Rare CD Round-up!


I've decided to start yet another new series of blog posts. This one will focus on some of the lesser known/appreciated Tokusatsu CDs out there.

As I've mentioned in the past, my toy collection pales in comparison to my collection of Tokusatsu music CDs. I was always fond of those 3" CDSingles that were released between the late 80s and early 00s. Buying these (expensive!!) discs was the only way to get Karaoke for a lot of songs as well as B-sides and, of course, rare tracks that have not seen the light of day since on any compilation.

I plan on uploading some of the less common full-length CDs later on...but to get started here are two rare CD Singles from Ultraman! What better place to start than................


This is the infamous (and -shockingly- legit) Ultraman style cover of the 90s super-dance hit "Scatman" by Scatman John.

Before the internet I read a review of this disc in a music magazine. The author didn't mention the connection between the title track and "Scatman". When I was building my CD collection in the late 90s, a friend of mine said he picked up the disc from a used CD shop because it had an interesting cover. I bought it off of him and was blown away when I heard it. I was familiar with the original song, so imagine my delight when I going through my first play!

In the liner notes, Scatman John is credited under his given name: John Larkin.

In addition to the title track [which everyone has heard at this point] there is a neat little song called "WELCOME TO 'M78'" as well as a glorious karaoke version of "SCATULTRAMAN". Enjoy.

>>>02. ULTRAMAN-LOVE FOR CHILDREN [25th Anniversary Charity Song]<<<

Twenty-two years ago Ultraman was turning 25! To celebrate this landmark birthday, a CD single was released in a somewhat "We are the world" fashion. A fifty-piece group was assembled to sing this song as a charity single.

Going through the names...I only seem to recognize two of the singers. There is Ichiro Mizuki and Takayuki Miyauchi. Listening carefully I can't seem to make out their voices clearly. I *think* I hear Miyauchi as one point...but who knows. Regardless, this song is decent. It could've been much, much worse.

Track two is a karaoke version. That was nice of them. : ]

Alright, so there you have it. This is the first entry in what I hope to make a series out of. Let me know what you think!



Gaoranger/Power Animals Month-ish


I mentioned this on Twitter, but I never gave out a schedule for the Gaoranger month I currently have in progress...so here it goes.

03.March.2013: PA-1 Gaoelephant
10.March.2013: PA-2 Gaogiraffe
17.March.2013: PA-5 Gaorhinos & Gaomadillo
24.March.2013: PA-6 Gaodeers
31.March.2013: PA-7 Gaofalcon
07.April.2013: DX Gao Icarus
14.April.2013: Action Works Metalder (Not Gao, but still...)

So there you have it.