Eight Years On Youtube! Some CCLemon99 Stories...

Did you know I sometimes use a ghost photographer? What about that one time my voice made it into a video? I even have some hidden and VERY specific musical talents (I can play the keyboard solo of Van Halen's Jump perfectly and nothing else.). I may or may not have been a part of illegal tape trading in the 90s with some names that are still in the fandom...

I don't plan on talking about any of that today, but I will share some odd stories I've accumulated over the years that are related to myself and/or CCLemon99.

I'm going to skip the toy related ones this time around. I previously wrote the story about how I found my Masking Brace...and quite a few people really liked it. I'll get back to that another time...I do have some good ones.


The IRL encounter...

OK, so back in 2011 I listed something like ten items on ebay with 100% of the earnings going to charity for 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami relief. During the initial listings some dirtbags decided not to pay up, but my credit card was charge anyway by ebay. I gave their customer service a call and spoke with a representative that was surveying my auctions when he came across a familiar name plastered in the item description of one of the toys.

"Wait...are you THE CCLemon99? From Youtube?"

OK, this was a really bizarre situation to be in. Not only am I fiercely private...but this dude who had atleast heard of me had me on the phone AND my name and address right in front of his eyes.

"Oh yeah, that's me. You know my Youtube channel?"

"That's really cool, man. I actually saw one of your videos not long ago."

Well, atleast this guy was casual. I know there are a handful of people who enjoy my channel/blog/knowledge a little more than others, but this guy happened upon a specific toy from his childhood.

"So where can I get my hands on a Techno Brace from Bioman anyway? I grew up with that show!"

Hah! You see, my stubborn preference in older toys really pays off with the nostalgia crowd. They might not watch every video that comes out, but there is a chance that one toy that stuck with them will cross their mind. Maybe they'll do a quick search and maybe they'll come across my video. Ah, and when they want to know where they can find said toy...why not ask the guy who acquired one long after the series had aired? Maybe he'll provide some sage advice.........or maybe he'll be a total jackass.

"Have you tried ebay?"


You can see me in a video on Youtube.

This one isn't CCLemon99 related but worth mentioning because, well, you know me from Youtube.

I mentioned above that my voice is hidden in plain sight on Youtube, but did you know that there is a video that I can be seen in?

As you may remember, I went to the Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie screening in Phoenixville, PA last August. I wrote an enormous summary of the film which, despite it's intense spoilers, ended up linked from cinemassacre.com. In the section where I talked about hanging around before the film started I talked about Mike Matei filming some bits that would end up being used on the website. As it turns out, a lot of what they were filming hasn't really been used...but what little was used does in fact contain some 'Lemon.

I am not going to say who I am, but I can be seen quite a bit in this video.

At this point it shouldn't be too difficult to piece together what I look like. Kidding...it's a calculated mystery.


The Video Game Credit

Also not really CCLemon99 related, but it's another story where I ended up in related media.

A friend of mine works for a local video game developer. Their first game came out a few years ago on Nintendo DS and I bought a copy directly from him. I played through the game over a weekend and enjoyed it quite a bit...but I couldn't help notice something was wrong with it almost immediately. This problem continued to be a problem for the entire game.

When my friend asked me what I thought of the game I told him I liked it, but there was a pretty big mistake in it. Every...EVERY time it said "received" it was misspelled as "recieved". His face dropped. Then I recounted all of the hoops that he and his company had to jump through with Nintendo...the weeks of testing the game inside and out...the intense scrutineering. He was just like "yeah...yeah...I know...yeah..." as someone who would be completely defeated over something so basic would be.

He was met with the same disappointment when he went to the office and let everyone in on my discovery. One guy said "Hey, your friend can expect to receive an ass kicking.". ("He must be from Boston" was my retort after hearing that).

When the next game was released I ended up getting a 'Special Thanks' credit. I'm sure a hell of a lot more time was spent checking the spelling of every single word.

Yeah, thanks A LOT, CC. *rolleyes*



As of this writing my eighth anniversary video is just being posted to Youtube. I have been hinting at a mishap of sorts on twitter. As promised...here is the story.

I typically do reviews weeks or months in advance. In this case, I bought the Nendora some months ago, but I was waiting for the SHFiguarts Juspion and G-Stag/Reddle Set to sent to my Japanese address. I didn't end up getting the Nendora until last week. When it finally arrived, I got into making the video the next day in some pretty sweltering heat (I try to take my photos/videos between September and April. It's too hot and sunny in the room I film in). I applied the decals and began my usual method of snapping as I go. I managed to get quite a few photos in of the parts unassembled and unused. As I was getting to the part where I was finally able to make some damn Doramonsters...IT happened...

Not supposed to detach at all...

The damn thing exploded! I didn't even give the handle much pressure. Luckily I had taken quite a few pictures of the toy before this happened, but I guess taking video of it in action wasn't meant to happen.

Not Pictured: The thousands of tiny shards that ended up in my face and hair. 

Now what happened exactly? Fortmax suggested that it may have been a common problem that Transformers toys had called gold-plastic syndrome. I will go ahead and agree with her assessment on this one. I've neeeeeever had a Bandai toy burst the way this one did. There were a few warnings that I probably should have paid attention to. The little plastic stands that the Doramonsters stand on were very brittle...more brittle than the dried out orange and green colored plastic pieces. Everything was falling off their plastic trees when I opened the box. The box itself was also very dry. Something tells me that this wasn't stored very well.

Based on all of that I'm glad I didn't go ahead and use the mystery clay that was provided by Bandai. I used a standard variety box of Play Doh, by the way. Yes, I know Grifforzer isn't purple. I tried the orange that was in the box and it didn't look right. Purple just shows up better on camera and gave a better variety of colors.

Hand?! Oh wait, it's kinda necessary. Ehhh...fix it in Photoshop...

I managed to make a coherent video out of the toy based on the material I had. Is it a shame? Yes. As it turns out, though, the Nendora itself is pretty pointless. You can do a better job pressing the molds with your hands as you can apply quite a lot more pressure. It was also a fun little toy. Daizyujin and Tyrannoranger sure can dice them to bits!

Oh yes, and I should mention...I'm actually very good with toys. I've only ever broken two toys. This one and SHF Dekared. In the case of Dekared, the arm was glued/wedged in so tightly that it snapped off the first time I went to move it. There have been times where pieces fall off a toy that were either not glued or not glued enough, but those are the only two times I've ever had anything completely break on me.

SPD: Several Pieced Dekaranger


Question answered......and then some!

I do have one other story...and I wish I could tell it, because it is a big one. It involves an actor from a Tokusatsu series and the answer to a very old question. Unfortunately the story in the answer isn't meant for the public and I want to respect (actor)'s wishes. It might come out someday...


I just want to give you guys a big 'Thank You' for sticking with me for EIGHT whole years. I couldn't have managed 94 million views and 44,000 subscribers without a borderless audience of like-minded individuals who like their reviews basic.

I usually ask some kind of question here that almost always gets answered over Twitter. How about I ask you to ask me something? That's right. Do you have any questions for me? Maybe I'll answer! Maybe you'll get something out of me that I've forgotten. Who knows!

Thank you and Goodnight!


P.S. Akira Kushida signed a postcard and my friend mailed it to me. No real story there, but I'll always love the guy for being down to do that.


  1. Happy 8th Anniversary!

    Sorry about to hear about Nendora. :(
    It was such an odd and unique sentai toy ever made in 90s (if not ever).
    I guess plastic must have really warned out after 20+ years.

    I like your SPD abbreviation. lol
    Good one!
    IMO, SPD can also stand for "Stupid Police DICK-a-ranger".
    (but seriously, DekaRed was one of the most annoying and obnoxious rangers in the franchise, which really sucks!).

    That's a nice amount of views and subscribers.
    Hope it will reach 100 million views and 50,000 subscribers in future.
    I'm also hoping that this channel would see the light of 10th anniversary!

    Take care.

    1. Thank you. I'm looking forward to hitting both of those milestones too. If I had to guess...I'd say 100,000,000 is going to be first. : ]

      I cringe at thinking about the 10 year anniversary. What the hell am I going to make a video of?? Heh

  2. Congratulations on the milestone. I can only imagine all of the time, effort and money that's gone into your reviews, which, honestly, I don't think a lot of people really take into consideration.

    I'm a dork who doesn't like to open his toys, especially something like pricey Figuarts. I bought a Shaider, and had the urge to haul him out and pose him for pics, but didn't. And after reading your Deka Red story, I'm now terrified by the idea of ever removing a Figuarts to pose them. (If they ever did come out with Spielban -- please do it, Figuarts -- I'd definitely want to pose that one with the Twin Blade and stuff. The idea of buying two isn't appealing.)

    1. Thank you, good sir. I really appreciate it!

      I don't expect people to consider the time and effort. Everyone is a little guilty of taking things for granted. Heh. I'm mostly grateful that people are interesting in the obscure and bizarre rather than the latest 978 Lockseeds or whatever. As long as people have an interest in older toys and shows, all the effort will be worth it. :D

      Out of the 60+ Figuarts I have the only ever had an issue with Dekared. Shaider...you're better off leaving it in the box. It isn't all that great. Juspion, on the other hand, is friggin fantastic. I'm officially pumped for the theoretical Spielban Figuarts. Really, Sentai Figuarts can stay dead forever as long as they continue making great Metal Hero Figuarts. Hoping they go back to fix the Space Sheriffs while they're at it.

      OH, and it's a good idea to buy two exclusives. Sell one to a slacker who missed out for double price and you have yourself a free Figuart. I've been doing it for some time.

  3. Man, didn't think GPS would affect Bandai toys- they seemed to avoid that colored plastic in comparison to Hasbro's late 80s and 90s toys. Anyway, I looked through that video, but I couldn't find you. Someone else posted a comment asking if anybody knew.

    1. HAHAHA! Thanks for pointing out that comment. 99.99999% of the people watching that have no idea what the hell that's about. I'm there and my wife is there. I showed her and she was pretty annoyed to be on video.

      It would help if anyone knew what I looked like besides my hands. Even that's not a good indicator since I work with my hands and they seem to change based on weather.

    2. Well, your AuraChanger video showed the bottom of your beard, so that's a start. Also, at one point somewhere you indicated that you once dressed up for Halloween as Brodie from Mallrats- awesome movie.

    3. I think that was misleading. I typically shave twice a week...so I'm beardless. I must have shot that video during a lapse or something. Heh.