Eight Years On Youtube! Some CCLemon99 Stories...

Did you know I sometimes use a ghost photographer? What about that one time my voice made it into a video? I even have some hidden and VERY specific musical talents (I can play the keyboard solo of Van Halen's Jump perfectly and nothing else.). I may or may not have been a part of illegal tape trading in the 90s with some names that are still in the fandom...

I don't plan on talking about any of that today, but I will share some odd stories I've accumulated over the years that are related to myself and/or CCLemon99.

I'm going to skip the toy related ones this time around. I previously wrote the story about how I found my Masking Brace...and quite a few people really liked it. I'll get back to that another time...I do have some good ones.


The IRL encounter...

OK, so back in 2011 I listed something like ten items on ebay with 100% of the earnings going to charity for 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami relief. During the initial listings some dirtbags decided not to pay up, but my credit card was charge anyway by ebay. I gave their customer service a call and spoke with a representative that was surveying my auctions when he came across a familiar name plastered in the item description of one of the toys.

"Wait...are you THE CCLemon99? From Youtube?"

OK, this was a really bizarre situation to be in. Not only am I fiercely private...but this dude who had atleast heard of me had me on the phone AND my name and address right in front of his eyes.

"Oh yeah, that's me. You know my Youtube channel?"

"That's really cool, man. I actually saw one of your videos not long ago."

Well, atleast this guy was casual. I know there are a handful of people who enjoy my channel/blog/knowledge a little more than others, but this guy happened upon a specific toy from his childhood.

"So where can I get my hands on a Techno Brace from Bioman anyway? I grew up with that show!"

Hah! You see, my stubborn preference in older toys really pays off with the nostalgia crowd. They might not watch every video that comes out, but there is a chance that one toy that stuck with them will cross their mind. Maybe they'll do a quick search and maybe they'll come across my video. Ah, and when they want to know where they can find said toy...why not ask the guy who acquired one long after the series had aired? Maybe he'll provide some sage advice.........or maybe he'll be a total jackass.

"Have you tried ebay?"


You can see me in a video on Youtube.

This one isn't CCLemon99 related but worth mentioning because, well, you know me from Youtube.

I mentioned above that my voice is hidden in plain sight on Youtube, but did you know that there is a video that I can be seen in?

As you may remember, I went to the Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie screening in Phoenixville, PA last August. I wrote an enormous summary of the film which, despite it's intense spoilers, ended up linked from cinemassacre.com. In the section where I talked about hanging around before the film started I talked about Mike Matei filming some bits that would end up being used on the website. As it turns out, a lot of what they were filming hasn't really been used...but what little was used does in fact contain some 'Lemon.

I am not going to say who I am, but I can be seen quite a bit in this video.

At this point it shouldn't be too difficult to piece together what I look like. Kidding...it's a calculated mystery.


The Video Game Credit

Also not really CCLemon99 related, but it's another story where I ended up in related media.

A friend of mine works for a local video game developer. Their first game came out a few years ago on Nintendo DS and I bought a copy directly from him. I played through the game over a weekend and enjoyed it quite a bit...but I couldn't help notice something was wrong with it almost immediately. This problem continued to be a problem for the entire game.

When my friend asked me what I thought of the game I told him I liked it, but there was a pretty big mistake in it. Every...EVERY time it said "received" it was misspelled as "recieved". His face dropped. Then I recounted all of the hoops that he and his company had to jump through with Nintendo...the weeks of testing the game inside and out...the intense scrutineering. He was just like "yeah...yeah...I know...yeah..." as someone who would be completely defeated over something so basic would be.

He was met with the same disappointment when he went to the office and let everyone in on my discovery. One guy said "Hey, your friend can expect to receive an ass kicking.". ("He must be from Boston" was my retort after hearing that).

When the next game was released I ended up getting a 'Special Thanks' credit. I'm sure a hell of a lot more time was spent checking the spelling of every single word.

Yeah, thanks A LOT, CC. *rolleyes*



As of this writing my eighth anniversary video is just being posted to Youtube. I have been hinting at a mishap of sorts on twitter. As promised...here is the story.

I typically do reviews weeks or months in advance. In this case, I bought the Nendora some months ago, but I was waiting for the SHFiguarts Juspion and G-Stag/Reddle Set to sent to my Japanese address. I didn't end up getting the Nendora until last week. When it finally arrived, I got into making the video the next day in some pretty sweltering heat (I try to take my photos/videos between September and April. It's too hot and sunny in the room I film in). I applied the decals and began my usual method of snapping as I go. I managed to get quite a few photos in of the parts unassembled and unused. As I was getting to the part where I was finally able to make some damn Doramonsters...IT happened...

Not supposed to detach at all...

The damn thing exploded! I didn't even give the handle much pressure. Luckily I had taken quite a few pictures of the toy before this happened, but I guess taking video of it in action wasn't meant to happen.

Not Pictured: The thousands of tiny shards that ended up in my face and hair. 

Now what happened exactly? Fortmax suggested that it may have been a common problem that Transformers toys had called gold-plastic syndrome. I will go ahead and agree with her assessment on this one. I've neeeeeever had a Bandai toy burst the way this one did. There were a few warnings that I probably should have paid attention to. The little plastic stands that the Doramonsters stand on were very brittle...more brittle than the dried out orange and green colored plastic pieces. Everything was falling off their plastic trees when I opened the box. The box itself was also very dry. Something tells me that this wasn't stored very well.

Based on all of that I'm glad I didn't go ahead and use the mystery clay that was provided by Bandai. I used a standard variety box of Play Doh, by the way. Yes, I know Grifforzer isn't purple. I tried the orange that was in the box and it didn't look right. Purple just shows up better on camera and gave a better variety of colors.

Hand?! Oh wait, it's kinda necessary. Ehhh...fix it in Photoshop...

I managed to make a coherent video out of the toy based on the material I had. Is it a shame? Yes. As it turns out, though, the Nendora itself is pretty pointless. You can do a better job pressing the molds with your hands as you can apply quite a lot more pressure. It was also a fun little toy. Daizyujin and Tyrannoranger sure can dice them to bits!

Oh yes, and I should mention...I'm actually very good with toys. I've only ever broken two toys. This one and SHF Dekared. In the case of Dekared, the arm was glued/wedged in so tightly that it snapped off the first time I went to move it. There have been times where pieces fall off a toy that were either not glued or not glued enough, but those are the only two times I've ever had anything completely break on me.

SPD: Several Pieced Dekaranger


Question answered......and then some!

I do have one other story...and I wish I could tell it, because it is a big one. It involves an actor from a Tokusatsu series and the answer to a very old question. Unfortunately the story in the answer isn't meant for the public and I want to respect (actor)'s wishes. It might come out someday...


I just want to give you guys a big 'Thank You' for sticking with me for EIGHT whole years. I couldn't have managed 94 million views and 44,000 subscribers without a borderless audience of like-minded individuals who like their reviews basic.

I usually ask some kind of question here that almost always gets answered over Twitter. How about I ask you to ask me something? That's right. Do you have any questions for me? Maybe I'll answer! Maybe you'll get something out of me that I've forgotten. Who knows!

Thank you and Goodnight!


P.S. Akira Kushida signed a postcard and my friend mailed it to me. No real story there, but I'll always love the guy for being down to do that.


The CD Collection -- Non-Soundtrack CDs Vol.1

Ever get really annoyed when you hear a tune in a show or movie only to find that it is nowhere to be found on the soundtrack? I feel your pain. Since I am a bit of a super sleuth by nature I enjoy scouring the corners of the internet for information about music. Imagine if I used my powers for good, eh? The internet has turned my childhood curiosities into cheap CD realities. Between friends I've made in the second-hand music trade and brilliant used sites like Amazon.jp and Yahoo! Japan Auctions I've been able to score several CDs for next to nothing.

Today I will be talking about some CDs I purchased because they contain songs that were featured in Tokusatsu shows, but not on their respective soundtracks.

Oh yeah, I recommend getting a niconico.jp account. I had to go there for a song. Might as well anyway...


Akiko Yanno "LOVE IS HERE"
Featured: Anata ni wa ienai (Can't Tell You) -- Shushutorian Ending Song
>>>Song Video<<<

It's easy to say that a decade has a sound...but I think 1993 has a very unique sound on it's own...

Between 1989 and 1995 is was incredibly fashionable for a lot of Japanese artists to record in the United States, especially New York City. I can't tell you how many CDs I have that were recorded in the 'States from that era (I'm sure it'll come up again--possibly even in this entry). The CD in question this time is LOVE IS HERE by Akiko Yano which features the ending song from Shushutorian. I'm not exactly sure why it was chosen for Shushutorian, but the fact that it was released by Sony is probably what kept it off of the show's song collection.

This CD was probably the biggest shock of my non-soundtrack CD purchasing rampage. I got what I was expecting from a lot of the names you'll be seeing later on in this list, but I knew of Akiko Yano in name only. As it turns out, this CD is AMAZING. I bought it some time ago and I have listened to it practically every week since. I would be very cautious to avoid doing what I was doing for many years by judging this CD by the Shushutorian ending song. That track is easily the second weakest song on the disc (the weakest is an English track called SHENANDOAH).

Of all of the New York recorded Japanese albums I've heard this one makes the most sense. Akiko Yano is very much a talented jazz singer. Some very talented musicians were assembled to put this CD together. The result is an incredibly smooth album that I feel bad for not knowing about sooner.

Highly highly HIGHLY recommended. If you're a download doofus, good luck--you probably won't find it. I got a sealed copy for like 300yen and wish I paid more. I know I recommend things a lot, but I really REALLY mean it on this one.


Fumie Hosokawa "Nikonikonyannyan"
Featured: Kakuranger Episode 08

Whoever decided to put this song in Kakuranger is my comedic hero...and also probably a raging pervert.

A brief snip of this song showed up in Kakuranger after they were drugged and forced to dance by Yokai Bakeneko. The full song, as you can see on Youtube, is hilarious. Honestly it isn't bad as a song, either--quite catchy even. It's coupled with a song called Ubu Ubu Ubu which isn't very good. It is rounded out by the Karaoke version of the title track.


U.W.F. Legend
Featured: U.W.F. Puroresu Main Theme in Kakuranger Episode 09

With great annoyance I wasn't able to track down the CD likely used as the source for the music used in Episode 09 of Kakuranger. There are two versions of the U.W.F. theme song and this is the only disc I could find with the correct version. I'm quite glad I did find this one...and I'll get into why in a bit. The ninth episode of Kakuranger is a classic. The TV obsessed Jiraiya squares off with an equally TV obsessed Yokai Dorotabo. During their cage match, the two fight in various fighting styles. Ultimately they end up boxing each other, which is where this music can be heard.

The U.W.F. theme is pretty damn awesome (again, props to whoever was picking these songs) and this CD features that and a few other gems. There are eleven tracks, of which most of them are pretty good. I especially like the one called CHINA JUNK. Eagle eyed readers might notice two quintessential 80s soundtrack songs listed on the tracklist--both TRAINING MONTAGE and NO EASY WAY OUT are both from Rocky IV! Except...they aren't. There is something...different about the version of TRAINING MONTAGE on this disc. The main synth sounds like it may have been re-recorded. NO EASY WAY OUT is an instrumental version using the original music with new guitars laid over top. Wasn't part of the charm of that song the amazingly cheesy vocals? I can't drive the wheels off my car without the lyrics. NOTHING IS OVER! NOTHING! YOU JUST DON'T TURN IT OFF!... Ehh...uhhh.....sorry. I didn't even have a psychotic break to the right Stallone movie there.

I can't picture anyone running out to get this one. The U.W.F. theme is all over Youtube already. The only song I truly enjoy outside of that is CHINA JUNK. The rest sounds like lame looped video game menu music, but are still entertaining.


Seikima-II "Big Time Changes"
Featured: 1999 Secret Object in Kakuranger 16, Fiveman 41

Seikima-II is one of those bands that you REALLY need to familiarize yourself with if you're a Tokusatsu fan. His Excellency Demon Kogure (former) / Demon Kakka (current) is a bona fide Tokusatsu fan and all around fantastic entertainer. While he has crossed paths with Tokusatsu a couple of times (the most recent being the song Forest of Rocks from one of those shitty Kamen Rider crossover turds that they keep pumping out) in his solo career, his band never officially did anything Tokusatsu-related outside of having a song featured in two series. 1999 Secret Object is the song, and it was featured in both Fiveman and Kakuranger.

In Fiveman, this song was featured in Episode 41. I really can't recommend watching all of Fiveman, but this episode was worth seeing only for it's use of this song. I won't give away too much, but I truly wonder if they had this song in mind when they wrote and filmed this episode. It truly saved the episode from being a complete filler waste.

Kakuranger 16 is the episode where Junior creates the Hana no Kunoichi gumi. In the process of doing this, his killer guitar abuse sounds VERY much like the killer guitar solo from the middle of 1999 Secret Object. If Toei somehow managed to get Demon Kogure to play Junior he would've lasted the entire series and it would've gone from being my favorite Sentai ever to my favorite thing ever. I take that back...since Kenichi Endo was pretty awesome as Junior. OH...even better... Demon Kogure as Daimaoh. Oh my god. WHY DIDN'T THIS HAPPEN??? If I may, I would like to rewrite the final scene of Kakuranger...

Demon Kogure (as he's being sealed): "You'll never escape...the end of the century!!"

Beats whatever the hell actually Daimaoh said...

Anyway, Big Time Changes is a great album. 1999 Secret Object and Earth Eater are my two favorites, but all of the songs excellent. All of the songs can be easily found on Youtube if you want to give them a little. Since it's a little more popular than a lot of the CDs I'm talking about in this entry, expect to pay a little more if you want to purchase the disc.

BTW, Bohemian Rhapsody.


B'z "Risky"
Featured: GIMME YOUR LOVE -fukutsu no LOVE DRIVER- in Kakuranger 17
>>>SONG VIDEO<<< (The best I can find, sorry)

Episode 17, which is one of my favorites of the series, opens with Saizo driving his new-used car with this song blasting on the radio. It's brief, but worth noting since it's a pretty prominent song.

I really like GIMME YOUR LOVE, but the rest of the album is hit or miss. Kind of a bummer since I like B'z, but this is a case of that New York sound that I mentioned previously not working out too well. The songs aren't bad, but they certainly don't do enough to stick out from each other outside of GIMME YOUR LOVE.


trf "Hyper Mix III"
Featured: SAMUI YORU DAKARA (EURO-HOUSE MIX) in Kakuranger 17
>>>SONG VIDEO<<< (Sorry, could only find the Japanese version)

By the time their third remix album came out I think trf had been around for a bit over a year. Naturally they were quite popular, but they had their fair share of haters who thought they were pretty damn cheesy. I was one of them, but in the past few years I came around on them because my love of super-producer Tetsuya Komuro is too strong. Their smash single, Samui yoru dakara, was given an English-language house mix that ended up getting featured in Kakuranger.

Original Japanese-Language Single

If I may talk about the original song first...it's excellent. I think it's a song that even their haters can begrudgingly accept as a solid tune. It lacks the cheesiness of a lot of their other hits and just exists as everything you can want out of a pop song. I'm not sure why they decided to record an English version for their remix album, but they did. It's pretty enjoyable as well, but it doesn't top the original version.

So yeah, the remix version ended up in Kakuranger. Yokai Amikiri was dancing it up to this song in the Yokai layer before Junior rudely interrupted with the brat that he kidnapped. I take it Junior isn't a trf fan. Heh.

The rest of the album is pretty good. I prefer the remix of World Groove on this album over the tacky original version. This is very much a 90s dance album...so check it out if that's your thing.


Takako Okamura "Kokoro no Sogen"
Featured: Kokoro no Sogen in Kakuranger 18

I honestly don't know too much about the singer, but she has a pretty voice. Her song Kokoro no Sogen was featured during the montage of Jiraiya and some children having a fun day with Yokai Zashiki-warashi. It's a very fitting song for the charming moment before all hell breaks loose that resulted in Jiraiya's empty grudge against Junior.

This song is coupled with another song called Kiss on the CD Single. It's another nice mellow song. Seriously, these have to be two of the least offensive songs I've ever heard on one CD. It's still rather enjoyable. It's kinda funny that only a few episodes earlier Junior was summoning his new minions using the rock of Seikima-II.


KYOKO Sound Laboratory "See You Again"
Featured: See You Again, The Unused Ohranger Ending Theme Song
>>>SONG VIDEO<<< (Both versions, uploaded by me)

I have gone through the tragic story of this song before...but maybe it was a little incomplete at the time. I have since found all of the KYOKO Sound Laboratory CDs that I had in storage...and I even managed to find that Hakaider CD Single that I was missing for sale at a decent price. Anyway, so yeah...there is a little bit more to the story. I recommend checking out my previous entry about it before continuing, though, if you want this to make sense.

1993 Single Version

The song See You Again originated in 1993 as Kyoko's debut single with a slightly more rockish/bizarre version. The original was featured on atleast four CDs, so it is actually a little more common. The song was re-recorded with a much cleaner and, frankly, better music track for the 1995 album of the same name. I genuinely think the only reason this song was re-recorded was so that it could be featured as the Ohranger ending song. It sounds like an ending song much more than the original version did.

Again, there is a lot of speculation on what in the world happened to prevent See You Again from being the Ohranger Ending Song, but atleast we did get this album before Forte rightfully imploded in on itself.

Kyoko might not be for everyone, but I enjoy her offbeat style and skillful use of harmonizing. This album is kind of an jazzy evolution of that "1993 Sound" that I mentioned earlier in this entry. It is a pretty good reflection of how music in the mid 90s was starting to become light-hearted once again. I know this doesn't mean too much to anyone who doesn't follow old JPOP, but holy damn the music didn't have much of a pulse as if they were ashamed of how bubbly and fun 80s JPOP was.

Stand out tracks on this album are both versions of See You Again along with minor hit ASKA and Electric Love. This is a very enjoyable album, though. A lot of the CDs on this list are for the hardcore collector, but I think this one deserves to be in a smaller collection given it's strange place in Tokusatsu history.

As a special treat for this song...I made a little video featuring both versions since they're very hard to come by. So click on the video link to check out both the 1993 and 1995 versions of See You Again.


trf "Overnight Sensation~jidai wa anata ni yudane teru~"
Featured: Overnight Sensation in Ohranger 21

I kinda took the piss out of trf when I talked about their song that was used in Kakuranger 17. I kinda stand by that...I mean, if you have a group of five and three of those five members are primarily dancers... Yeah, cheesy. On the otherhand, they did sell a lot of records for two very good reasons. Yu-ki is a great singer (She did the Kamen Rider Kabuto OP NEXT LEVEL if you're into that) and Tetsuya Komuro is a genius producer. Hell, trf stands for "TK Rave Factory"...which is fantastic job security for TK if you name another group after yourself.

This song is probably my go to trf track. It's a lot of fun and is probably one of the finest produced songs of Tetsuya Komuro's career. The single also features an extended mix of the song as well as the Karaoke version. It is also featured on the album dAnce to positive, which I have...but don't feel like talking about (I realize this post is getting long...)

As for it's placement in Ohranger... This song is so groovy that Ohrangerrobo and Red Puncher were dancing to it. Enough Said.


Namie Amuro "Body Feels EXIT"
Featured: Body Feels EXIT in Ohranger 45

Another Tetsuya Komuro produced megahit made it's way into Ohranger. This one I'm less of a fan of, but it's certainly memorable. I never got into Namie Amuro much, so that explains that. Actually I do like this song alright, and probably would like it better if it weren't for that herky-jerky drumbeat. The extended mix that is included on this single kinda remedies that, but that sounds a little bare for some reason. Also included on the single is the Karaoke version and the FKB Mix (which you can actually make out Komuro's backing vocals pretty clearly).

It was in Ohranger...episode 45 apparently. I legit don't remember the end of Ohranger very well, but I remember hearing this tune somewhere near the end.


Well there we have it. This ended up being an enormous post, so I thank you kindly for reading it. I hope I was able to solve a few mysteries in case you've seen these shows and wondered what the songs were. I still have plenty more CDs of this variety and I'm still looking to solve a few mysteries of my own. Do you know the songs featured in Kakuranger 37? I'm looking for those...and have hit nothing but dead ends.
If you know of any more songs that were featured in a Tokusatsu show, let me know. I have a bunch more...but you may have discovered something I didn't to yet. Leave a comment or shoot me a tweet.

Be sure to check out my Music/CD Page for more articles like this.

See ya next time!