The CD Collection--Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Shudaika ["Zenryoku Zenkai!" Ban Limited Edition]

It's a new(ish) year. A new year brings a new Super Sentai. A new Super Sentai brings a new Super Sentai CD Single. A new Super Sentai CD Single brings a new post to CCLemon99.com. I'm taking a listen to the Limited Edition Theme Song Single from Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. (Sorry...not doing the whole "Kikaisentai" thing).

No big deal, but this is the 45th Anniversary of Super Sentai. You know... 2021-1975=45! Or is it 45 teams? Does Lupinranger vs Patranger count as two teams? I tried to decipher the truth in the past to no avail...but whatever the case we have 45ish theme songs out there, and this is the latest!

As usual, there are two versions of the annual Sentai CD Single--Regular and Limited. The Limited Edition usually has a fair amount of goodies sprinkled in to entice you to spend a little extra and consider it over the barebones regular edition.  

So let's check it out!


Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Shudaika ["Zenryoku Zenkai!" Ban Limited Edition]


01. Zenryoku Zenkai! Zenkaiger / Takeshi Tsuruno

I like the bassline and the Zen-Zen-Zen bit. That's about it.

This is just as anonymous as every theme song since Goseiger. I've defended these theme songs every year as being safe for the sake of being safe. The song equivalency of shelf-stable food... A Sentai Twinkie if you will. No substance, just unhealthy filler with a candy appeal. This is what everyone involved with the production will have to listen to for the next year...so it can't be offensive at all. I really admire the opening theme songs from Timeranger and Gaoranger in hindsight for their weirdness.

Ehhh, yeah...this is just alright.

I should probably say something about singer Takeshi Tsuruno.

Does someone at Bandai owe him a favor?

I should back up. Tsuruno is famously known as Shin Asuka/Ultraman Dyna--a role he has continued with until present day whenever they call him. He also has a singing career that kicked off in earnest in 2003. Perfect credentials to sing the latest Ultraman theme song!

So WTF is he doing here? It's not like he has some supreme singing skills...and wasn't he in some hot water lately for some remarksblahblahtabloids. This song literally could've been done by anybody. It isn't a special song, and he isn't a special "get" of a singer. I guess I should just be grateful it isn't Yoffy...

This isn't terrible, but it isn't anniversary worthy. I also think the Gokaiger theme is pure Barley Gruel, so take that as you will...

02. Zenkai Gattai! Juran Gaon / Issao Sasaki, Mitsuko Horie

Now this makes more sense! Bring back the two singers that brought Super Sentai into the world for a new duet. This is also very much a song with composer Michiaki Watanabe's fingerprints all over it. I know I wasn't sold on him coming back, but these three back together is a relief.

Even as generic as this is, it's still a great mecha song. I probably haven't really liked a mecha theme since Shinichi Ishihara's Engine-Oh song in Go-Onger, so it's a warm feeling of nostalgia to have something like this to listen to.

03. Zenryoku Zenkai! Zenkaiger [Original Karaoke]

04. Zenkai Gattai! Juran Gaon [Original Karaoke]



There isn't too much to say about the Bonus Disc other than it's a collection of all of the TV Size opening theme songs from 1975-2020. Honestly...this is a pretty smart addition to an anniversary theme song single. Sure, why not?

If you *really* want to get serious about collecting TV Size theme songs, however, you really need to check out the TV Size collection from 2016. This one. I don't think I ever talked about it, but it is pretty damn thorough and even includes some previously unreleased tracks. Maybe I'll come back to that one someday...I think it had some omissions... 

The bonus disc included with the Zenkaiger single is a nice sampler!

Back Cover



I have some Zenkaiger toys, but they're just in the collection. The gimmick this year is the Sentai Gear. They're like less charismatic Ranger Keys, but OK. This set has an exclusive Sentai Gear--The Super Red Version of the Goranger Gear. 

It's Red. That's pretty much it. Neat...

Oh yeah, and if you preordered your set, you would've gotten this neat card. Nice...



Set Overall: The annual limited edition single usually has some fun tricks up it's sleeve to keep everybody happy. This year is no exception. I do take issue with the packaging, however. I feel like the only reason this is in oversized DVD case packaging is because a 2-Disc CD Case was probably a smidge more expensive. Ugh. That cost-saving measure means that this won't fit in my CD shelf... 

Don't get me wrong, I do like the fact that the TV Size collection is included...but the sacrifice to the collector (who likely already has TV Size CDs many times over) is kinda perplexing. I'm not quite sure who they were hoping to reach with this set. 

Yeah, I think this set is OK...but I just wish it could've been executed in a way that it fits in with the collection better physically.

Booklet Back


That's is for my annual Super Sentai CD Single review. I posted links to previous year's reviews below. If you want more music content, hit up my CD Collection page for days and days of reading.

Anyway...I'll be back very soon for a review of this guy:

I have thoughts...

See ya!



I modified my car and really went too far this time [Tokusatsu License Plate]
CCLemon99 - Live Action Sounds [Full Tokusatsu Medley Album]
The CD Collection--Mashin Sentai Kiramager Shudaika Limited Edition [Amazon Japan]
The CD Collection--Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Shudaika Limited Edition
The CD Collection--Kaito Sentai Lupinranger vs Keisatsu Sentai Patranger Shudaika Limited Edition


I modified my car and really went too far this time...

It's pretty rare for me to let my interest in Tokusatsu seep out into the real-world. It's not that I'm ashamed or anything, I just hate having to answer questions. When I wear a shirt, I just want it to register as a shirt to someone...not start up a conversation. 

An example of this madness involves one of my favorite baseball caps. I've been shaving my head for awhile so I've accumulated many hats to ward off the skin cancer. My go-to is just a random baseball team. Phillies, Brewers, Cubs, Padres, you name it, I probably have it. Outside the random "Did you catch the game?" nobody really bothers me. 

Except for, unfortunately, my favorite hat... Montreal Expos. First off, everyone assumes I'm Canadian. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the notion, but that always leads to "Well......why the Expos hat??" when I make the correction. OR...when I was in Las Vegas I wore it for two days and the scammers were aggressively trying to get me to their strip clubs/timeshare meetings/cruise giveaways. I switched up to my Dodgers hat the next day and...not a damn soul bothered me.

So I did something totally wild that goes against everything I just said...

In my decades of driving I've never felt the need to swap out my government issued license plates for anything special. No special interest plates...no personalized plates... I don't know what possessed me, but I ended up looking into doing both. Thus began the long process of selecting my new plates.

A blank personalized plate has a seven-character limit. My top two choices that sadly weren't available were "YOKAI" and "PEGASUS", but I did actually have a bunch of options to skim through. Among which were...

"P440CPJ" (Plate from the legendary lost Mexican McLaren F1...it's resurgeance in popularity scared me away recently)

There was one that stuck with me for about a month...and joy of joys, it was under five characters...which means I could choose from one of my State's special interest plates! Since I happen to be a big fan of the beach, my selection was a no-brainer.

So I was going with a "Shore to Please" (emphasis theirs) plate with personalization. What does it say...?

*nijiiro Crystal Sky intensifies*

I told you...I've gone too far with this!

I ordered this in January and almost three months later it finally arrived! I honestly almost forgot about it since I didn't get any kind of shipping notice from the State or anything. Heh.

If someone ever decides to recreate this card...please, please, please let me know. I will absolute take one!

Better than an F.O.P. card...!

I guess I can sum it up like this...

Ohres to Please



From Ultraman to Adman

I'm not going to lie. The thing that drew me to Youtube early on was not the copious amount of copyright infringing materials posted to the site, rather the car videos. Before anyone bothered to edit anything together for original content I was mostly watching old car commercials and whatnot. There was one brand that did it better than any other... Nissan in the 1960s-1980s.

Just check out some of these ads...

There was the series R30 Nissan Skyline ads featuring a very awkward Paul Newman. Then in the 90s we had the R33 Skyline ads featuring Tatsuro Yamashita before the internet invented whatever Citypop is. There are also the infamous hippy-dippy Kenmeri Skyline ads of the 1970s. You've probably watched something at some point that reference that series in some capacity.

Before Nissan dominated the Japanese car ad market in the 70s with their slick lifestyle campaigns, there was one final push of sheer force behind their product.

The Nissan Bluebird 510 Sedan...

It's a car which is the sheer definition of car. Three boxes, four doors, four seats, and a steering wheel. I challenge you to find a more basic looking car. There are certainly similar cars from the era, but this is peak generic car. So how do you sell something like that? A comically macho ad of course

They enlisted the help of a gaggle of men, but one of those men was more than a man...he was an Ultraman! There is no mistaking the face of Susumu Kurobe being the lead Gent of the squad of...engineers? Doctors? Ehhh...it's easy to get hung up on details since newer ads give so much plot. This one doesn't! It's just five dudes (conveniently it's a five-seat vehicle) posing over the earwormiest song you'll ever hear in your entire life. 

Style up! Safety up! Accel your heart!!

When it came time for a coupe version of the Bluebird, the band got back together to celebrate it. Beyond that...there isn't much. It's unfortunate that we haven't gotten a better quality version of the ads in all of the years since it's been online, but we'll take what we can get, right?

Beyond the TV ads, there were some print ads featuring Hayate...er...Kurobe.

I just thought it'd be fun to bring up this little blip in the man's career since I never really see it mentioned anywhere. I mean...it's even unconfirmed that it's actually him, but c'mon. He has a pretty unique look and hairline with that widow's peak. He has had such a packed career in the fifty-five years since Ultraman that little footnotes like this really get lost in the shuffle. 

Accel your heeeeaaaaarrrtttt~!




CCLemon99 - Live Action Sound


Back in the late 90s I spent a lot of long nights battling insomnia. I would regularly tune into a local radio station on weekends that would play hours-long blocks of Latin-Freestyle music that was woven together in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Regardless of how smooth it was, it was music designed to never let up and to keep the drinks flowing. This particular station simulcast it's broadcast from a local club. Every once in awhile they'd flip on the mics for a station ID and some crowd-cheering. 

Fast forward to the early 2000s and life was a lot different. Those blocks of music were gone and going to Youtube for a 10-hours mix was impossible given the service was like -3 years old. So...I did my own tracks. Granted, they were much shorter and only contained snippets of songs. The main reason I had to make them short was bandwidth being terrible and I did sometimes want to send them to friends. So my medleys were how I spent my time for awhile. I never had ideas ahead of time...I would pick a series on the fly and then let the creativity guide me to the end.

Late last year I revisited some of these tracks after not thinking about them for years. You know what? They weren't so bad. Easy to say since I made these for myself. After re-ripping a large swath of my CD Collection to FLAC during lockdown I now had the materials to make some really high-quality recreations of my old tunes. I started with Liveman, got some really good feedback on Twitter and took off from there...

The last thing I did was to create an album cover. Conveniently I wrote an article this month that featured some weirdness with the Kamen Rider Black suit. Why did they use him for an early ZO trailer? Why do rock bands like using scuffed images of him on their albums? I guess this is my contribution...

Yeah...does it look familiar?

The end result gave me some Pretty Hate Machine vibes as well. 

So here is my album--Live Action Sound. I recommend listening to it with headphones since if you're a laptop user like me you were likely cursed with awful speakers. Soundcloud also seems to clip into tracks a little abruptly. This could be on my end, but I don't think so since my files seem to start a bit smoother.

I hope you enjoy it...and let me know what you think.


Live Action Sound

01. V•Hero Cinema Fair '9X <Jinzoningen Hakaider • Kamen Rider J • Kamen Rider ZO • Shin Kamen Rider: Prologue>

I always got a little annoyed that Hakaider never got lumped in with the 90s Kamen Rider films. I know it isn't great...but I dug it! 

For this mix I have two versions of MODE's Wild Side (album and Karaoke) and Karaoke versions of the ending songs from each of the three Rider movies. Transitioning from ZO to Shin's themes is a bit of a challenge, but I think it is one of the more seamless edits here. By the time you get to the end of the track, Wild Side seems like a distant memory...


02. UltraSensei '80 <Ultraman 80>

This is the only track that I created for this album. I think it has a bit more maturity (even if I did make some updated edits to other tracks) than everything else. 

I'm incredibly fond of all of the theme songs from the series, but I decided to only focus on the first two. The instrumental version of the OP is sooooo goooood. The transition into the ending theme song is kinda masked by the "SHUWATCH!". Two different versions of the ending theme are used as well. The ending sound is the henshin effect. It's weirdly similar to the sound that the song ends on.

I've listened to this mix a lot lately. Not because it's new, but I actually really like it.


03. Super Deformed '93 <Kamen Rider SD>

I instantly fell in love with the Kamen Rider SD soundtrack when I first heard it eons ago. I really hope more than anything it encourages others to check it out. Can you believe that it comes from the same composer of Turboranger, Fiveman, and Zyuranger?

I just used various bits of the soundtrack and the Karaoke versions of the theme songs.


04. Kiryoku daaaa! '93 <Gosei Sentai Dairanger>

This one is a bit stilted, but I enjoy it enough to go through and recreate it in FLAC. The only new bit is the "KIRYOKU TENSHIN" bit from the audio drama. This is one of the very few bits of Dairanger dialogue that was released in stereo... There is a little too much of the ending theme song, but that's alright. It's a solid tune.

Oh yeah, that weird edit in the instrumental version of the OP...that wasn't me. That's legit how Columbia released it.


05. Tetsuwanwanwan '98 <Tetsuwan Tantei Robotack>

This show has a love/hate thing going on. I don't really have an opinion, but the song collection has some absolute jams. As much as I tried to avoid *any* vocals in this album, I kinda had no way around it with Get High. That song is one of the great Metal Hero songs and it would've been a tragedy not to be able to keep it in thanks to some backing vocals.

All the tracks here are a mix of Instrument and Karaoke versions. For the record, Get High was sung by Kotetsu Kyodai...which was Hironobu Kageyama and Masaaki Endo's short-lived duo prior to JAM Project. Kotetsu Kyodai > JAM Project...


06. Victory Flash! '82 <Dai Sentai Goggle Five>

It's really hard to make the Goggle Five song collection cool, but I pulled all my favorite bits back in the day. The early 2000s version of this had a different ending. I made it a smidge abrupt by just dropping in the eyecatch. It's one of my favorite eyecatches. I used to use it as my ringtone until I found out it was the culprit of my iphone spontaneously wiping it's memory clean at random.


07. Go Ahead! True Dream '94 <Blue SWAT>

There was a time when I was absolutely obsessed with Blue SWAT's terrible song collection. This was my attempt to really make something decent out of it. Yes, there is a lot of True Dream. The Instrumental and Karaoke versions of the other songs are from some fairly obscure releases. That kinda backs up my obsession claims, eh?


08. Live for Tomorrow '88 <Chojuu Sentai Liveman>

This is the first song that I redid and got this whole project rolling. I think one of my favorite transitions ever is from the Bimotion Buster theme to the ending song. I don't know what I was on when I came up with that one, but damn that is still impressive all these years later. 

I did smooth this one out quite a bit, but it was always pretty coherent.


09. SHI•NO•BI '02 <Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger>

I originally first put this one together in 2003. I'm definitely not a Hurricaneger fan, but I really needed a reason to convince myself that I liked the song collection. It's all pretty linear if you break it down. Hurricaneger theme to Goraiger theme to Shurikenger theme and then both mecha themes before closing out with a surprise appearance from the ending theme song. Can I just say that the instrumental version of the Shurikenger theme is infinitely better than the vocal one?

The title to this one is something of a tribute the ending song from Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya


10. WSP SOS! '90 <Tokkei Winspector>

I love the Winspector song collection so much. This is one of the oldest ones I ever made. I actually did some fairly extensive work to get it presentable for this album. 

If there is one thing I adore about it is closing this whole album out with Gekisou! Rescue Machine. The ending of that song is just one of the most perfect outros ever. The energy never lets up...in fact it only picks up as it fades out into the horizon.

Oh yeah, there is also a little bonus hidden track in the mix. It may or may not be the only reason I redid the Goggle Five medley for this album.


Album Playlist: https://soundcloud.com/loud-noises-1/sets/live-action-sound

I hope you enjoyed this album. Maybe I'll dig back into the well if anyone is interested in hearing more.

See ya!



Kamen Rider is More Human Than Human
What is an Anniversary Year? [Ultraman and Kamen Rider Edition]
What is an Anniversary Year? [Super Sentai Edition]
1993 Sure Was a Thing... [Dairanger Fantheory Special]
Song Collection: Kamen Rider Black


Kamen Rider is More Human Than Human

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw that I recently discovered a ten-year old upload of a veeeeeery early promo to Kamen Rider ZO. I had to watch it several times to dissect it. Why...does this exist? It also had me thinking of some of the other weirdness, mostly unlicensed, from that era. 

I guess we can start with that promo.

It starts with some stock music with stock lightning effects. Why not? ZO was born during a drunken sketch surgery in a lightning storm...I think this may be coincidence more than anything though.

We're then given a slow teaser scroll over random action footage of...

Kamen Rider Black???

It is!

I mean...c'mon. One of those other bits of weirdness is incredibly lazy English title screen that flashes in the middle of all of that.

I don't know why that tickles me so much, but it does. It looks like it should be preceeded by "Honey I Shrunk The...". 

In addition to the random footage of an silhouetted Kamen Rider Black fighting off any identifying lighting, the only new thing this preview had to offer was the SFX Kamen Rider ZO logo (minus the ZO title).

Don't forget to check it out during Golden Week 1993!

So what's the story? Well this video was uploaded by Sho Tomas on 02.April.2010. It's always hard to say who is the source in this type of situation, but one commenter fills in some of the gaps on what the origin of this trailer is...

Basically this video was shown during the Kamen Rider World (not that one) exhibit in 1992 in Seibu Department Store. (Fun fact...and a bit of a tangent--the Seibu Department Store that was in Los Angeles, CA is currently one of my favorite places in the world since it's now the Petersen Automotive Museum). Another commenter also pointed out that the music is the same tune later heard in the B-Fighter sausage ad. Sure enough... 

So what's the point of this promo? Did Shin Kamen Rider rub some people the wrong way enough to warrant a hastily produced trailer to show that a traditional Rider with traditional sound effects would return soon? The profile of the Black suit isn't that much of a difference from the ZO suit, but they're really not giving us eagle-eyed peeps credit enough for not spotting the re-used suit right away. 


That Masked Rider logo as well...how much of a fun Easter Egg would that have been if it ended up on the Sega CD game for the North American release?

The Black/ZO connection is coincidentally something that makes a lot more sense when you look to the manga world. When Kamen Rider ZO's manga adaptation was released it featured a new Kamen Rider Black adventure. Hmmmm. Again--this is a total coincidence, but one of those little weird things that have you scratching your head.


For some reason this whole trailer situation brought up some weird memories of misplaced Kamen Rider in media. If you were around in the 90s, you likely remember White Zombie's More Human Than Human. It's catchy as hell and I remember it's Blade Runner-inspired title more than a lot of other songs from the period. What if...just what if Rob Zombie had Kamen Rider in mind at the time?

The evidence is, well, present...


My local music shop had a $1 bin full of CDs that were dumped off from a local radio station. Since this was the 90s, this is how you got cheap music without spending $20 on an album for one...maybe two songs. I definitely got this one for the cover and got the song as a bonus (albeit the stinky radio edit). 

That's not where the story ends, however. You see...it's established that Rob Zombie is/was a Tokusatsu fan. Rob Zombie has a brother. Meet Spider One of the band Powerman 5000. They had a big hit in 1999 with When Stars Collide. Prior to that the band had a handful of albums and a debut EP. The debut EP from 1994 was called True Force...and boy did it have some great artwork...

Yeah...that is a incredibly thinly disguised Kamen Rider Black. It didn't end there though. Their first album, The Blood-Splat Rating System, was released the following year and had some equally brilliant artwork.

There are two things to unpack here...

Kamen Rider Black appears again. This time the only disguise is that his head was pinched thanks to some lousy editing. I tried to find the source for this image, but really got nowhere.

Also this. I think they felt the need for some random Japanese and managed to stumble on a product warning that says it's for ages three and over. It definitely feels like it would've come from a Dairanger toy as I talked about in the past. So I checked my stash and noticed this...



Yeah, so the product safety warning was taken from the DX Daibuster?? 

At the end of the day what do Kamen Rider Black, Kamen Rider ZO, Kamen Rider J and Gosei Sentai Dairanger have in common??

Eiji Kawamura.


Leave Kamen Rider Black alone!

I promise that my album of Tokusatsu medleys will be my next post.

Take care!


P.S. I tried to work in that wonky Saban's Masked Rider logo with Kamen Rider J...here it is anyway...