Life is a BReeZe... PART 1

Well...since I already wrapped up 2016 in my previous post I might as well give you something fun and a little bit light-hearted for the final post of the year. This week I want to detail something I finally...FINALLY decided to do for myself after years of threats and waiting. I didn't just buy a car...I ordered a car. The title of this post may look like a funky typo, but I assure you it will all make sense as you read...

Way back in 2012 Toyota and Subaru released a much anticipated joint-produced sports car for the 2013 model year. It has been sold under a few names such as the Toyota GT86 in Europe, Scion FR-S in the US and Canada, and Toyota 86 in Japan. Along side the Toyota/Scion version there was also the Subaru BRZ in all markets. Confused? Yeah, it's kinda hard to follow. The car is manufactured by Subaru using their new D-4S "Boxer" Flat-4 cylinder engine. Toyota's contribution to the project was all of the initial development, the transmission, and the fuel system. The 2017 model year marks the first big change to the car since it's launch. Scion is dead, so the car is now sold as a Toyota 86 here in the 'States. Both the 86 and BRZ got minor facelifts along with a small bump in torque and horsepower.

As someone who swears by Toyota, you think that Scion's demise would be what finally got me into a Toyota dealership and drive away in a brand new 2017 Toyota 86. Well... I'm a pretty complicated person who always ends up in complicated situations. So I decided to pursue a 2017 BRZ. Here's the thing about the BRZ...Subaru, who manufactures the car, doesn't sell the majority of them--Toyota does. This means that dealerships don't stock the BRZ and you have to order one if you want one.

Does a car dealership with loads of vehicles sitting around want to order you a car that you might change your mind on while it's being built? Nope, not really as it turns out. After a pretty long search I did find a dealership that was willing to order my vehicle for the price that I wanted to pay. I made the trek up there and met with the dealer already knowing exactly what I wanted. He was happy that I knew exactly what I wanted in my BRZ and I was happy to have someone willing to take my order and keep all the incentives in place. Just like that, my order was faxed out (yep) and in Ota-shi, Gunma, Japan my car would begin it's 8-12 week journey from scattered components to a completed car in my driveway.

So what did I order?

2017 Subaru BRZ Premium in Crystal White Pearl. Basically I ordered the absolute base model with no options and the only thing I picked was the color. The "Limited" trim model comes with a lot more options to choose from like an Automatic transmission (yuck), bigger brakes and comes with leather seats as standard (not interested). I wanted to keep it simple. The base model (or Premium as they call it) is much better equipped than the Lexus I own now and gets better mileage. It has cup holders! Not to mention way more airbags (it is a Subaru after all...the only company more obsessed with safety is Volvo) and a media screen. I added a really neat GROM Bluetooth system to my Lexus (which I recommend doing if you have an older car sans-Bluetooth--they make a wide range of kits with various options) but the BRZ also has a media screen, which I'm sure I'll never use.

So why did I go the Subaru BRZ over the Toyota 86? I have a few reasons. The BRZ in it's base "Premium" trim is better equipped than the 86. The deck-lid wing is included on all new BRZs while it's an extra on the Toyota. Not to mention, the warranty is better on the BRZ. The biggest factor of all, though, is the Styling. While the cars are fundamentally the same, there are some minor styling differences. I really don't like the angry inverted vampire smile of the 2017 86. The BRZ face lift is a little more refined. I will miss having heated seats, but I wasn't willing to pay the extra $2,200 to get them since they're only available on the Limited trim models with leather seats (again, no thanks...my Lexus has black leather seats which are absolutely unbearable in the Summer).

Why did I pick Crystal White? Simple. It's the racing color of Japan. If I were buying a Jaguar, you could bet that I would be getting it in British Racing Green. It also looks amazing in white. Most of the ones I see on the road are black with on occasional red.

So how would you build your BRZ? Configure one here. Is the 86 more up your alley? Try it out here...or at least get an idea of what I was talking about with the front bumper.

That's all for now. Once again, thank you very much for your continued patronage of CCLemon99.com and CCLemon99 on Youtube. Have a very nice holiday season. I will see you (and my BRZ) in 2017!


P.S. Check out the PDF brochure with all of the specs here. Yeah...I definitely wasn't going to get the yellow one. It's nice that they make this car in all of the Kakuranger colors, though. How's that for a last second Tokusatsu reference?

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