One. Two.. Three... FOUR!!!!

Has it really been four years since i've started my Youtube channel? It has! 25.06.2007 was the day I created my channel as well as shot, edited, and uploaded my very first review.

I just wanted to review some of the Super Sentai Henshin items i'd managed to collect over the years. Here I am four years later, with a review of every Super Sentai Henshin item from 1982-Present...and many more.

I never pictured myself getting to any of the Kamen Rider Henshin Belts that I own, but I managed to review my two favorites: BLACK & BLACK RX.

Never pictured myself reviewing model cars, and for the past year i've done so roughly once a month. Sure it may not be totally in focus with the rest of the content on my channel, but I enjoy making car reviews...plus it brings in a new type of viewer. Hell, even some of my regulars dig my car reviews and were pleasantly surprised to see them.

More importantly, I never pictured myself making videos of the various Mechas I own. In the almost three years I began making mecha videos, they have become a very important staple of my video catalog. Which is why I decided to center my second, third, and now fourth anniversary videos around them...

That's right. My fourth anniversary video will be...

DX Gokaioh!

That may be a bit underwhelming, considering my last two anniversary videos were spectacular (so good that I had to removed them from Youtube to avoid the copyright ban-hammer). This is something new, though. This is the earliest i've done a mecha video to date. Usually I release my Mecha video late in the series (or in the case of the old mecha I have...years after the series is over). Gokaiger has been on for four months...which makes this the quickest turn around possible. I had to wait until the first Gokaiger OST was released (which sucks BTW) a few weeks back. Now I have it in my mitts, and thus have all the music I need to complete my video.

Really, I have so much more to say when it isn't important... So I will leave this blog entry with the same thing I say at the end of every video...

Thanks for watchin'! See ya next time!

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