Kakauranger Ball!!!

Just as out-of-nowhere as it appeared in the series, the Kakuranger Ball has FINALLY appeared in my collection!

While I am in the midst of a deeeeeeep toy hibernation from Youtube, rest assured! The toy collection is still going strong despite the fact that the additions are becoming few and far between. Really, this can be chalked up to the fact that...well...I've owned pretty much everything I've ever dreamed of owning (and much more). There are a handful of toys out there that have eluded me for one reason or another, and the Kakuranger Ball is the big one...for some reason.

I've owned pretty much the entire Kakuranger toy collection for quite some time but could never track down a complete Kakuranger Ball for an even close to reasonable price. Now that I own one I kinda understand it's rarity, but I still had my reservations about dropping some serious dime on what's essentially a football with a sticker versus the myriad of other great Kakuranger toys in the line.

So what's the story with this damn thing?

The Kakuranger Ball first appeared in episode ten of the series in an already bizarre episode featuring Yokai Konakijiji. Sasuke being assaulted/kidnapped by a jogging gaggle of soccer players may have been the pinnacle of weirdness, but it certainly didn't end there. Konakijiji was defeated by a random and entirely new finisher called the Kakuranger Ball, which was an American-style football that changed color every time it was passed along. Fortunately this wasn't a one-time thing like many other Super Sentai weapons as it was something of a main plot-device in episode twenty-one (which was a solid episode that makes great work of dumping on tropes) and again in episode forty-nine...though the appearance had changed quite a bit.

I've never really experienced the toy version in real life, so I really didn't know what to expect. Was it a hollow hunk of plastic? A solid chunk of foam? The latter, as it turns out. Yeah, this is the type of foam ball that you would submerge in murky water and then throw to your friend to ruin their day. The KAKURANGER sticker that belts across the body of the ball has held tight after all of these years, though I can't picture it being entirely durable.

Also included in the box is a small blue ring that serves as a kickstand, which I guess allows you to perform a solo Kakure Shoot.

This toy is something that can really only be called complete when it's with it's box. Kakuranger has some excellent box art, and this one might be one of my new favorites in the line. It definitely makes the toy seem infinitely cooler than it really is.

Do I like it? Well, yeah...it's a neat little toy that is refreshingly devoid of gimmicks and crappy add-ons. The fact that it's entirely disposable makes it's rarity more understandable since these foam footballs never lasted more than a few weeks when I was a kid. The fact that I'd never encountered this toy for sale when it was new also leads me to believe that maybe Bandai wasn't too confident in it either.

Overall, I'm just thrilled to finally have this damn thing in my collection. Be sure to check out my new review of the Jikuu Senshi Spielban Song Collection here.

See ya!



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Song Collection: Jikuu Senshi Spielban

Hello! I'm back again with another random Song Collection review. This time around I'll be listening to the song collection from the 1986 Toei Metal Hero Series Jikuu Senshi Spielban (or Spielvan or Jaspion 2 if you're in South America or Europe). I honestly picked this one because it's a road less traveled by me. Yeah, I don't really listen to this one very often outside of the awesome theme songs (well, two out of three of them). I figure...why not?

Normally I listen to two random song collections and really strain to find some kind of connection. This month is a little bit different... Right now you can also check out a little review of a Kakuranger purchase I recently made. That's right...I *finally* bought a Kakuranger Ball! Check it out here.

For this review I'll be listening via my trusty Super Hero Chronicle Metal Hero Shudaika Sonyuuka Daizenshuu I. I previously took a look at the entire CD series in this woefully incomplete post.


01. Jikuu Senshi Spielban / Ichiro Mizuki

Ahhhh...what a fine song.

Legendary singer (and cast member when it comes to this series) Ichiro Mizuki belts out this amazing example of a theme song. It's an epic with a tinge of tragedy and action. Perfect. I feel like they tried to replicate this the following year with the theme song to Metalder, but it doesn't quite gel as nicely.

The bassline ties the whole thing together to make a tight start to our weekly adventure. It may not be my absolute favorite Metal Hero theme of the 80s, but it's up there.

02. Waller no Theme / Dr. JOE

Heh. This one is alright.

I like the droning music, but the vocals by...umm...Dr. Joe... are a bit messy. Intentionally, sure, but I can't really say it's my favorite part of the song. Naturally I like the guitar bits that are dropped in since they break up the droning for a minute.

It's not Fushigi Song from Shaider weird, but it's still a weird song.

I should cover Shaider someday...

03. Kanashimi no Helen / Naomi Morinaga

The first of the trio of character songs by our main cast. It's a ballad song by Naomi Morinaga. You know what...I never really put much thought into this song, but it really isn't bad. Morinaga isn't a brilliant singer, but this is WORLDS better than Annie ni omakase from Shaider. Someone spent 1985 taking singing lessons.

Yeah, you know...I officially dig this song. It's a good one. Also, I realize I just made another Shaider reference.

04. Kimi no nakama da Spielban / Ichiro Mizuki

The first series ending song. It's...OK.

Mizuki sounds drunk more than anything during the slow parts. He has some decent ballads, but he can't seem to nail sincerity/softness.

Maybe an infinitely cooler song will replace it about eleven episodes in...

05. Diana Action / Makoto Sumikawa

Another character song--this one by Diana actress Makoto Sumikawa. There is a great reason why Sumikawa never did a song for Kamen Rider BLACK RX. Then again, Tetsuo Kurata had a few songs and a flippin' OP despite being awful.

Yeah, this song isn't great. This sounds like a second-tier Sentai song. It's a random mess of jerky lyrics and a bland bassline. This one is really far too chirpy and fluffy for this song collection.

Can I go back to admiring Kanashimi no Helen?

06. Hikari no Hoshi Mizu no Hoshi / Hiroshi Watari

The third of the character songs...and this one is by Spielban himself, Hiroshi Watari.

Awesome...awesome stuntman and actor. Good lord is he not a singer. Oof. Yeah, this is really, really bad. Especially when he tries to hold a note. Honestly, Diana Action is better despite the thrashing I just gave it. The only thing I can give this song credit for is that it sounds like it belongs here.

Thank god he didn't sing a song for Sharivan.

07. Ore no ikari ni te wo dasu na! / Ichiro Mizuki

A surf-ish sounding song by Mizuki. I like this one even if it kinda reminds me of the Grand Birth theme from Sharivan (Hmmm...two in a row for Sharivan now...). I like the vibe, though. It's very 1986 in a verrrry specific way. Flashman also had a song similar to this.

08. Chase! Spielban / Ichiro Mizuki

The only legit action song here that isn't a theme song. I really enjoy this one even if it's a bit basic. In a lesser world this could really pass as the theme song for the series.

Really, this is the type of jam that Ichiro Mizuki was made for.

09. Muteki no ooja / Ichiro Mizuki

The Grand Nasca / Gaios theme. It's another big sounding song that songs very much like a mash-up of recycled Watanabe music. That said, it's a fantastic and strange song. The first verse covers Grand Nasca and the second covers Gaios. The third...just never happens. The remainder of the song is basically Karaoke.

Huh...weird... I've heard this song several times, but never really noticed that. Kinda like how the Blue Brothers snuck out of the door during Sweet Home Chicago. I guess that would make me John Candy "Where's Jake??".

10. Kesho da! Spielban / Ichiro Mizuki

Yessss! The wildly improved second ending song for the series. Kesho da! is a legit jam and second only to Time Limit for awesome 80s Metal Hero ending songs. Not only does this song kick supreme ass, it complements the opening theme song perfectly. No drunk singing...just full-force Mizuki.


This song collection has it's ups and downs, but it's largely consistent. It's mostly ups, though. I'm not sure why this one never really made it into my regular rotation, but it's a pretty solid set of ten songs. The positives really outweigh the negatives. Even if that Watari song is dreadful...

Give this one a spin. It may not have the most variety, but it's a solid listen.

The only thing I'm left with is...do I listen to Shaider next...or Sharivan?


That's all for now. Be sure to read my mini review of the Kakuranger Ball. It took me twenty-six years, but I finally have it!

Have a good one!



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