Thank you for watching my videos this year. I had my busiest year in uploads since 2007. I released a whopping 54 videos this year!

See you in 2013!



The Most Important Henshin Brace!

This post is part one of two posts that I planned for December. To close out 2012, which is the 30th Anniversary of the toy Henshin Item for Super Sentai, I want to talk about changes throughout the years since I am one of the few that owns all of these toys. Before I get to that...I just have to gush about my favorite. That's right, this post is dedicated to the one and only Twin Brace!

The Twin Brace is the Henshin Brace of Liveman. In the show it's pretty damn cool. Not only did it look appealing to see the heroes make a motion to lock them together to activate a transformation, but it was an awesome looking transformation with that 80s grid look. Yeahhhh. Liveman was pushing the limits of 1988 CG with the Henshin and Bimotion Buster sequences. I loved the look when I was a kid, and I still like it. It's not trying to pass off as real like today's CG is...

Anyway, I'm getting way off topic.

The Twin Brace definitely had it's place in Super Sentai history. The only two nicely styled prior to that were the disco-rific Goggle Brace (which didn't translate well to the toy version) and the Prism Flash with it's cool looking prism. The rest are pretty basic designs with some logos splashed on. I love them as well, but they don't really stand out too much.

What we saw with the Twin Brace was the future. Something that was more than a watch. Something that required a motion to activate it and set off the cool 80s effects without them just happening.

...but what we got with the toy version was so much more.

By 1988 there had only been a handful of toy Henshin Braces. The first had some out in 1982 and wasn't much more than a faceplate styled around Popy's LCD Anime Watch line. The Change Brace in 1985 was the first real toy...and that's all really. None of them made sound. They barely had features beyond telling time to flashing pictures of mecha.

The Twin Brace came along to change all of that. First to feature lights AND sound. First to have two seperate pieces. First to have interchangeable colors. First (and only as of 2012) to have button-less activation. Let me break this down as to how mind-bendingly impressive this is.

For starters...the only electronics previously were LCD Screens and charged flashes much like those found in disposable cameras. The Twin Brace has a flashing light as well as a beeping sound. It isn't much today, but this was something that could be used to annoy parents on a whole new level! This might seem to make the other half of the toy with nothing to do. It actually holds up it's side of the workload. It may not have any electronics, but it does fire small missiles (like the Change Brace and Prism Flash did before it) and also has another key element...

This toy was the first where you could change between characters. Again, this may seem like a no-brainer today, but this was completely new in 1988. Previous Changers that were specific to characters (Goggle Brace, Dyna Brace) only came in red. This is a bummer if your favorite character is other than red. The way the Anime Watches were designed, there was no way around that unless they wanted to release a full set (which would be collection hell for someone like me). The way it's done is very clever as well. You can store all three chips inside the brace. Due to this design, I have seen very few Twin Braces up for sale that weren't complete. There is one fatal flaw to this design...no Bison and Rhino. They came along late and their chips were available as a TV-Kun mailaway exclusive. Ugh. Can't win them all!

The button-less electronics activation is incredibly cool. When the two small yellow stickers are in close proximity to each other, the lights and sound will activate. This makes for a smooth and graceful Henshin action that works a lot better than most dual henshin braces since (Power Brace from Ohranger was pretty difficult, as was the Accel Changer and Dino Commander since they used keys). This is a gimmick that Bandai has abandoned for some silly reason. It worked so well, so why not bring it back? They'd have to bring back the Henshin Brace to do that, but still!

The Twin Brace truly was something special. I still get people telling me that they lust after that toy...more than any other Henshin brace from the 80s or 90s. It definitely deserves the CCLemon99 stamp of approval.

Best. Henshin. Toy. EVER.



Success! Now for the rest... Also, Go-Buster Oh...

Hi there.

So I have begun my massive year-end video onslaught. The C10 Skyline GT-R video was first followed by four (!) videos for the first Buster Machines and Go-Buster Oh. The verdict seems to be in favor of how I handled it. Splitting it into four videos was a lot of work, but it just worked out so much better in the end. I really don't like videos over 10 minutes. I don't like having to make videos over 10 minutes. So I want to eliminate the need for that. I'm glad everyone who has spoken up has felt the same.


As for Go-Buster Oh. Wow...I actually liked a toy and got my ass handed to me for that. Granted it's not excellent or anything, but it's honestly the first mecha that I've actually liked since Engine-oh. I don't care for the helmet/mask or the huge wings on the arms. There certainly is a lot going on, but there needs to be. The individual Buster Machines are actually designed. Gosei Great and Gokaioh were terribly bland in their individual pieces that I can barely picture them in my mind right now. All I know is that Gosei Great was a lightly disguised collection of sex toys while Gokiaoh is better left forgotten since they virtually never used the individual mecha beyond the fart ship.

We finally have a mecha that looks great individually and has a menacing presence combined and people don't like that it doesn't have enough flat edges? Alrighty then. Keep your vibrators. Go-Buster Oh really isn't for everyone, but it's certainly the best effort from Bandai in ages.

Oh, and Shinkenoh sucked. It's cool that they tried for a gimmick, but what an ugly thing. It's also pretty lame that the gimmick pretty much vanished past the first five origami.


The rest of the videos coming up are going to be good. I'm looking forward to getting the Carranger mecha videos out there as well as all the goodies I have in line for January. My GB Custom Visor arrived a few days back, so theres that. I am just waiting on the subject of my 300th video as well as the Moe Moe Zukyuun for my electronic's test. Beyond January? I have loads more in store. Remember... February means new Sentai.

That's it for now. I just wanted to get that out there since it needed to be said...I think.




I have been incredibly busy lately. Normally that means videos are on the back-burner and that I usually upload short videos or easily made videos Ranger Keys to hold everyone over. Not so! My upcoming videos actually have me very excited. I'm looking forward to uploading the videos that you will soon be seeing. Here's a list...

18.11.2012: Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R (KPGC10)
25.11.2012: CB-01 Cheetah/Go-Buster Ace
25.11.2012: GT-02 Gorilla
25.11.2012: RH-03 Rabbit
25.11.2012: DX Go-BusterOh
02.12.2012: Carranger Month Preview
09.12.2012: DX Sirender
16.12.2012: DX VRV Robo
23.12.2012: DX Victrailer
30.12.2012: DX Victory Dock
06.01.2013: GB Custom Visor
13.01.2013: 300TH Video
20.01.2013: Lamborghini Miura SV
27.01.2013: Moe Moe Zukyuun [Electronics video, not a review]

That is...quite a schedule. So far, so good though. I have officially started work on Carranger month with the Sirender video. I do need to take a few pictures for the Go-Buster Oh video, but only a few pick-up shots.

I decided to break down Go-BusterOh into four videos because...holy crap there are tons of modes. You know me, I'm a completionist. I need photos of every angle in every mode plus some nice art shots. The dilemma there is time...I don't have much. I've already dedicated December to Carranger month and I want to get the current mecha done by the end of the year. So there you go, four videos in one weekend. I hope you're not busy on the 25th!

I will hopefully be back soon with a handful of BSTTF videos soon. I have tons, I just need to cut them up and publish them.




Make Some Noise

Pass me the scalpel, I'll make an incision. I'll cut off the part of your brain that does the bitchin'. Put it in formaldehyde and put it on the shelf, And you can show it to your friends and say that's my old self.



Top 7 Kamen Rider Opening Theme Songs!

Back so soon? I posted a mini rant the other day about the current state of Toei's bullshittery regarding their Metal Hero franchise. Check it.

I've done this before and people seem to like my lists. Let's get to it. Here are my top seven favorite Kamen Rider theme songs.

7. Alive A life [Kamen Rider Ryuki-2002]

It was between this or Kamen Rider Agito to be the lesser bookend on my Top 7. I *HATE* the show, but this is definitely one of the best theme songs to head up a Rider show. The first few seconds are kind of lame, but once the song gets going I love it. It's a great beat with some nice pacing. It also helps that it is sung by the great Rica Matsumoto.

6. Kamen Rider Kuuga! [2000]

This song is great for a few reasons. For one, it marked the return of the man with the mask and motorbike. It also has a somewhat retro feel with the guitars and elements. There is a good reason for that... This song plays sliiight homage to Pink Floyd's Welcome To The Machine [Listen to it a couple of times to pick up the "borrowed" elements, mostly around the 2:40 mark, also 6:23]. I mean it's pretty obvious, but it isn't really a total ripoff. Not quite BSTTF material...but maybe I'll revisit it in the future. Such a kickass theme song.

5. Round ZERO~BLADE BRAVE [Kamen Rider Blade OP1-2004]

It's only natural that I also like this song. It is an incredibly catchy tune and very upbeat. Great singing. What else is there to say? I really liked this song for whatever reason.

4.  Kagayaki [Kamen Rider Hibiki OP1-2005]

Fun Fact: This song chills me out when I fly. I hate flying. I'm not sure why this song relaxes me on a plane, but I'll take it! It really is a beautiful song no matter which version you listen to [or if you listen to the "Full" version which is just all of the variations linked together]. I absolutely love the direction they went with just using an instrumental piece instead of a pop song. I truly reserve the word "Epic" for Oceans, Deserts, Canyons, and, well THIS...but kagayaki is epic.

3. Kamen Rider BLACK RX [1988]

Here comes the nostalgia. Kamen Rider BLACK and BLACK RX were my first Riders. I was a kid and the idea of waving your hands around using a belt to unleash your inner kaizo ningen was amazing. I love both shows equally, though I wish they would've subbed Kotaro out for a new character in RX.

Oh right, the song.

Well Tetsuo Kurata did such a lame job on the Kamen Rider BLACK theme that they brought in a pro for the sequel. Takayuki Miyauchi. I genuinely think that this is the song that cemented his place as one of the greatest Tokusatsu singers ever. Remember, up to that point he'd done most of the Bioman songs, some Flashman songs, and a Shaider song. He was always a great singer and really didn't bring anything new to this song, but his style was juuust right. Paired with a serious and catchy beat, this song is the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of Kamen Rider themes.

2. Let's Go!! Rider Kick~Hiroshi Fujioka vers. [Kamen Rider-1971]

I am a little picky with this one. I only really like the original Hiroshi Fujioka version [the 2000 one he did with Rider Chips is also acceptable-ish]. I couldn't quite get into the Masato Shimon version. Infact, I don't really like Masato Shimon's singing BLASPHEMY. Shimon's version is just flat and boring. The injustice is that Hiroshi Fujioka's version was replaced once he was injured doing his own stunts LIKE GOD FUCKING INTENDED, YOU MODEL PANSY "ACTORS".

Hiroshi Fujioka is not a singer, he's is a mountain with a digestive system. He did a pretty good job on this song. The music is like most late 60s, early 70s children's television theme songs, so ofcourse it has a good rhythm. I will take this theme song over any others from the era. It's fantastic.

Oh, and I have to mention Segata Sanshiro. We all know the story...we all fear the man. The only people who don't fear Segata Sanshiro are the record label. The Segata Sanshiro theme that plays during the commercials is not sung by Hiroshi Fujioka despite the fact that he recorded a version. Once again, people are messing with the wrong guy.

1. Moero! Kamen Rider [Kamen Rider/Skyrider-1979]

What is it about Kamen Rider that it is so damn awesome everytime it has a rebirth? This was the first time 'Rider came back after an absence and it turned out to be one of my favorite Rider series. The theme song is, however, my favorite full-stop. Ichiro Mizuki! Backing vocals that don't suck! GREAT music! It's not even a case of me not fully understanding why I like this song. I know this is a good song. This is a song for a superhero who can fly. It's big and it's majestic. It's full of action and it's just well made. This has it all.

Honorable Mention: Ai ga tomoranai [Kamen Rider ZO-1993]

I figure that I will mention this because when the hell else will I be able to talk about it?

The Kamen Rider ZO movie didn't have an opening song, it just featured some kickass score over the title. It did, however, have an ending song. It had a new sound that was lacking from Tokusatsu songs. This song might even be responsible for the JPOP creep in to Tokusatsu song collections. This song felt like the first Tokusatsu song with serious production quality. Well, besides the Turboranger songs--they sounded very rich as well.

It was nice to hear such a quality song in a Tokusatsu movie. As a bonus, the song itself is pretty killer. It reminds me of a cold, rainy day in the wood [which I happen to like].


All-in-all it's amazing that nearly half of my list is made up of "avex" era Rider themes despite the fact that avex mode seems to be in the business of pumping out music to shit to. Things were better in the Columbia era [Agito was the last series to release music under Columbia], but maybe a little too predictable.

If you want to check out my other Top 7 lists, go for it!

Top 7 Sentai OP themes
Top 7 Sentai Mecha themes
Top 7 Sentai Suit designs
Top 7 Metal Hero OP themes

That's all for now. I love this list...

See ya next time!




I happen to love Uchuu Keiji Gavan. I mean, it's hard not to. The problem is, I loved him in his 1982 series. Now we have Blowkaiger vs. Gavan, Gavan: The Movie, and his appearances in Go-Busters. The prob....you know what, no. Let me get to the point...

Make a new Metal Hero Series!!

Toei took an enormous gamble with Kuuga, and it has paid off for them. Why won't they do the same with Metal Hero? They clearly have an interest. I just want a new Metal Hero series. The stunt work in Metal Hero shows tended to far more involved and fast-paced than that of Rider or Sentai. Sure you got the slow-mo heroes like Jiban and Janperson but think of the fast cars, big guns, big explosions, big stunt action we've been missing since the 90s.

Toei is living in the past in all the wrong ways. Bring back all the heroes that you know and love with the current cheese that they call "effects".

Short and sweet. I want a new Metal Hero series. I want a GOOD Metal Hero series. Stop living in the past, it's lame.


P.S. Canceling Super Sentai would be stupid. I really want people to stop kicking around this theory.


Why I Turn The Comments Off...

Some people seem to think it's a good idea to make comments like "were ddi u get ur astor morphr?" on whatever is my most recent video is. This...is pretty damn annoying. I reply that they should really stay on topic and comment on the video above. They then reply "well u shtu teh commments of". What a brilliant observation!

Let's get this straight...

I shut my comments off for a myriad of reasons. If there was one single reason that I shut my comments off, I would be the first to admit that I was being rather dense. However, five years of being on Youtube has drawn me to one simple conclusion: Nothing of use will EVER be left in the comment section after the first week the video has been published. I could end this blog entry on that note right there, but I feel the need to elaborate.

1. I am not afraid of critism.

I delete comments from the trolls. It's as simple as that. I know what my videos are, and I know that my videos have an international appeal thank you Google analytics because I don't speak in them. I also know that the noisiest bunch of ingrates seem to speak English...because they comment in English...and they want me to speak it in my videos. Fantastic. I will do just that and isolate my Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Korean viewers. The United States fluxuates between third and fifth place in terms of my highest viewed countries, yet they rank number one in terms of countries with the sorest vaginas. Frankly, I don't care that you need someone to hold your hand and explain a toy to you. Whats there to explain? They're pieces of plastic and metal in colorful boxes that sometimes make sounds if you put batteries in them.

I always felt that music was a much better alternative. A slideshow is the absolute fastest and most consistent way to show off all angles of everything [using hands to turn things to show off all the angles just looks kinda clumsy since the reviewer is most likely looking through the viewfinder, which throws off coordination]. It also becomes a good exercise in timing through editing to the music. That's just my style. It's the kind of review I would like to watch if someone else were to make them. If it isn't interesting to me, then why bother?

Also, if you have a channel and are as brash as to describe yourself as "professional", please detach your wang from your lips. I'm not, and you aren't. They're toys and this is a hobby. Get over it.

2. I am not here to help you find the magic cave that I get all of my toys.

Learn the language. Figure out where and how to get toys from Japan. Rinse, lather, repeat. I've been an avid user of Yahoo! Japan Auctions for over ten years now. There are several sources to get new toys from. I know where to get toys because I really really wanted to know where I can find toys over the internet. If you want them enough, you will use Google to find out the process to find toys from Japan. I never advertised my assistance, yet people think they're entitled to it for some reason. Common sense will lead you down the right path. Once you get there, don't come bitching to me that Japanese toys are too expensive for you. I genuinely don't care.

3. I am not here to sell/give you my toys.

That's strictly for eBay. Moving on...

4. I am not here to take requests.

This one baffles me. I know that I have a lot of toys. I can't esacpe that fact physically. The typical request seems to be 100% off-topic. For example, on my review of the Dragon Buckler I might get a comment saying "when r u reviewing victory marz?/". Um, I don't own it. I've never indicated that I own it. I don't want to own it. Therefore....never. So why ask? Your shitty comment will never inspire me to add it to my schedule. If anything, I would put it futher back into my schedule out of spite.

People think this is a dick move on my part but I'll never understand why. I've never requested anything from anyone on Youtube. I just let nature run it's course. Youtube is rarely anybody's career. It certainly isn't mine. I figure that every toy I own is something that someone wants to see reviewed/videoed. Even if my latest upload isn't your cup of tea, it's probably someone elses.

Oh yeah, and it's my channel. I think the way to get the best work out of me is to let me review what I want. If I don't want to review something, the video will be subpar. See: DX Chogokin Jet Icarus.

5. I don't care.

I don't care about your comment. I don't care that the Power Rangers version of these toys are inferior. I don't care that you can't find some toys. I don't care that they're too expensive. I don't care that you finally found one after years of searching. I don't care that you want one. I don't care that your parents won't let you have it. I don't care that your dog ate it. I don't care that I shouldn't be buying toys at whatever age I am Happy Birthday to me, BTW. I don't care that so and so's review is better. I don't care that I'm months behind everyone else's review.

I. Don't. Care.


In the end, I like to hear what my loyal viewers have to say. I leave my comments open for a week after I upload a video to hear what my top subscribers have to say because they're the best in my book. Anything after a week just becomes a sea of drivel the likes of which I mentioned above. I don't know why this is, but I've been able to spot the trend and the one-week comment window is my best defense against it.

The only exceptions I make are for my car videos, special videos, and reviews of custom toys since...well, it isn't fair to @kingrangerprops that I am the one shutting off the praises of his excellent work.

Besides...if you were nearing 300 videos, would you have time to even read all of the comments let alone reply to them?

Well...see ya.


P.S. Why don't these ninnies ever have the common sense to private message me? It's always easier to ignore their BS privately. : p


BSTTF! My new video series!


I am currently working on a new video series for one of my burner Youtube accounts. In this series I will be looking at the many times Toei's composers have outright stolen music from Western composers and each other in some strange cases.

To get things started I put together three episodes... Here we go:

Episode 1: I really wanted to start things off with this ripoff for several reasons. The top two reasons being a) Back To The Future is the best damn movie ever and b) this is hilariously blatent. If you're wondering, yes, they used this music quite often during Blue SWAT, yet it is tucked away as the last track on the music collection. Makes me wonder if they were having second thoughts about using this particular piece...

Episode 2: This one is also pretty obvious/hilarious. The music in question is Tsubasamaru's theme music. I always thought it sounded kind of odd and out of place when I was watching Kakuranger in the 90s. Years later imagine how I felt when I finally got around to seeing Blade Runner. It suddenly made sense... The Kakuranger version is almost exactly the same, just sped up quite a bit.

Episode 3: This is where things get a little dicey. That strange intro to the Zyuranger Opening theme song is...well, strange. Like the Tsubasamaru track above, this one was picked up after I saw the film that it was lifted from. It is also very out of place. I will say this, however...it actually sounds much better than the original.
There you have it! I will be adding more of these as I go. If you have any pieces of music that you'd like to suggest for this series please let me know! You can contact me on Youtube [CCLemon99 account, please] or Twitter [Ummm...also CCLemon99]!
More to come. See ya!


Schedule Adjustment. Ugh.

Hi all,

Things have been quite lousy recently so I have to make adjustments to my release schedule. Here is the updated schedule to make it right...

19.August.2012 Ranger Key Set Gekiranger
26.August.2012 Ranger Key Set Go-Busters 2
02.September.2012 McLaren F1 Stealth
09.September.2012 Ranger Key Set Abaranger
16.September.2012 Ranger Key Set Magiranger
23.September.2012 DX Go-Buster Oh
30.September.2012 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R (KPGC10)

What it comes down to is me needing some time off from editing videos. Since the Gekiranger and Go-Busters 2 RK Sets are already completed, this gives me some time to actually have a couple of weekends to myself. Car videos are insanely easy to edit, which is why the McLaren F1 video snuck it's way in stealthily.

I am working on what I want to do in October. I have some weapons I need to review, some more old mecha (I've been trying to get a Red Puncher video done for years), and hopefully some more custom toys. More of the same, eh?


A little while back I posted my review of my long-awaited Hot Toys Ryo Saeba action figure. This 1/6th Scale work of art was exactly what I've been dreaming of for years. Check out the video!


Finally I just want to say a big "Thank You" if you are subscribed to my Youtube Channel. I recently passed the 4,000 mark! It makes me feel great that not only are my videos getting tens of thousands of views a day, but thousands of users want to be notified when I upload something new.

Thanks again!



The Top Seven Sentai Mecha Songs!

Oh wow, another CCLemon99 Top Seven List! In case you didn't see my last entry, I suggest you check it out. I break down my video schedule through mid-September.

Mecha songs have always been hit or miss. They should be the best songs on the song collection, but some times they fall flat. Who cares about the flat ones though...I'm here to talk about the best!

7. Hyakujuu Gattai! Gaoking > Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger

Good way to start off the list, eh? This is perfect song for the 25th Anniversary mecha. This is technically the first Sentai mecha song by Ichiro Mizuki, and what a debut! Granted, he is the master of mecha songs from the 70s/80s but this is his first Sentai mecha song. Naturally a veteran singer will do an excellent job. 'Nuff said.

6. Makkana tokkon! Red Puncher > Choriki Sentai Ohranger

This is one of the few secondary mecha songs that I like. The intro alone is wonderful, it is Red Puncher being introduced to a match. This song has a unique energy to match a unique mecha. Hironobu Kageyama at his finest. Before he became the empty shell of a singer that he's been since 1999.

5. Dash! Liverobo > Chojuu Sentai Liveman

This song might not have the energy of the other songs on this list, but it definitely a winner. It starts off quiet and doesn't really get very exciting. It is, however...Badass. It's the perfect song for the best mecha of the 80s.

4. Engine Gattai Engineoh > Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Easily the best mecha song of the 2000s. Shinichi Ishihara began his Tokusatsu singing career in 1989 with the theme song for Turborugger from Turboranger. During the 90s, he had some of the most memorable Tokusatsu songs of the time. Since then, however, he has only done a handful of Tokusatsu songs. This song is one of those instances that makes you wonder why they don't let him sing theme songs anymore. Great song, great singer.

3. Biorobo no uta > Chodenshi Bioman

This was the oldest mecha song that really kicks ass. Takayuki Miyauchi (more on him later) did a great job singing, but that isn't the real reason I like that song. Listen to the last forty seconds of the song. It's completely unnecessary, but it is completely awesome. They decided to include some of the show's soundtrack into the mecha's theme song. I approve of this. It blends in, and it sounds awesome.

2. Ginga no ouja Gingaioh! > Seijuu Sentai Gingaman

Takayuki Miyauchi began his Tokusatsu singing career in 1984 with Bioman. Since then he has done it all...Themes, IN songs, mecha songs, the lot. However, he has been most strongly linked with mecha songs for some reason. I think this has to do with quality. Is there a bad mecha song by this guy? Nope. He's put out nothing but gold. I've mentioned before that the Gingaman theme song is my favorite of the era, which still seems right to me. Gingaman has two song collections with excellent songs in them. They're all well composed and well sung. However, this song is the shining star of the series. It is the catchiest of all of the excellent Gingaman songs and almost the best mecha theme song of the 90s...

1. Denji Gattai Galaxymega > Denji Sentai Megaranger

Yeah. I said it. This is MY favorite mecha song ever. This song has it all to me. It's majestic in the same way that the Liverobo theme is. It's upbeat in the same way the Engine-oh theme is. It's as solid as all of the others on this list. Yet it doesn't seem to get a lot of love from people I talk to. I think my favorite touches in this song are when the music breaks from the intro and the backing vocals singing "5-4-1! 5-4-1!!", which is Galaxymega's code on the Degitaizer. This song is a perfect match for one of the coolest mechas ever.


Well there you have it. My favorite Sentai mecha theme songs of all time. There are dozens of mecha themes out there, and I've heard them all. I definitely recommend those Mecha song collection CD sets when they release them every few years.

Take care!



At long last...schedule for the next 10 videos!

I'm back! I've been putting this off for awhile, but here is a schedule for upcoming reviews...!

22.July.2012 Ranger Key Set Hurricaneger
29.July.2012 Ranger Key Set Boukenger
05.August.2012 Hot Toys City Hunter Ryo Saeba
12.August.2012 Ranger Key Set Dekaranger
19.August.2012 Ranger Key Set Gekiranger
26.August.2012 DX Go-Buster Oh
02.September.2012 Ranger Key Set Go-Busters 2
09.September.2012 Ranger Key Set Abaranger
16.September.2012 Ranger Key Set Magiranger
23.September.2012 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R (KPGC10)

A little over half of those videos have been completed already. The Abaranger and Magiranger RK Sets haven't been released yet, but they'll be in house with plenty of spare time for their scheduled dates.

I really look forward to everything on that list... Catching up with and (hopefully) concluding the Ranger Key Sets, Ryo Saeba (!!!), and my annual current Sentai Mecha video. Also, I've been lazy on finishing that Skyline 2000GT-R review. Holding it off for that week since it'll be a special week for me.

I just want to say thank again to everyone for the well-wishes on my five year anniversary last month. If you have gotten atleast an ounce of entertainment out of my video hobby, it's an ounce more than I ever set out to give. : p Seriously, thanks for watching all these years!

Off to do some more editing. I'll be back with a new Top 7 next week-ish.



Five Glorious Years!


If you've been following me on Twitter or Youtube, you'd know that I had a very special day last Monday. It was my five year anniversary on Youtube! At 22:30 on 25.June.2007 I uploaded my very first video to Youtube. At 22:30 on 25.June.2012 I uploaded a very special video showing off the mysterious screen-used prop Dragon Buckler that I own.

It's getting harder and harder to remember what I was thinking when I started my channel. I think I just wanted to make a handful of videos of some of the obscure changers that I owned. Then my collection grew...and somehow I went from a could of videos a week, to sporadic uploads, and finally ended up on the weekly schedule that continues today.

I keep telling myself that I'll take a break, but I never do. I haven't taken a week off since July of last year. Oh well...

So here I am, five years later. A lot has happened in the world and in Tokusatsu. Some of the new shows have certainly spurred a heightened interest in Tokusatsu. I'm just glad that I was there, reviewing toys along side the expanding fanbase.

In the end, I hope everyone out there got something out of my videos. Some people like to watch my videos because they're curious about old toys. Some people use my channel as a buying guide for newer toys. Some people just like my video style. Whatever the case, I'm glad to have done it for so long. If my channel gets taken down tomorrow, I won't care. My main goal for the past six months was to make it to the five year mark. You guys weren't in the room with me when I uploaded my five year video. It was definitely a surreal moment for me.

Thank you so much for watching my videos for five years. I really appeciate everyone who has come out to see my work. Especially those of you who have been around since the start!



Not much to report...

My five-year anniversary is coming up very soon on Youtube. Stay tuned for some fun stuff on the week of the 24th! The actual anniversary is the 25th. Be there!

I would also like to mention that I will be starting up my ebay auctions once again. Maybe I will start a fund for something...awesome. I really need to have something awesome to happen this year. Or maybe next year. Who knows... Anyway... The auctions will be up shortly and at the following link: http://www.ebay.com/sch/njprime/m.html?item=180857688600&rt=nc&_trksid=p4340.l2562 Please support my future endeavors!

Thanks for checking in. Stay tuned.



The Seven BEST Metal Hero Theme Songs

Whenever I post something new on my blog, I usually do so in frustration. Even when none exists, I try to write a little something atleast twice a month. I've been dealing with quite a lot of shit lately, so I actually have a lot to write. So even after I finish this entry, I'll probably continue writing into the night... Yay content?!

The top seven Toei Metal Hero theme songs!

I've been wanting to write up this list for quite some time. Before I do so, I just want to get two things out of the way...

Why "Top Seven"? It's such a random number.

This originated from my Top Seven Super Sentai Theme Songs post from last year. It was easier to break it down into seven, and do it by era. 35/5=7 Seven just kinda stuck since then...

What shows do I consider Toei Metal Hero shows

Some people seem to think BF Kabuto was the final Metal Hero series. I go with Toei's official timeline, which concludes with Tetsuwan Tantei Robotack. Moero!! Robocon was a bumper series between Metal Hero and Kamen Rider. Make sense?

OK, here we go with the Top Seven...in order...!

7. Uchuu Keiji Gavan 1982

If you asked me to make this list a few years ago, this song would've been higher on it. For whatever reason, I've gotten quite tired of this theme song and Gavan himself recently... What could possibly have caused this sudden weariness...?

It's a cool tune that definitely reflects the time when it came out. 1982. Disco. I'm assuming Akira Kushida had a 'fro around the time he sang this song he's had a long history of nefarious haircuts. Definitely a leisure suit with the floppiest lapels you've ever seen...

OH, right the song!

It's definitely a well-made song that has somehow survived the sands of time...despite being totally dated. Then again, this seems to be the case with a lot of anime themes of the era. Kinnikuman, Space Cobra, Aura Battler Dunbine, Xabungle, etc. These songs all came out around the same time, and they all enjoy a cult following. Brass'n Bass. Yeahhhhh.

P.S. The French version is also magnifique.

6. Blue SWAT 1994

This song is actually quite lovely. For a show about impending doom ala alien invasion, True Dream definitely gives a false sense of security at the top of each episode. It has a nice beat and the singing is really good. It's a good song. So what if it doesn't exactly match the show that it's attached to...

5. Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya 1988

JI-RA-IYA, Jiraiya! After a few years absense from singing Metal Hero themes, Akira Kushida is back! This time, the afro is gone. This time, he's got...I'm guessing a Miami Vice motive going on. He definitely sang this song wearing loafers with no socks, a white Armani suit with a teal t-shirt on underneath. He probably also had some kind of terrifying haircut...

OH, right, the song!

I like how clean this song sounds. It was the first to adopt an almost 90s sound, without entirely ditching it's 80s-ness. Think of the two other shows airing when Jiraiya was new--the back half of Kamen Rider Black and Liveman. I guess I commend this song for sounding fresh in a sea of awesome 80s music. It does all of this while sounding great at the same time. This theme song is probably the first true action theme song in the Metal Hero show. Spielban came close, but it lacks a certain element...speaking of Spielban...

4. Jikuu Senshi Spielban 1986

Hell yes. I love Ichiro Mizuki...and who the hell doesn't?? This is his singular Metal Hero Opening theme outing, and it is FAN-BLEEDING-TASTIC. As I stated above, it isn't that great of a fight song, but it brings a new upbeat urgency element missing from the four previous Metal Hero opening theme songs. The bass sounds awesome in a completely different, yet somehow similar way to the Gavan theme song. It relies on it heavily, but uses it differently.

3. Jukou B-Fighter 1995

You knew this song would be on my list. Why wouldn't it be on my list? Why wouldn't it be on anybody's list? It's a complete 180 of Blue SWAT's theme song, and it kicks ASS. The most upbeat and fightinest song of the lot!

This is yet another case of a singer's only theme song being brilliant. In this case, it's Shinichi Ishihara. The man can do no wrong, and I've always been a big fan of his. He has such an amazing and robust voice and this song is one of the finest examples of his talent. No other singer could've pulled this one off as well as he did. Imagine Hironobu Kageyama oversinging it. Imagine Akira Kushida muddling through it. Imagine Takayuki Miyauchi undersinging it. Speaking of Takayuki Miyauchi...

2. Tokkei Winspector 1990

The first in the trio of "Rescue Police" Metal Hero shows brought in the first in a trio of theme songs by Takayuki Miyauchi. They're all great songs, but this one has always stood out as my favorite of the bunch. This song has a great mixture of good instrumentals, good singing, and the lack of kids that the Solbrain OP has. The Exceedraft theme is great, but it is also a little bland start to end.

So why does this one go all the way up to the number two spot?


Daaaaamn Catchy.

1. Kidou Keiji Jiban 1989

This... This song... It took everything I loved about the Jiraiya theme song and dragged it screaming back into the 80s. I can imagine what Akira Kushida looked like when he did it as well. He was wearing a black suit with white socks that was obscure by a long black wool trenchcoat. His face? Enormous aviators. His hair? A nightmare.

OH, right, the song!

This song rules. Back when I was only reviewing Sentai Changers, Jiban's badge was the first non-Sentai toy that I reviewed. Why? Because it plays the flippin' Jiban theme song! That was the entire reason. This song made me expand my horizons for the first time.

The song itself, start to finish, is fantastic. The long wind-up at the beginning of the song somehow made it completely intact in the TV Size version of the opening to accompany the narration. The slapbass definitely gave this song a very unique sound. I mean, it's easy to say THEME X sounds like THEME Y, but Jiban has no other sound alikes. It's completely peerless, and I love it.

I mentioned earlier that some of these slower paced theme songs don't make for great fightin' music. This theme song actually fits nicely though if you watch the show. Jiban is, for lack of a better term, Robocop. He is a robot that has a human form. So, he moves pretty slowly. It's as-if the showrunner for Jiban wrote down "Robot. 80s. Bass." and handed it to the composer. If that was the case, they succeeded.

Though this has nothing to do with my evaluation of the song, it is interesting to note that Akira Kushida's voice managed to get much more gravely in the Jiban era of songs. His voice has pretty much sounded this way since. Listen to the Jiraiya song collection, then listen to the Jiban song collection. The change might not be completely obvious...but it's definitely there!

Are you wondering what Akira Kushida looks like today? Here is a recent photo:

Take care of yourself...



Making of...

I was recently asked how my videos get made. It's actually quite a simple affair to me, but maybe some people out there thing some of the work I put into my videos is a little complex. So here is a somewhat abbreviated rundown of all of the steps I go through to get videos made every week.


Naturally, the first step in making a video is picking out what toys I will be making a video of. Usually I just pick up whatever toy strikes my fancy and go for it. Sometimes I like to put together a themed month [Action Works-Space Sheriff Month, Kakuranger Month, etc.]. Theme month or not, I usually gather three-five different toys and put them aside. I will usually open the toy at this point and map out what I need to take photos of in my head. I also like to make sure I get all of the features down so that I don't miss anything [See: Daibouken video. I forgot to flip-up the knee guardsnot that it matters. Daibouken sucks ass with or without the damn things flipped]. If it is something like Ranger Keys or model cars, I can skip this step since I pretty much shoot those videos on a template. I also like to get a vague idea about what kind of music I'll be using.


Saturday mornings is when I take all of my photos. I usually begin around 10AM and finish around 2PM or so. I generally take photos and video of a month's worth of videos in one day. I do it this way because I rely on the sun to light my videos. This allows the lighting to be more or less constant over a series of videos. I have a large window that provides the ample lighting needed. Here is where things get dicey...

During the summer months, I get plenty of light. This is a good thing, however, I have to shut all air conditioning and fans off when I'm filming actual video. It gets HOT. Since toys are getting more and more electronics-heavy, I'm left with quite a shoots of very sweaty filming. Mecha videos are ideal for the summertime since they seldom have electronics, or if they do...they're limited. The extra lighting helps, also.

Winter time shooting is a different beast, but actually quite similar. It's cold, and I have to shut off the heating for the same reason as I do in the Summer. The main issue is sunlight. During the Winter months, the sun just doesn't enter through my large window. Earlier is better, that's all that can be done about that.

Seasonal differences aside, the production is pretty straight-forward. I use the backside of a large 4' by 3' poster from a department store. I usually lay it at about an 100 degree angle [propped on a chair] for maximum lighting. Since I am working on the floor, I am usually laying down to snap pictures, but standing when I take overhead shots of the packaging and such. For added stability I sometimes lay some excess hardwood flooring underneath the posterboard.

All in all, I usually finish four toys in about four hours. Depending on what I am shooting I usually end up with 300-400 new images/video from a shoot.

Importing and Editing

After this I usually import all of the new files. Then...I take a much needed shower and possibly a nap. Later that night, I get to work on the editing. The first thing to edit is the music. Sometimes this is as simple as fading one track into my end title card. Othertimes, I have to get very creative. In videos like my Lexus LFA video I had to create a much longer mix of the song I wanted to use. The original song was about 3 minutes long, so I looped the middle of the song two more times to make it a 7 minute track. This was one of my simpler edits. Some of the more complicated ones have taken up to an hour to edit a song to seemlessly blend to be longer, shorter, or just more comfortable. One track that comes to mind was the bit of music I used at the beginning of my 250th video. It is the title music from the Kamen Rider ZO film. Even though it was originally a 30 second track, I cut out parts from the beginning, middle, and end to get the desired sound.

Aside from the hackjobs I do on little bits of music, I do assemble BGM on top of Mecha image songs for the Mecha videos. This is where my CD collection comes in to play. I own...tons of CDs. I actually buy them. Tokusatsu fans might be the most "gimme!" group of fucks on the planet, but I actually keep it real and buy shit. Consequently, I'll always have the music. Long after it goes out of print, I have it. So finding tracks is as simple as going into my music library, listening, taking notes, and numbering the tracks I like. Then I edit everything together into a single mp3.

The actual editing is typically a breeze. Since most of what I do is in the prep work, I have a rough cut of the video in my head before I even open my software. I lay the music down first, then I start with the opening title cards. From there it's drag'n drop. No matter what software you use, it shouldn't be any harder than this to make a toy review. From there, it's just trimming and shortening to make the pictures and video fit within the music. This involves some maths, usually, especially on Mecha video. Once I have the video edited and timed correctly, I add my subtitles and end title card. Then, I export my rough cut.


From Here I usually test the video. I'll upload it to Youtube on one of my dozens of accounts just to see how it looks where it'll be hosted for all of enternity until they shut me down. At this point I like to see what three thumbnails Youtube selects. If I'm happy, this is the end of the editing. If not, I usually fiddle until I get a decent and eyecatching thumbnail.

Writing and Uploading

Once all of the video editing is done, I usually shelve the videos until they are ready to be uploaded. The written part is usually done immediately before I upload the video to my channel. I write everything I want to say in a document, write out all of my tags, and then I copy/paste everything as the video is being uploaded. Once it is uploaded, I throw up a link on my Twitter account. JOB DONE!

I hope this was a little bit interesting. I have been asked a few times about my process in creating videos. Well, here it is. There aren't any secrets...just heaps of work.

Well, I hope this was a little informative. It's crazy to see what I put myself through. Hahaa.



Change of plan...

A quick programming note. I will not be debuting my new camera with my forthcoming Morphin Brace review. Fear not! My Morphin Brace review is coming up very soon! The shots I took with my old camera just look...better for some reason. So they're here to stay. The new camera's debut will come later.

That is all...



Busy Bee!

Hi there!

I have been super busy as of late. The weather has gone from "Kinda cold outWTF, this Winter has been pretty mild" to "It's 90 out today, but it'll be 52 tomorrow.". I've been spending an absolute TON of time working on my car. Being an over-engineered marvel, the simplest jobs seem to take up a lot of my time. Changing a burnt out license plate bulb required me to basically disassemble the bootlid from the inside [I also had to invent a new tool on the fly, which I kinda dig because I'm creative]. If they were normal human people, Toyota would've used two screws per lens for each bulb. But nooooooooooo, they want you to come in to the shop, pay for an hour's labor and overcharge on OEM lightbulbs. Their cost: $70 (est.). My cost: $3. /end rant

So jobs like that have been keeping my car legal and keeping me busy. I haven't been able to get too much work done on the computer, which sucks because there is a lot to get done. Oh well.

I have been clearing out old videos as promised. I had three Go-onger videos and a few others that need to be uploaded before I make the big jump to my new camera. I think a few will be saved for a later date. Oh well. The Morphin Brace review is coming. I need to reshoot all of the material. Expect it as the first review in April. Followed by the fugly Legend Mobirates, and then something like five more Ranger Key Sets. By that time, I'll have to make a Go-Busteroh video...and my five year video...I also need to sneak in some old school toys... I have TONS of content on the horizon. No time for a break for me. The new video coming up on 22.April will be my 38th consecutive week of uploading [39th consecutive upload, one week I uploaded two videos]. This is one of my hottest streaks to date!

Wow. I came here with nothing to say and look at how much I typed. Bah! I'll be back soon with another list or something. In the meantime, I better get cracking on more stuff. Be sure to check out my uploads every Sunday!



Three days 'til retirement...

I've been super busy! If you haven't been keeping up, I have been auctioning up a storm! http://tinyurl.com/7ow6la6 Help me out! Hahaa. I need the space. Extra cash is pretty cool. Yeah, buy some of my things!

I honestly don't have a schedule for April. There will be a great deal of winging-it in terms of videos. This week's video will be the Super Fighting Pose Fivered from Fiveman [which I'm also currently auctioning]. I will be doing the Legend Mobirates...probably. Morphin' Brace...last Sunday in April? See? I'm not sure.


My Go-Busters entry is coming soon. I have been watching and quietly writing my thoughts. I just need to organize it and get it out there. I know my lips have been sealed on the new show, but I do have some stuff to talk about! Stay tuned...


So yeah, the title of this entry. For those that don't know, here is a little back story.

I've been using the same digital camera since 2006. In the time since then, I've taken nearly 24,000 pictures/video with it. It's gone through two batteries and has required quite a bit of slapdash repairs. It is, however, made of solid steel in terms of quality. It has basically been willed to last as long as it has through sheer determination with my not-so-careful hands I can't tell you how many times it's fallen with it's lense exposed.

So now, I am letting my old camera rest. I have gotten a new one for free from Sony.

The new camera, while I haven't had a chance to use it yet mostly because they're not too quick to ship free merchandise will be a nice change with hopefully less problems than my current camera had. No more stupid setting wheel!

Unless there is some serious issue, I hope to make my Morphin Brace full review as the debut video for the new camera. Which kinda sucks since I took all of the footage for the full review with the old camera... Oh well.

All-in-all, I'll miss my old camera. I will be doing a tribute video...it's going to be a great video...since I'm already putting it together...in my head...

Until next time...



2012: An anniversary year worth caring about!


Before I get into what I want to say: Click Here. As I am typing this, there is nothing listed for sale on ebay. I will be listing a bunch of auctions that will be ending on April 18th. Time for some good old fashion ebaying. I need space. Also, some extra cash never hurt anyone I guess.

On to the topic!

2012 is the *real* anniversary year. Forget all that Gokaiger hooey from 2011...2012 is where it's at!

In 1982 the very first toy Henshin Brace made it's way on to toy shelves and into the hearts and imaginations of kids everywhere. That's right...you can be that Ranger. Since then the toy Henshin Item has been the second most important mainstay of the Super Sentai toyline. You have your mecha, and you have your Henshin Item.

Since 1982 there has been an enormous assortment of toy Henshin Items. As probably one of the few people on this planet who owns each and every one of them, I plan on doing some special projects to honor my favorite kind of Super Sentai toy. Here is what I have in store for the coming months...

-Henshin Item timeline
-Short written reviews
-A special video

The timeline will document changes and innovations over the years. The short reviews are more or less companion pieces to my videos [which, as you know, probably won't be around forever]. I will be talking about quality, design, etc. Standard stuff. The special video... I'm working on it. It's too soon to say, but just might be my five year anniversary video. Even if I feel the wrath of Label X once more, I will be sure to have something for my five year anniversary on the 25th of June. It might be on my other channel, though.

Let me know what you think! I really hope everything comes together as well as it usually does [accidently].

See ya!



Short month. Not much new.

February is coming to a close. Not much new to report on my end, but I guess there is time for a little housekeeping. Here goes...

I have not one, but two Morphin' Braces headed my way. Review in April-ish.

I shut off the comments on most of my videos. I was getting three types of comments. The good kind, which I always like reading. The bad kind, which seem to be people who like to tell me how I should make my videos and what I should make videos of. The outright annoying kind, which covers the "How much?" "Where did you find it?" and "Sell it to me" variety. I really don't care for the last two kind of comments. Sorry to the people that write in every week with nice things to say. But hey, I'm on Twitter.

March new videos... I'm not sure what will be coming up in March. Well, I do...but I don't know what order the videos will appear. I will have my BMW review that was carried over from February. I will also have a DX Fivered figure from Fiveman. I miiiight be kicking off the month with a short video of the Go-Busters CD Single with Red Buster Ranger Key. Just to show off the key, no music at all. Label X can suck a plum. A set of them preferably.

Go-Busters has started. I guess people want to hear what I think? Maybe I'll sum up my thoughts after the fourth episode.

That's all for now. I really didn't accomplish much in this post... Oh well!



Go-Busters. Car Show Report. February Schedule.

Firstly... I guess it's kinda neat that people look to me for an opinion, but for the love of god...please PLEASE stop asking me if I like/will watch/will buy the toys from/know any information about Go-Buster. Blowkaiger isn't even over yet, but my inbox is lit up with people either prying me to engage in some kind of dialogue about the show or asking me about the toys.

The truth is... I don't know shit. I know they have a brace instead of a phone [hallelujah!] and that it'll be called the Morphin' Brace [ehhhh poo] but beyond that, I don't know anything. When I was a kid, one show ended one week...a new one began the next. I've always kept this mentality and I really think the rumormongers out there need a life. Seriously. Just wait for it to happen. I don't mind spoilers if something is out there, it's fair game for all IMO, but nothing drives me bananas more than a vague description about an episode that isn't slated to air for another nine weeks. LET. IT. HAPPEN.

What an odd tangent to go on...


So last week I went to the 2012 Philadelphia International Auto Show. It's an auto show that the automakers never reveal anything new in...thus the media never covers it. So if you've never heard of it, that is understandable. However, it IS a large show. All of the major manufacturers except Ferrari have some kind of booth on the floor and they usually have some kind of fun activity or display set-up. So...it's kind of a big deal, I guess. I will try to keep this brief since, well, there wasn't too-too much really interesting stuff to report on. I will limit myself to THREE cars...

Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster

This sexy Merc had probably the strangest set-up of any car in the Auto Show. Notice the blue curtain behind it? The reason it is there is because Mercedes hired a photographer to take your picture with the car. If you had your picture taken, you were given a Mercedes lanyard with a coded card to go online and download your photo. I did have my picture taken for the lanyard, but there is no way in hell I plan on retrieving my photo. That photo will be washed away in the digital sands of time hopefully

Ferrari 250 LM

This car was from the wonderful Simeone Foundation. They usually bring a handful of cars to the Auto Show every year, but this year I was approached by the curator who was watching the booth. We had a nice chat about a couple of the cars, mostly the Ferrari, and he gave me a few cards for the museum, telling me that I should come by to get better access to take my pictures with my tired, tired camera. I think I will take him up on that offer if Mrs. CC wants to go...

Subaru BRZ

Wow...This car is going to be awesome. If wasn't already smitten by a certain Lexus in my driveway, I'd be all over this car! Rear-wheel drive...Manual Transmission... Actually, it is probably a similar driving experience to the car I have now...just with two less doors. Sure it probably weighs much less, but my car also has some nice weight distribution. I'll wait until they work the bugs out and maybe I'll be interested in the Toyota version when the time comes to trade in the current car.

That's all I really wanted to talk about at the Auto Show. There were a ton of other cool and notable cars that I took pictures of. Check out my photoset on flickr if you want to see what else I snapped pictures of!


A quick note on February programming. The month is just beginning and pretty much half over and I have to make a change.

12th: X1 Mask Ranger Key
19th: Sunvulcan Ranger Key Set
26th: Gaoranger Ranger Key Set

I would like to get these video out before March begins. The BMW M3 E30 video has been pushed into that month where it will hopefully flow better with what I have planned for then...

Until next time,



Cheer up, kiddo!

After my previous post, which you should definitely read if you enjoy my channel, I received a sizeable amount of support on Twitter. Thanks for caring! For the time being, I will trudge on... So here is a housekeeping post to get a few things straight.


Kakuranger month has been a huge success! Not only did I get to make a boatload of nice videos from my favorite 90s Super Sentai, but everyone seems to have enjoyed them all! I love it when a plan comes together...

Seriously though...

I really did have a lot of fun making these videos. It was a great way to recharge my batteries. If you haven't noticed, I've uploaded a brand new video every week since July of last year! That is probably the longest consecutive run I've had so far on my channel. Running in to December I really felt the strain with the endless Ranger Key Sets [which are actually surprisingly easy to edit together]. It was a nice break to do something I really wanted to do and something everyone wanted to see. Win-Win!

Will there be a Kakuranger Month Part 2? I hope so!


The month of February will be here before you know it. This is the perfect time to talk about my February Release Schedule. So here goes.....

05.Feb.2012-250th Video!
12.Feb.2012-Ranger Key Set Sunvulcan
19.Feb.2012-BMW M3 E30 Gott in Himmel! A new car review!
26.Feb.2012-Ranger Key Set Gaoranger

That's right! As of this writing, we're only a few days away from my 250th video. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know what the video is already. For the rest of you slackers...prepare to be wowed.

It should be noted that my 250th video also has a sponser... This entire video would not be possible if it weren't for one King Ranger. This isn't the fansub guy, this is the incredible prop maker whose incredible work won't even be featured in the 250th video. Not clear? It will make sense soon, trust me. In short: Big ups to Mr. King.


March will be here before we know it Damn February and it's freaky shortness...even if it is a leap year this year.... I don't have a calendar of videos lined up yet, but expect the following:

-One or two videos for customs toys that King Ranger made for me.
-A Gobusters trailer video.
-Regular toy review remember when I did those?
-Maaaaybe a car review

That should fill out the four week month. If I don't do a Gobusters trailer, I might just do a short, music-less video on the Gobusters CD Single Ranger Key. Just to show off the sound and some neat pictures.


Tomorrow I will be visiting the Philadelphia International Auto Show. I will bring my camera, so expect the next blog entry to have atleast a few photos of cars I found interesting at the show. I've been looking forward to going to the show for weeks. Even though my buddy bailed on me in favor of work OK, OK...the guy could seriously use the cash now, he gets the pass I'm not any less excited.

Fun times!


I'll be back soon with updates. Hopefully of the good variety!



Let me tell you about it...


It's been some time since I've posted a blog. So...Happy New Year I guess.

Before I get into the "Doom'n Gloom" I just want to get some housekeeping out of the way. The month of January has been Kakuranger Month on my Youtube channel. Last weekend I uploaded the third of five total videos. I'm feeling great about the videos since I loooove Kakuranger. It's also great to see that everyone out there seems to not only like the show and the toys, but also the videos I've made. For that, I thank you.

Kakure Daishogun was my 247th video. Ninjaman will be my 248th video. The final Kakuranger video which is a secret will be my 249th video. Big plans for my 250th? You bet! On February 5th I will show one of the rarest toys note the word RARE. Not only is a Dragonbuckler NOT rare, but I already reviewed it four years ago not only in my collection, but one of the rarest Sentai toys to be released in the last ten years. It's going to be exciting. I have already spilled what it is on my twitter feed, but if you don't follow...well, you're just going to have to wait.

That is... IF I make it to 250...


Youtube has a three strike system. In the span of a week I managed to get one and two. My channel is currently hanging on by a thread. I can't say I'm outraged or even mad by the sudden attention by Record Label X, but I am puzzled for a number of reasons.

1. Removal - I have had labels give my videos notice in the past. Primarily my car reviews. I am quite cunning in how I choose my music when it comes to my car reviews. I do the reseach into what label owns what song in addition to making sure I pick fitting music. This has kept me very safe. I have gotten attention from the labels, but the worst that has ever happened is two of my car reviews being blocked solely in Japan. The others just have adverts slapped on or something minimal.

The problem I'm facing involves my bread and butter--my Sentai videos. Record Label X apparently doesn't take kindly to having some of their music featured in my videos. Again, fine by me. Instead of making a little bit of money off of me using their out-of-print music, they sought to out right remove videos featuring the music. If I woke up tomorrow and my videos were coated with ads, I wouldn't care one bit. As long as I can make the videos I want to make i.e. videos that don't involve some schlub blabbing on about a toy with intermitten movement I would be happy. I'll do the leg work, you make the money. Removing it outright is a dick move. It's a dick move that they're entitled to make, but it's still something that doesn't really help them make any money off of what is, essentially, dead music to them.

2. Their choice in videos - The first wave of videos removed was a pretty big chunk. Removed from my channel were all but two of my Ohranger videos and my RV Robo [from Carranger] video. I would really like to know... Why *those* videos? I'm trying to find the common thread. I know they were mostly from the same series, but RV Robo leaves me puzzled. The tracks had various composers and singers, so that isn't it. Someone at Label X has a serious hard-on for Ohranger...and RV Robo.

The second wave was more of a little splash. One video removed in the second strike, my video on the Go-onger Song Collection Engine Soul. You know, the video where the music is coming from the Engine Soul. At this point, I just feel like Label X is digging way too deep on this.

3. Oh sure, *I'M* the one using all the unauthorized music - As a music aficionado, I own pretty much every disc Label X releases for the shows I watch. No kidding... Here is a picture I took just now of a small sample of my massive, and legitimate, music collection...


If you look closely, that is a handful of CD Singles from Label X between 1998-2000. My CD Singles span from 1989-Present for Label X with many more from other labels. Now, I'm not saying that owning tons discs gives me the right to it's contents--oh no. The main point I'm getting at is... I've been watching you, Label X. You're bigger crooks than what you make me out to be.

After the whole Kenji Yamamoto scandal from last year, it was revealed that Label X, as well as a few other labels, had been basically putting out music that this scammer of a composer had been putting his spin on for years. The earliest work of this particular composer that I noticed was from a piece from Dragon Ball Z called Battle Point Unlimited. It's very little more than a mashup between three songs from the German band Propaganda. The song in question was released in 1991--a full twenty years prior to the "discovery" by not Label X, but Toei Animation. It's funny how Label X is a huge offshoot of a huuuuge entity, yet they didn't discover even the most blatent of his ripoffs.

A timely example has reared it's ugly head in my beloved Kakuranger via composer Eiji Kawamura. I even featured this particular example in one of Kakuranger month videos. Check it out...

Listen to me...

...and now listen to me...

That is the kind of shit that Label X either plays dumb about, or worse, turns a blind eye to. Seriously...wasn't Blade Runner a huge darling as a film AND as a soundtrack? Tsubasamaru's theme IS an uptempo version of the creepy End Credit theme from the film. It doesn't resemble it...it IS it.

I am trying to document all the weird things I've noticed in all of my years listening to music from Label X's composers. Some brief examples...

-Liveman steals not only the theme from the classic Adam West Batman series, but the theme from Magnum PI.
-Janperson steals from the theme from Star Trek: The Next Penetration Generation.
-Blue SWAT has the hilarious theft of the Back To The Future theme song.
-Moero!! Robocon's second (I think) ending song steals from Rod Stewart's "Da ya think I'm Sexy?"
-Zyuranger's theme was composed by Mr. Scandal himself, Kenji Yamamoto. Need I say more?
-Dairanger stole from Star Wars. I can't stand Star Wars, but even I enjoy how comical it was that the "Imperial March" somehow made it way into one of the best Sentai shows of the 90s.

...and so on. I might include some samples of these in the future. It would be a little time consuming to put all of these tracks together. Maybe. Stay tuned.

My point is, Label X has been operating with it's fingers in it's ear for decades and now wants to end my channel? OK. I'd be a little more accepting if they released a whole disc of good, honest music from a composer who isn't a scammer.

Atleast I'm not the one who has made a red cent out of any of this.


I do have these parting words for this blog entry:

I am CCLemon99.

The channel might change in the future, but I will always be CCLemon99.

You have watched my videos for almost five years now, and I thank you deeply. Even if my options totally dry up, I hope my videos gave you atleast a little bit of entertainment.

OK, OK. I know my videos aren't to be taken too seriously, but I have met a ton of wonderful people over the years, and hopefully I have earned those 3,400+ Subscribers and 30,000,000+ video views. It certainly has been a ride and an experience.

I wish to continue as long as I have the power to.

Keep it real!