold. Kenta Sato, (Riki, Red Turbo from Kosoku Sentai Turboranger) is back for NO reason. He isn't in Zyuranger at all...just dropped in to sing this great theme song.

The music is majestic, modern, random, and really just kinda weird. The full size version of the song makes so little sense, yet they were able to chop it down into a perfectly cohesive TV Size theme for airing. Kenji Yamamoto, the man behind the music, has since been exposed as something of a rampant plagiarist (to the point where he was abruptly fired from Dragonball Kai when that was a thing). That isn't to say he didn't manage to create these great bizarre mashups that take sudden directional changes. The Zyuranger theme is one of his more mild ones, but is definitely another example.

Overall, I love this theme song. It's gooood.

02. Dolla! ~Majo Bandora no theme~ / Machiko Soga

I hate this song. I hate how it was used in the series. I hate the cheesy beat.

You know what I hate the most about it? It is THE most irritating earworm of all time. Try to forget it. Try to think of anything else for that matter.

Jokes aside, yeah...I can't say I care much for this one. It's definitely the best singing effort by Machiko Soga. Credit where credit's due, she actually sings this song. She has a handful of other songs recorded during her career, but they're largely her character talking to a beat. She's legit singing here and doing a really good job.

03. Kibo no Tsurugi / Toyomi Hiraishi

A really good, fast-paced action song. You'd think this song would have been a fight scene staple in the series, but nope! One appearance in episode 40. What gives? We got the Bandora theme more than that... *sigh*

04. Daizyujin no uta / Ju-Project

So... I'm going to try to defend this song.

Super Sentai Mecha theme songs are these action-packed songs to close out the big fight of each episode. They're the songs that you're humming to yourself as you march down the toy aisle to pick up that DX Bandai mecha.

So what the hell is with this one? It's the most the unmemorable snooze-fest. Worse...it's a *march* song. Those lame motivational songs that used to creep into song collections. I talked about this style of song in a previous song collection post, but this song has me so bored that I can't be bothered to remember which...

As plain-oatmeal-served-in-a-styrofoam-bowl bland as this song is, I don't mind it. The build-up to the "Gattai! Dino Mission!" is pretty cool.

05. Tyrannoranger • [Akaki yuushi] / Toyomi Hiraishi

Another really good action song that never got it's due in the series...and I mean never. This song literally never made it into the series. The over-the-top synths are really cool. It kinda feels like a eaaaarly proto-version of the Shushutorian theme in that respect. Except the Shushutorian song is untouchably good.

I don't know if this suits our boy The Gekster too well, but as an action song it's really cool.

06. Yumemiru otome no chikara kobu / Sayuri Saito

This is the Pteraranger theme song. I like it quite a bit. It's a bit janky and, again, it doesn't really fit a 170,000,000 year old woman too well, but I digress. It's bubbly and catchy...in a fun way...not in a cruel way like the Bandora theme.

07. Shippo Piki Piki / Kenta Sato

Oof. If they had to give Kenta Sato another song...why did it have to be this one?

This song has a weird honkytonk vibe to it, which doesn't jive all that well with Sato's voice. He does a great job singing it, but he was built to be an action singer. The Turboranger song collection has a number of great songs by Sato...a number of great *sensible* songs. This one is just weird...and kinda boring.

08. Boken shite Rappapiya! / Pythagoras

The series ending song, and a divisive one. Between this post and my Machineman post, this is my third major dissenting opinion. I...really like this song.

Before you close click off my site forever, just hear me out. I will acknowledge that my previous assessment of the Jetman theme song is ONLY limited to the opening theme and that the ending theme song, Kokoro wa tamago, is god-tier.

With that out of the way, I really dig this fun little jam. Is it a weird song to have close out every episodes of a series that frequently ended shows on incredibly desperate cliffhangers? Absolutely, but maybe it's a nice comedown. If you're marathoning the series it's probably annoying, I imagine. I just think it's a fun song with a nice groove. Who's to say we can't have nice things?

Daizyujin lays in a spreading fire with a blade against his neck as Dai Satan joyously observes the situation from the sky....... *Boken shite Rappapiya starts playing*

09. Pop Up Night / Takeshi Ike

Another action song not sung by Kenta Sato. This one is a little weird since it has these funky little character breakdowns. I appreciate how Geki only says "Totsugeki!" at one point.

Definitely an oddball song, but it's a fun little jam with a really slick synth beat scattered in.

10. Dragon Caesar no uta / Funky Y.K.

The other mecha theme song from the series, and the vastly superior one. Now I never pinned Burai or Dragon Caesar as funky character...the opposite, in fact...they are both quite tragic. Who cares! Since we're in the land of mismatched character songs, why not go a little nutty for our final song?

If Burai could spend a little bit more time outside of his mood room, I'm sure he would be a fan of this kind of music. There. I made the song fit the character.

Love the song, though. It may have gone the polar opposite of the Daizyujin theme to the point of absurd levity, but it's certainly more enjoyable.

11. Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger [No Chorus Karaoke]

12. Dolla! ~Majo Bandora no theme~ [No Chorus Karaoke]

13. Kibo no Tsurugi [Original Karaoke]

14. Daizyujin no uta [Original Karaoke]

15. Tyrannoranger • [Akaki yuushi] [Original Karaoke]

16. Yumemiru otome no chikara kobu [Original Karaoke]

17. Shippo Piki Piki [Original Karaoke]

18. Boken shite Rappapiya! [No Chorus Karaoke]

19. Dragon Caesar no uta [Original Karaoke]


I'll give this Song Collection a solid B-. It's memorability has definitely diminished further than any other aspect of the show, but it isn't bad.

Honestly, I somewhat selected this series as my random other review for the month because I remember really disliking this song collection. It really isn't too bad out of context...the songs just have less than nothing to do with the show. The theme song absolutely works, and the Daizyujin theme in all of it's bland glory is a match, but the rest just miss the target big time...even if they are still enjoyable.

If you want a similar series that has songs that match up better, may I recommend the Gingaman Song Collection? Sure, I haven't written about...yet.......


I'm out. Be sure to check out my Machineman post and the CD Collection for more.



Seiun Kamen Machineman Song Collection
Dai Sentai Goggle V Song Collection

Song Collection: Seiun Kamen Machineman

Welcome to another round of Song Collection reviews by CCLemon99. This time around I wanted to go random--two series that had ZERO connection. So I threw two darts at my mental dart board and landed on Seiun Kamen Machineman and Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger. That's right...two series that have *nothing* in common...

...until you realize that Noboru Sugimura wrote for both series. Well, at least the song collections have nothing in common...

...until you realize that not only does Machiko Soga have a role in both series, but she has a song on each of these song collections.

The topic today is "Series that have a song by Machiko Soga and had Noboru Sugimura as a writer...!".

For this review I'll be using my copy of Seiun Kamen Machineman Song & Music Collection from 2015. I briefly covered this set on this page.


Disc One

01. Seiun Kamen Machineman / MoJo, Columbia Yurikago-kai

The series theme song. It's impossible for me to listen to this tune with fresh ears, but I like to try to imagine what this sounds like to the uninitiated. For 1984 this slick jazz theme song to a Tokusatsu series is something of a novelty. I'm going to say it, though...it's easily the best of the three theme songs of the year (Yes, three. Dragon Road was released in 1982...not my problem if Toei didn't bother to release the ZX special until January, 1984).

Uchuu Keiji Shaider comes up in second since it's a perfectly serviceable theme song. I may get some extreme hate for this, but the Bioman theme song is trash. Miyauchi is great and the guitar work is excellent, but good lord is it a dull song...with a flippin' xylophone! In 1984...not 1974!

So what makes the Machineman theme song so good? MOJO was certainly on a hot streak with his work on Goggle V and Dynaman, but that isn't the answer. Legendary composer Yuji Ohno had a deep hand in both the song and music collection for the series. A brass-heavy sound is something usually reserved for some pretentious anime series (and, well, Lupin III, of course). To hear this kind of jazz in something as goofy as Machineman is almost so wrong that it's right.

This theme song is way too good for the series. MOJO's vocals on Yuuji Ohno's skilled guidance is just perfect.

02. Denko Action Machineman / MOJO, Koorogi '73

The standard, upbeat action song that every song collection needs to kick off with. Again, MOJO and Ohno are an awesome pairing. Sometimes Koorogi' 73 can be a little intrusive with their backing vocals, but they're very minimally used here.

03. Ooinaru hito Machineman / MOJO, Koorogi '73

A really well-done disco jam. Koorogi '73 is a little more prevalent on this one, but it works well for this type of song. The only thing wonky about the whole affair is the lyrics. A lot of "Zigzag-Zigzag.....Smash/Flash/Dash!" and the like. Hahaa.

04. Uchuu kara kita daigakusei / Yumi Ishii, Koorogi '73

A weird little song that sucks. The music is great, so skip to track 14. The juvenile singing by Ishii is just shrill and annoying. I enjoy the janky pianos and lone horn.

05. Ball Boy no uta / Machiko Soga, Columbia Yurikago-kai

The nice thing I can say is that Machiko Soga has a nice and extremely consistent voice. It's alright. Every 80s song collection has a song like this for the Director of Levity Assistance and Marketing (annoying robot friend/assistant), so whatever. Again, it's alright.

06. OH! Child / MOJO

This song is spectacular.

If I had to name a song where I think MOJO is at his absolute best, it's this one. Not even the Segata Sanshiro theme can touch this. Seriously, this song is one of the greatest Tokusatsu image songs ever. The music is delightful...Koorogi '73 was swapped out with the house background ladies...and again, MOJO just crushes it like no other time.

I give this song a coveted Angel Mark.

07. Fighting Explosion [Instrumental]

This sort of thing used to be more common prior to this, but here is a random instrumental track that landed in the song collection. I wouldn't even say that this is the last since Winspector had a not-song as well.

This is a nice little track with, you guessed it, some excellent brass.

08. Hashire! Dolphin / Koorogi '73, Columbia Yurikago-kai

Something of a corny action track, but it's really good. The music is excellent and weirdly pitting the two gangs of background singers together in one song sounds pretty good. I'm impressed at how decent this song.

09. Bokura no Machineman / MOJO, Columbia Yurikago-kai

This has the markings of a bland song, but it's just really good. The kids singing (which is Columbia Yurikago-kai...sometimes I just assume everyone knows these things, but now you know), is pretty aggressive. The song is really good outside of that. It's chill.

10. Ore no na wa Machineman / MOJO

The series ending song. I would say that this is MOJO's weakest outing of the set, but I guess this can be considered his warm-up track...or cool-down track. Whatever. He isn't bad, he just sounds a little bit uninspired.

This is an incredibly smooth groove, though. I love it as a song. Not a Tokusatsu song...a song -full stop-.

11. Seiun Kamen Machineman [Original Karaoke]

12. Denko Action Machineman [Original Karaoke]

13. Ooinaru hito Machineman [Original Karaoke]

14. Uchuu kara kita daigakusei [Original Karaoke]

15. Ball Boy no uta [Original Karaoke]

16. OH! Child [Original Karaoke]

17. Hashire! Dolphin [Original Karaoke]

18. Bokura no Machineman [Original Karaoke]

19. Ore no na wa Machineman [Original Karaoke]

20. Seiun Kamen Machineman [TV Size Karaoke]

21. Ore no na wa Machineman [TV Size Karaoke]

22. Seiun Kamen Machineman [No Chorus Version] / MOJO

Now this is a treat.

This is the series theme song minus the Columbia Yurikago-kai (the brats). Normally I can tune out the kids, but they kinda step on MOJO's toes in this song. Especially the "Are wa! Are wa! Are wa bokura no Machineman!". It really transforms the song once the kids scram.

23. Ball Boy no uta [No Chorus Version] / Machiko Soga

Pretty much the same as the previous track. This is Machiko Soga without the kids. Honestly, this one just sounds weird without the kids. The weird gap after "Ball Boy!" is just odd. It could be weird because I'm just used to the normal version.

24. Denko Action Machineman [TV Size]

I didn't skip over this track for one very good reason. Why does it exist? I think I may have missed something.

25. Seiun Kamen Machineman (2015 Version) / MOJO

A newly recorded version of the theme song featuring all the same elements. MOJO is here, and a little more soulful. The kids are back...and so is Yuji Ohno. I dig it. There are very few changes over the original version. I guess it's a celebration of consistency.

Disc Two

01. Seiun Kamen Machineman [TV Size] / MOJO, Columbia Yurikago-kai

OK, so the second disc of this set is largely devoted to the background music of Machineman. I'll talk about this set in better detail in my conclusion, but this song was one of the things I was looking forward to the most upon release.

They don't do it this way anymore, but back until the mid-80s, the TV Size version was an entirely different recording track. Eventually the TV Size track became an edited down version of the full size theme. For series like Machineman, there are some pretty big variations between the TV Size and full versions. The intro is much more fleshed out in the TV Size version...like completely different. The full version has an abrupt start, but there is this cool little bass build-up here.

I know it's extra nerdy, but I love the intro of the TV Size version.

02~20 Series BGM

21. Ore no na wa Machineman [TV Size] / MOJO

Like the opening theme song, this TV Size version has some substantial differences. MOJO's singing sounds...different. The outro is also quite different for very little reason. I guess to avoid sounding somewhat abrupt.

22~25 Series BGM


The Machineman song collection, for several years, was one of those song collections that sturggled to exist. It has so, so much going for it and yet it was virtually buried for twenty years. If you were an mp3 scenester back in the day, you could score these songs...but they were terrible rips from the Drama vinyl. Yeah, that the only way they existed until 2003...vinyl and cassette. It was a major, major score when most of the songs were released on CD in 2003, but it was only a cruel taste of the forbidden fruit.

I don't think I've been more excited about a CD release from Columbia this decade. My original write-up of the set was one written on a giddy high of the excitement of finally...FINALLY getting all of these songs, their Karaoke tracks, AND BGM in one efficient package.

The songs are amazingly underrated and the BGM is simply too good for the series. It took over thirty years to get a proper release, but here we are.

I can't recommend this set enough.


It way nice to talk about Machineman's wonderfully auditory side once again. Be sure to also check out my Zyuranger post as well as my CD Collection page for more song collection reviews.



Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger Song Collection
Dai Sentai Goggle V Song Collection