BSTTF! My new video series!


I am currently working on a new video series for one of my burner Youtube accounts. In this series I will be looking at the many times Toei's composers have outright stolen music from Western composers and each other in some strange cases.

To get things started I put together three episodes... Here we go:

Episode 1: I really wanted to start things off with this ripoff for several reasons. The top two reasons being a) Back To The Future is the best damn movie ever and b) this is hilariously blatent. If you're wondering, yes, they used this music quite often during Blue SWAT, yet it is tucked away as the last track on the music collection. Makes me wonder if they were having second thoughts about using this particular piece...

Episode 2: This one is also pretty obvious/hilarious. The music in question is Tsubasamaru's theme music. I always thought it sounded kind of odd and out of place when I was watching Kakuranger in the 90s. Years later imagine how I felt when I finally got around to seeing Blade Runner. It suddenly made sense... The Kakuranger version is almost exactly the same, just sped up quite a bit.

Episode 3: This is where things get a little dicey. That strange intro to the Zyuranger Opening theme song is...well, strange. Like the Tsubasamaru track above, this one was picked up after I saw the film that it was lifted from. It is also very out of place. I will say this, however...it actually sounds much better than the original.
There you have it! I will be adding more of these as I go. If you have any pieces of music that you'd like to suggest for this series please let me know! You can contact me on Youtube [CCLemon99 account, please] or Twitter [Ummm...also CCLemon99]!
More to come. See ya!

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