One. Two.. Three... FOUR!!!!

Has it really been four years since i've started my Youtube channel? It has! 25.06.2007 was the day I created my channel as well as shot, edited, and uploaded my very first review.

I just wanted to review some of the Super Sentai Henshin items i'd managed to collect over the years. Here I am four years later, with a review of every Super Sentai Henshin item from 1982-Present...and many more.

I never pictured myself getting to any of the Kamen Rider Henshin Belts that I own, but I managed to review my two favorites: BLACK & BLACK RX.

Never pictured myself reviewing model cars, and for the past year i've done so roughly once a month. Sure it may not be totally in focus with the rest of the content on my channel, but I enjoy making car reviews...plus it brings in a new type of viewer. Hell, even some of my regulars dig my car reviews and were pleasantly surprised to see them.

More importantly, I never pictured myself making videos of the various Mechas I own. In the almost three years I began making mecha videos, they have become a very important staple of my video catalog. Which is why I decided to center my second, third, and now fourth anniversary videos around them...

That's right. My fourth anniversary video will be...

DX Gokaioh!

That may be a bit underwhelming, considering my last two anniversary videos were spectacular (so good that I had to removed them from Youtube to avoid the copyright ban-hammer). This is something new, though. This is the earliest i've done a mecha video to date. Usually I release my Mecha video late in the series (or in the case of the old mecha I have...years after the series is over). Gokaiger has been on for four months...which makes this the quickest turn around possible. I had to wait until the first Gokaiger OST was released (which sucks BTW) a few weeks back. Now I have it in my mitts, and thus have all the music I need to complete my video.

Really, I have so much more to say when it isn't important... So I will leave this blog entry with the same thing I say at the end of every video...

Thanks for watchin'! See ya next time!


My favorite Super Sentai opening theme songs...

I was hard up for a topic for this week's blog entry. Naturally I took to Twitter and asked my followers what would be a good topic. @MisturYellow suggested that I talk about my favorite Sentai OP theme songs. Good idea!

I've been meaning to make some kind of post regarding this for quite some time. I've mentioned in the past that I am a Sentai music junkie (both songs and BGM). Hell, every day I listen to a Tokusatsu album at work. It's usually my first tweet of the day. For some reason I forgot to mention that I listened to Megaranger songs (again for some reason...I listened to them not too long ago). I usually type something like this.

I've decided to break this down a certain way. Instead of doing a top five or a top ten, i've decided to do my favorite theme from a block of shows. This will eliminate bias toward older shows (I tend to be biased) and really make the decisions tougher for me. So here goes...my Top...um...7 favorite Sentai opening theme songs.

Best Theme, Goranger-Dynaman: Taiyo Sentai Sunvulcan

This one was a close call with Ah Ah Denshi Sentai Denjiman. The Sunvulcan theme is just timeless. I mean, sure, it's definitely an 80s song. It is one that gets the excitement going just listening to it. If you ever watch those horrible godawful recorded Tokusatsu concerts, this is the song that gets the crowd moving. It has a combination of energy, beat, and charisma that really hasn't been matched since. What a great song.

Um...as for the worst between Goranger-Dynaman. Hands down, that is the Goggle Five opening theme. It cast Sentai themes back into the dark ages. Then again, the Sunvulcan theme was a tough act to follow. As a side note, this song is SO bad in it's normal form that I made a custom edit of it to even out the Intro/Outro. I've replaced the song with my edit on my computer. Still have the original version on CD, though. > <

Best Theme, Bioman-Fiveman: Kosoku Sentai Turboranger

This was another one that was a tough call. Hironobu Kageyama did a wonderful job on Dengeki Sentai Changeman and Hikari Sentai Maskman, but they seem to fall a little short against the Turboranger theme song. I think depth is what makes the Turboranger theme song stand out. I don't have the disc in front of me, so i'm not sure who composed the Turboranger songs...but whoever that composer is made one of the best Sentai themes. One featuring the lead character on vocals no less!

Worst theme, Bioman-Fiveman: Fiveman. Boooooring. It's alright...but booooring.

Best theme, Jetman-Megaranger: Gosei Sentai Dairanger

This was a very tough call. In this span of seven shows, almost all of the theme songs are pretty damn solid. I mean...think about all of the great theme songs here! What makes the Dairanger theme song shine to me is how it all came together. They hired the perfect singer for the show, not necessarily the song. I know that sounds weird, but the singer matches the suits, the mecha, everything. NEW JACK Takuro is a bit of a mismatch for the song itself. If they hired Akira Kushida (of Sunvulcan fame) to sing the song, it would've been the right match, but the song wouldn't have been as good. The composition itself is wonderful as well. Oh, and it ends with a gong. That should give it the win alone...

Worst theme, Jetman-Megaranger: Jetman. Poor Kageyama. He is such a wonderful singer, but his last Sentai theme ever is such a poorly written mess. "Jetto-Jetto-Jettoman! LET'S GO tobidase!" That's the entire song right there. It's alright, just uninspired.

Best theme, Gingaman-Dekaranger: Seiju Sentai Gingaman

Hear me out on this one...it's complicated. I've never been a fan of veteran singer Masato Shimon. I don't know what it is about his voice, but I just don't dig him. However, this is the song that really won me over from him. His singing is a little lower here, which helps, and he really gets into the song. The music is fantastic to say the least, it really paints a vivid picture. Gogo Five may have the cooler, faster, and better theme song...but I just consider Gingaman to be my favorite from this era a little bit more...

Worst theme, Gingaman-Dekaranger: Dekaranger. I know this is a favorite to many, but what a piece of shit. Psychic Lover was really digging their role as the band for the theme, which is a cool thing. YOFFY is just a horrible singer. Shrill and annoying. NEXT!

Best theme, Magiranger-Gokaiger: Juken Sentai Gekiranger

I dug the show, I like the theme. The singing isn't all that great, but the composition is bang on. Sadly, this was a very easy choice for me. The theme songs in this era are pretty much garbage. Which leads me to...

Worst theme, Magiranger-Gokaiger: Magiranger. This song, and the rainbow-fucking horrible show it's attached to, can go directly to hell. This song and show represent a time when I was seriously ready to hang up my hat and not give a shit about Sentai at all. Mercifully Gekiranger came along. Seriously, fuck Magiranger.

Well that about does it for this entry on my favorite Sentai theme songs. I will be back next time with...well, maybe i'll do the same thing with Kamen Rider next time... If you want me to talk about something, hit me up on Twitter! @CCLemon99

Thanks for reading!