December is Ranger Key Month! January is.....? Gokaiger 199 blip!


If you haven't been following my blog, chances you aren't reading this then you'll be pleased to know that the formerly tentative Ranger Key December is now a reality! I have shot videos for Sets 06, 07, 08, and SP already with the Treasure Box being my next project. I have the Treasure Box video mapped out in my head...all I need to do it shoot it!

I have been blabbing on about plans for January on Twitter, but I haven't talked about it here. Next month has me very excited... I will be doing an entire month for Ninja Sentai Kakuranger! Here is how it will work...

01.January.2012 Treanger Box w/Ninja Red Ranger Key
08.January.2012 DX Tsubasamaru/Super Muteki Shogun
15.January.2012 DX Kakure Daishogun/Super Kakure Daishogun
22.January.2012 DX Ninjaman
29.January.2012 *WILD CARD*

I have a number of things I can do for the final week of Kakuranger month. I might do the range of Playdera Ninja Red Mecha (Red Saruda, Battle Saruda, God Saruda), I might do Chogokin Ninja Red, I might put together a Kakuremaru review...who knows! As with all of my reviews, I'll be doing whatever strikes my fancy at the time. Whatever the case is, there will be more Kakuranger videos beyond Kakuranger month. Like everything...i'll get to it all eventually.

I really look forward to Kakuranger month. The show is my favorite of the 90s...for some reason people tend to tell me that Carranger is my favorite 90s Sentai. Whatever. It's Kakuranger! You heard it here. Kakuranger, then Dairanger, THEN Carranger. I'd order them that way for me.

With Kakuranger though, i've been a little bit slow to get reviews out there. So far i've done Doron Changer...TWICE, Muteki Shogun, and Jusho Fighters. The last video came out a whole two years ago... The result is Kakuranger month. I so look forward to it!


A quick review.

I don't have the time or patience to watch the Gokaiger 199 movie. I did, however, watch the mecha fight at the insistence of many. All I can say is...Wow...



...what a load of boiled horse testes. That thing they were fighting came straight out of that 90s CG Cartoon Reboot or even Transformers Beast Wars. Dragonball Z called, they want the "Genki Dama/Spirit Bomb" back. Using the same sword sound for every slash was annoying as all hell. Why does the effects department need to make everything glow so brightly? So. Much. SHIT.

I think i'll pass on this movie. Toei really has been buying into their own bullshit about Sentai being more fairytale than say...Kamen Rider, the Highlander. Just make a good fucking Sentai show. Please. They did it so well for a long, long time. It's been nothing but cheap CG and cheap laughs ever since.

Zero excitement. All excrement.

...and on that tangent i'm off.

Until next time...