Short month. Not much new.

February is coming to a close. Not much new to report on my end, but I guess there is time for a little housekeeping. Here goes...

I have not one, but two Morphin' Braces headed my way. Review in April-ish.

I shut off the comments on most of my videos. I was getting three types of comments. The good kind, which I always like reading. The bad kind, which seem to be people who like to tell me how I should make my videos and what I should make videos of. The outright annoying kind, which covers the "How much?" "Where did you find it?" and "Sell it to me" variety. I really don't care for the last two kind of comments. Sorry to the people that write in every week with nice things to say. But hey, I'm on Twitter.

March new videos... I'm not sure what will be coming up in March. Well, I do...but I don't know what order the videos will appear. I will have my BMW review that was carried over from February. I will also have a DX Fivered figure from Fiveman. I miiiight be kicking off the month with a short video of the Go-Busters CD Single with Red Buster Ranger Key. Just to show off the key, no music at all. Label X can suck a plum. A set of them preferably.

Go-Busters has started. I guess people want to hear what I think? Maybe I'll sum up my thoughts after the fourth episode.

That's all for now. I really didn't accomplish much in this post... Oh well!



Go-Busters. Car Show Report. February Schedule.

Firstly... I guess it's kinda neat that people look to me for an opinion, but for the love of god...please PLEASE stop asking me if I like/will watch/will buy the toys from/know any information about Go-Buster. Blowkaiger isn't even over yet, but my inbox is lit up with people either prying me to engage in some kind of dialogue about the show or asking me about the toys.

The truth is... I don't know shit. I know they have a brace instead of a phone [hallelujah!] and that it'll be called the Morphin' Brace [ehhhh poo] but beyond that, I don't know anything. When I was a kid, one show ended one week...a new one began the next. I've always kept this mentality and I really think the rumormongers out there need a life. Seriously. Just wait for it to happen. I don't mind spoilers if something is out there, it's fair game for all IMO, but nothing drives me bananas more than a vague description about an episode that isn't slated to air for another nine weeks. LET. IT. HAPPEN.

What an odd tangent to go on...


So last week I went to the 2012 Philadelphia International Auto Show. It's an auto show that the automakers never reveal anything new in...thus the media never covers it. So if you've never heard of it, that is understandable. However, it IS a large show. All of the major manufacturers except Ferrari have some kind of booth on the floor and they usually have some kind of fun activity or display set-up. So...it's kind of a big deal, I guess. I will try to keep this brief since, well, there wasn't too-too much really interesting stuff to report on. I will limit myself to THREE cars...

Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster

This sexy Merc had probably the strangest set-up of any car in the Auto Show. Notice the blue curtain behind it? The reason it is there is because Mercedes hired a photographer to take your picture with the car. If you had your picture taken, you were given a Mercedes lanyard with a coded card to go online and download your photo. I did have my picture taken for the lanyard, but there is no way in hell I plan on retrieving my photo. That photo will be washed away in the digital sands of time hopefully

Ferrari 250 LM

This car was from the wonderful Simeone Foundation. They usually bring a handful of cars to the Auto Show every year, but this year I was approached by the curator who was watching the booth. We had a nice chat about a couple of the cars, mostly the Ferrari, and he gave me a few cards for the museum, telling me that I should come by to get better access to take my pictures with my tired, tired camera. I think I will take him up on that offer if Mrs. CC wants to go...

Subaru BRZ

Wow...This car is going to be awesome. If wasn't already smitten by a certain Lexus in my driveway, I'd be all over this car! Rear-wheel drive...Manual Transmission... Actually, it is probably a similar driving experience to the car I have now...just with two less doors. Sure it probably weighs much less, but my car also has some nice weight distribution. I'll wait until they work the bugs out and maybe I'll be interested in the Toyota version when the time comes to trade in the current car.

That's all I really wanted to talk about at the Auto Show. There were a ton of other cool and notable cars that I took pictures of. Check out my photoset on flickr if you want to see what else I snapped pictures of!


A quick note on February programming. The month is just beginning and pretty much half over and I have to make a change.

12th: X1 Mask Ranger Key
19th: Sunvulcan Ranger Key Set
26th: Gaoranger Ranger Key Set

I would like to get these video out before March begins. The BMW M3 E30 video has been pushed into that month where it will hopefully flow better with what I have planned for then...

Until next time,