Life is a BReeZe... PART 1

Well...since I already wrapped up 2016 in my previous post I might as well give you something fun and a little bit light-hearted for the final post of the year. This week I want to detail something I finally...FINALLY decided to do for myself after years of threats and waiting. I didn't just buy a car...I ordered a car. The title of this post may look like a funky typo, but I assure you it will all make sense as you read...

Way back in 2012 Toyota and Subaru released a much anticipated joint-produced sports car for the 2013 model year. It has been sold under a few names such as the Toyota GT86 in Europe, Scion FR-S in the US and Canada, and Toyota 86 in Japan. Along side the Toyota/Scion version there was also the Subaru BRZ in all markets. Confused? Yeah, it's kinda hard to follow. The car is manufactured by Subaru using their new D-4S "Boxer" Flat-4 cylinder engine. Toyota's contribution to the project was all of the initial development, the transmission, and the fuel system. The 2017 model year marks the first big change to the car since it's launch. Scion is dead, so the car is now sold as a Toyota 86 here in the 'States. Both the 86 and BRZ got minor facelifts along with a small bump in torque and horsepower.

As someone who swears by Toyota, you think that Scion's demise would be what finally got me into a Toyota dealership and drive away in a brand new 2017 Toyota 86. Well... I'm a pretty complicated person who always ends up in complicated situations. So I decided to pursue a 2017 BRZ. Here's the thing about the BRZ...Subaru, who manufactures the car, doesn't sell the majority of them--Toyota does. This means that dealerships don't stock the BRZ and you have to order one if you want one.

Does a car dealership with loads of vehicles sitting around want to order you a car that you might change your mind on while it's being built? Nope, not really as it turns out. After a pretty long search I did find a dealership that was willing to order my vehicle for the price that I wanted to pay. I made the trek up there and met with the dealer already knowing exactly what I wanted. He was happy that I knew exactly what I wanted in my BRZ and I was happy to have someone willing to take my order and keep all the incentives in place. Just like that, my order was faxed out (yep) and in Ota-shi, Gunma, Japan my car would begin it's 8-12 week journey from scattered components to a completed car in my driveway.

So what did I order?

2017 Subaru BRZ Premium in Crystal White Pearl. Basically I ordered the absolute base model with no options and the only thing I picked was the color. The "Limited" trim model comes with a lot more options to choose from like an Automatic transmission (yuck), bigger brakes and comes with leather seats as standard (not interested). I wanted to keep it simple. The base model (or Premium as they call it) is much better equipped than the Lexus I own now and gets better mileage. It has cup holders! Not to mention way more airbags (it is a Subaru after all...the only company more obsessed with safety is Volvo) and a media screen. I added a really neat GROM Bluetooth system to my Lexus (which I recommend doing if you have an older car sans-Bluetooth--they make a wide range of kits with various options) but the BRZ also has a media screen, which I'm sure I'll never use.

So why did I go the Subaru BRZ over the Toyota 86? I have a few reasons. The BRZ in it's base "Premium" trim is better equipped than the 86. The deck-lid wing is included on all new BRZs while it's an extra on the Toyota. Not to mention, the warranty is better on the BRZ. The biggest factor of all, though, is the Styling. While the cars are fundamentally the same, there are some minor styling differences. I really don't like the angry inverted vampire smile of the 2017 86. The BRZ face lift is a little more refined. I will miss having heated seats, but I wasn't willing to pay the extra $2,200 to get them since they're only available on the Limited trim models with leather seats (again, no thanks...my Lexus has black leather seats which are absolutely unbearable in the Summer).

Why did I pick Crystal White? Simple. It's the racing color of Japan. If I were buying a Jaguar, you could bet that I would be getting it in British Racing Green. It also looks amazing in white. Most of the ones I see on the road are black with on occasional red.

So how would you build your BRZ? Configure one here. Is the 86 more up your alley? Try it out here...or at least get an idea of what I was talking about with the front bumper.

That's all for now. Once again, thank you very much for your continued patronage of CCLemon99.com and CCLemon99 on Youtube. Have a very nice holiday season. I will see you (and my BRZ) in 2017!


P.S. Check out the PDF brochure with all of the specs here. Yeah...I definitely wasn't going to get the yellow one. It's nice that they make this car in all of the Kakuranger colors, though. How's that for a last second Tokusatsu reference?

Triple Top 7: The Best of 2016


Triple Top 7: The Best of 2016!

Hey there! Sorry for the late post. I have been pretty busy this week so I really haven't been able to put together the post I originally intended to. To make up for it, I'm here to post my "Best of" a little bit early this year. This isn't the final post of 2016, but I will be talking about all of my favorite stuff of the year.

The three topics I want to cover in this series of Top 7 posts are my favorite announcements of the year, my favorite posts of the year, and my favorite videos of the year. It's going to be a nice trip down memory lane. You might even find something you missed. I'll be sure to list all of my posts and videos of 2016 at the end of the post if you need some more catching up.


Top 7 Announcements of 2016

07. Shin Godzilla's Theatrical Release

I am so glad this happened. For a little while the details around the new Godzilla film were murky. Was it going to have a theatrical run in here in the 'States in 2016 or at all? Was it even going to be called Shin Godzilla?  Funimation pulled through big-time and made it all happen. Awesome movie. So glad I got to see it on the big screen.

06. Shout! Factory's Ohranger DVD Set

If you happened to catch Shout's Dairanger marathon, you were treated to this little announcement. As I'm sure you know from my series of posts on the show, I'm glad more people will have the opportunity to check out this misunderstood show.

05. Super Sentai Artisan Aura Changer & Kiba Changer

Since we've now gotten the Dino Buckler and Doron Changer, it makes perfect sense for Dairanger to get in on the love. They even got the cast back in to record new lines for it. This is going to be rad!

04. V Machine SHFiguarts

A surprise, but not a surprise. Super 1's big Harley Davidson is getting the Figuart treatment! It.Looks.AWESOME. Oh man, I can't wait to get mine. It's always been one of my favorite Rider motorcycles.

03. Shout! Factory's Kakuranger DVD Set

This one was announced back in January, so this is barely 2016 news. Kakuranger has always been my favorite Super Sentai (well...maybe not prior to 1994). It's great to have the full series on an affordable and legit DVD set. I can finally retire the old TV-recorded VHS tapes I've had all these years.

02. Super Sentai Artisan Doron Changer

Now THIS was the bigger and better Kakuranger surprise of the year. Not only was it a new Doron Changer, it was almost entirely based on the original unlike the stupid Artisan Dino Buckler. It also came with the neat little Ninjaman. I can't say enough nice things about this set. Bandai really knocked it out of the park with this one.

01. Kamen Rider J SHFiguarts!!!

Finally! Yes!!!


Top 7 Posts on CCLemon99.com

07. Star Virgin... [w/Bonus Soundtrack review] 19.Jan

I took a look at this almost entirely forgotten Tokusatsu movie from 1988. If it weren't for the corresponding MSX game it would probably be on nobody's radar. Regardless, I had fun putting this one together. I even got to share that I own a Star Virgin poster...yeah...

06. The CD Collection--Video Game CDs 16.Mar

I had a lot of fun with this one. Expect another post next year. The lack of Nintendo music will kinda be resolved...but yes, there will be much more Sega stuff. Nintendo CDs are boring...they only cover the main franchises. Anything outside of the usual suspects is royally expensive too.

05. Top Seven BEST Sentai Mecha Designs! 07.Jan

Well...I didn't do too many Top 7 List posts this year. The only other major ones were my Best Henshin Belt post and Worst Henshin Belt post. Uhhh yeah...I've never been called a fag so much in my life. Fortunately Sentai Mecha seems to be a less polarizing topic and the response was at least a little more civil. Hahaa.

04. Toy Story: Super Liverobo! 01.Mar

Between this and snagging a Masking Brace I've been incredibly lucky sometimes. I was happy to share this story because it gave me an excuse to share the Super Liverobo VHS once again. There might be another VHS in the future...this time uploaded by yours truly............

03. The CD Collction--Metal Hero Music Collections 15.Apr

It felt great to cover the remaining Metal Hero Music Collections. This post covered some of my favorites like Jiraiya, Blue SWAT, and B-Fighter. This listen of the Blue SWAT Music Collection really got me motivated to do a Blue SWAT Month on my channel in October. So you have that to thank/blame.

02. Nine Years On Youtube...! 16.Jun

Months later, everything I said is true. This was a pretty personal post and I feel more comfortable with the idea of doing less videos after I hit the decade mark. I am actually probably more ready to scale back now that Youtube is almost actively pushing smaller channels into oblivion.

01. Toy Story: The Time I Loved a Power Rangers Toy 17.Sept

Another personal one. I got some pretty good feedback on it. I think everyone has been here at some point in their lives. At the bare minimum, a lot of people learned that this awesome toyline existed. I had no idea it was so obscure. I'm happy to help!


Top 7 CCLemon99 Videos of 2016

07. #472 Carranger Zenkai! Ranger Senshi! 28.Feb

You've either played the game on emulation or have watched a video of it...but very few have seen or showed off what goes into playing a Sufami Turbo game. You need a Super Famicom, a Sufami Turbo, and Carranger cartridge. The whole thing is only slightly more convenient than a Sega 32X. There you go... This is how the Carranger game was meant to be played.

06. #495 McLaren F1 LM 10.Jul

Not a whole lot of new car videos this year. It's weird that I have two entirely different audiences on the same channel. I feel bad for the people who subscribe for the car videos...especially since I don't have a whole lot left to review. Not to mention, the Die Cast industry is dying an awful death. Resin models just aren't the same and collectors are already weary of this.

This model is kinda the last hurrah for any kind of high-end McLaren models. AUTOart's F1 has always been king and this one further cements it. Plus I got to use some TK for the music.

05. #506 Power Rangers Zeo Zord Morphin Zeo Rangers 25.Sept

I put together this quick video of all three of the Zord Morphin' Zeo Rangers. In addition to the post on the site, I think a lot more people finally learned about this sweet set of toys. Showing off how clever they really are in a video versus just talking about them really hammered the message home I think. I had fun trying to edit this together as coherently as possible. Hahaa.

04. #488 BEST OF: Kamen Rider SHFiguarts 05.Jun

So I've pretty much made the full transition over to 16:9 on all current videos. It's a pain in the ass given how little space I have to work with...but whatever. To signal the end of the era I threw this little video together of all of my favorite moments from previous SHFiguarts Kamen Rider videos I'd done to that point. Shin shrouded in darkness? Awesome. Stronger and Tackle acting out the ending song? Dragon Road? ZO? All great moments in this video. Since they were usually tacked onto the end of the original videos I think a lot of people missed them. Now they're in a handy video. When I pick up Rider Figuarts again next year I wonder what kind of mayhem I'll bring........

03. #493 MMPR SHFiguarts Armored Black Ranger SDCC2014 26.Jun

Another fun Figuarts video to make. I did this one as my ninth anniversary video. I tried to re-enact the Zyu2 footage from MMPR as best as I could. It helps that I own all of the Zyuranger Figuarts. Heh. If you're wondering what the music is, stay tuned. A post about all of the Japanese MMPR CDs is coming up soon.

02. #512 Kakuranger SUPER SENTAI ARTISAN Doron Changer PT1 06.Nov

I think my excitement for this toy shows. Editing together yet another Doron Changer video sounds like it should be a chore, but when it's an update to the classic...it makes things so much better. Part 2 is where all the features are...but Part 1 was classic CCLemon99.

01. #500 Zyuranger DX King Brachion PT1 14.Aug

The stars lined up to make this happen. It all turned out so perfectly and I couldn't ask for a better video to mark the major occasion.


That is the best of 2016! It's been an incredibly busy year and I hope to continue strong into 2017 and beyond. It's hard work to keep CCLemon99 going and maintain any kind of professional (did you know I was filmed for a corporate training video this year? Yep...) and personal life.

Thank you so much for caring for what I have to say and enjoying my content for yet another year. I hope you'll join me in the new year. There is one more post for 2016. Consider it a bonus for being extra rad. Hopefully it's something you'll enjoy.

I now leave you with a complete list of everything I've done in 2016. Be sure to check out anything you might have missed.

See ya!



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