2021 was a year no better than it's dogshit predecessor on a whole...but I made out alright I guess!

Here is a breakdown of what I accomplished on the internet in the last 12 months...

Videos Released: 0
Audio Projects Released: 1
CCLemon99.com Posts: 24

Alright...it's been a pretty quiet year for me, but I think I had some solid posts on the site--including that audio project that is miraculously still live. Shall we recap?


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I DID IT! The Complete 8CM Kamen Rider CD Collection!

--You Are Here--


As always--thank you for sticking with me for another year. 2022 is going to be a mess for me in ways that I can't quite explain. I'll be able explain when it's all over, but I am facing a huge, huge project that is like 30 years overdue.

You can expect some fun projects on the site in 2022 including some more Tokusatsu book discussion that you all seemed to love as well as a weird situation I found myself in earlier in 2021. I got mixed up in a scheme involving a rare book (106 on the planet), a mysterious car, a bookbinder, and the Royal Family of a Southeast Asian country. Yeah...strange things tend to happen to me.......but I have receipts!

See ya in 2022!




I DID IT! The Complete 8cm Kamen Rider CD Collection!


As time sprints forward I find myself slowly sunsetting my collection. I've talked about this in the past, and it's true...I'm running out of cool stuff to fill in holes. There has been one hole in particular that has been driving me up the wall.

If you look carefully you'll see that there is one major omission from my 8CM CD Collection--I am missing a Kamen Rider CD Single.

The fun thing is that I don't mention *which* CD I am missing on the page. As it turns out...I've been missing the very first one. 

Yeah--this is a four-track EP from Kamen Rider Black. There is nothing special about the songs themselves--its four songs from the song collection. In addition to this, the single was released at the end of July in 1988...almost three months to the day ahead of Kamen Rider Black RX's debut. 

This is where I kinda draw up theories as to why this single exists. The full Kamen Rider Black Song Collection was released on April 1st of 1988 while this EP was released on July 21st. Considering which songs were included, I feel like this was a last cash grab at the theme song and two of the more popular songs from the series before the new series. The 8CM format debuted in March of 1988, so Columbia may have also been trying to bulk up their catalog to help support D88 Discman sales for Sony.

It could've been a trend thing...it could've been a last minute buck. Either way, I've reviewed the songs included in the past--so you can check them out here.

I don't think this was a popular release as I've only ever seen three for sale in all of my years collecting...and the very first time I discovered this CD existed was back in like 2011. What I can say is that I actually snagged this for a pretty reasonable price all things considered. It's a relief to finally close this chapter of my collection!


Thanks for dropping in today! Check out my music collection page for more info on historic Tokusatsu CDs and music reviews! Also...I have a 2021 wrap-up.




Toei Fushigi Comedy Series Opening Theme Songs

I never quite understood the low-stakes, no-budget nature of the Toei Fushigi Comedy Series. I never bothered to pursue them further extreme mild curiosities outside of maybe a few series. 

Meaning...they were never easily accessible and I couldn't be bothered.

Now that Toei Tokusatsu World Official's Youtube Channel has been uploading the bulk of these series, I've been having fun digging in at random. Like Utau! Dai Ryugujo is one of the current series and.....I still have no flippin' idea what it's about. It's a half-assed musical series with Dr. Kubota from Megaranger as the family's driver. OK? And Zubat randomly shows up one episode... It's so weird...

There is one thing that I'm *very* familiar with when it comes to Toei Fushigi Comedy Series--the songs. Shocker, I know.

I have several compilations from over the years to make up the entire set of songs (and Karaoke) from these series (and then some...there are knockoffs out there!). For brevity's sake I will only be listening to the opening theme songs today. I don't know if there will ever be a need for me to swing back and review every song from something like Dochinko! Nemurin...but never say never!

Just a fair warning...I'm about to gush over some theme songs to some incredibly unremarkable shows. Please don't take these as endorsements to go check out the series. Or do? You never know...you may like them!


01. Robot 8-chan - Robot 8-chan Hiroko Inomata, Young Fresh, Koorogi '73

I'd be lying if I said this was my favorite theme song of 1981, but with a straight face I can tell you today that I think this song is incredibly fun and catchy. I can't think of any other song that pairs a siren with a disco beat so seamlessly. If you're into some bass you'll definitely dig this one too.

02. Robot Battenmaru - Robot Battenmaru - Machiko Soga, Young Fresh, Koorogi '73

One thing makes this song a ton of fun. I'll give you a guess. Just one guess. 

There was a brief little blip where Machiko Soga did a sharp 180 and instead of playing a terrifying villain played a Robot one year and Baseball the next?

I can't say this song is all that incredible, but it's worth a listen for Machiko Soga.

03. Pettonton - Pettonton - Ai Takano

This one makes my head spin a little. 

First off, I really like this one. It's a catchy song in it's own right without being too frivolous. The thing that makes it bizarre is, once again, it's singer. If Ai Takano sounds a little familiar, he really should. Does this help? He is a little more mellow for the Pettonton theme, but it's definitely him. 

04. Dochinko! Nemurin - Pink, Pink, PINK! - Satoko Yamano

I know I've said that two of the previous three songs are catchy...but this is the one that will seep into your brain and live there forever. The synth intro...the bass...the weird sound effects...all very catchy.

Pink, Pink, Pink, Pink, Pink, Pink, Pink, Pink, Pink
Pink, Pink, Pink, Pink, Pink, Pink, Pink, Pink, Pink

This simultaneously the most fun AND irritating song on the planet. Not bad for a show with Ako from Jetman and a pink doll.

05. Katteni! Kamitaman - Katteni! Kamitaman - Mayumi Tanaka

This is another song that is saved by the fact that it's done by a familiar voice. It's fun on it's own, but I cannot help but picture the singer being this deceptively strong little bald dude without a nose. 

Mayumi Tanaka is the voice of Klilyn from the Dragonball franchise if you haven't been able to put together. Considering this series predates the Dragonball anime by a year, it's kinda fun to hear. Her singing voice is 100% Klilyn. 

This one is fun, but I can't say that it makes my usual rotation.

06. Morimori Bokkun - Bokkun! Kimi ga inakya - Kazue Ito

I like the energy of this one, but it verges on being just a smidge too generic. The voice change in the background is irritating enough to bring down an otherwise capable song. It's really not bad.

07. Omoikkiri Tantei-dan Hardgumi - Matenro no Hero - Masae Ohno


08. German Tantei-dan Maringumi - Question no bouken - Waffle

Big improvement over it's predecessor. Not only is the song much more lively thanks to that groovy bass, but the singer is a familiar name. If you're into Dragonball Z song collections you definitely know Waffle (Later KUKO). She has a wonderful voice and definitely crushes this song.

09. Mahoshojo Chuka na Paipai! - Anoko ga machi ni yattekita - Hiroko Asakawa

This theme song is almost Nemurin levels of catchy.

I dig this one a lot for a lot of reasons. It's very memorable for starters, but like many of these theme songs it has a great singer that went on to do some great work. Hiroko Asakawa later went on to sing one of my favorite Sentai songs ever--Seishun Circuit from Gekisou Sentai Carranger. She's also responsisble for the second Megaranger ending song as well as Carranger Ondo.

10. Mahoshojo Chuka na Ipanema! - Tamago yori manazashi - KUKO

I know I said that KUKO's previous theme song was good...this one is GREAT. It's incredibly 1989 for what it's worth. Lots of energy, lots of bass. It's really a lot of fun. 

Having watched chunks of both of these series I have to say I liked Paipai episodes better, but this one definitely got the more fun theme song.

11. Bishojo Kamen Poitrine - 17 no koro - Sayuri Saito

This is probably the most recognized theme of the bunch...which is kind of a bummer since it's a bit weak. It's just a little too cheap sounding for it's own good. It isn't bad...it's just kinda there. A little *too* sitcomy. I get it...these are sitcoms.

The singer Sayuri Saito would also provide heroine songs for Jetman and Zyuranger. Skip the Jetman one and check out the Pteraranger theme. It's fun.

12. Fushigi shojo Nile no Thutmose - Genki ageru ne - Hitomi Ishikawa

This one kinda suffers the same fate that it's predecessor does. It's just a bit on the bland side. It has that cool intro and then it just kinda fades out into the boring abyss. 

13. Utau! Dai Ryugujou - Ryu Miyagi de Shoobedoo wa - Time Five, Eri Ito

Until 2021 I hated this song so, so, so much. I don't know...I've kinda come around to it. It's fun in a weird and irritating way.

I guess context is important. The song collection is a whopping nineteen songs long. Without seeing any of the series the songs make NO sense. They're just these random bits of weirdness.

That explains the copious amount of IN songs, but the OP deserves some context as well. Like I said in the intro, I've caught a bunch of episodes of this show...so I guess it kinda clicked with me finally with what they're trying to do here.

14. Yugenjiko Sisters Shushutorian - Omoitatta ga kichijitsu - Sanshimai

The final and BEST Fushigi Comedy theme song. By far. No contest.

For as great as this song is, it kinda got robbed when it came to placement. The opening video to this series is weak as hell. I feel like a lot of Shushutorian was done to prepare for Kakuranger. The similar theme songs...Satomi Hirose... It's all there. The Kakuranger tribute episode with a legally similar enough version of the Shushutorian theme song is even proof of that.

The thing that this song has over every other Fushigi Comedy theme song is the depth. It's such a technical song...so much so that you forgot about the trio of girls singing it. If you're fortunate enough to own the CD single, you'll know just how good this song is through the Karaoke version. Same goes for the other song included on the single--Sweet Dreams

I may have to visit this song collection some time...

Sadly I don't think this series will be reaching Toei International's Youtube channel. The ending song is something of a rights issue and the appearance of Ultraman as the series was winding up may not be favorable to Tsuburaya.


Those are the opening theme songs to the official Toei Fushigi Comedy Series. Do I need to say more?

Check out my music collection page for more. 




A New Challenger Appears!?
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Kamen Rider Shin -- Designed to Fail (Also Shin Kamen Rider 2023)

A Huge Discovery in Time for 25 Years of Gekisou Sentai Carranger!

A New Challenger Appears!?

.....should I?




Toei Fushigi Comedy Series Opening Theme Songs
I modified my car and really went too far this time [Tokusatsu License Plate]
Relieving Stress with my 1:64 Dream Garage

Stupid: Super Sentai Banparaban & Stars On Kamen Rider

Toy Story: Pladera Kamen Rider J Set

Kamen Rider Shin -- Designed to Fail (Also Shin Kamen Rider 2023)

A Huge Discovery in Time for 25 Years of Gekisou Sentai Carranger!

*Both images are property of Toyota...


Relieving Stress with my 1:64 Dream Garage

Hello there. I've been under quite a lot of stress these days. Free time has become more and more scarce and I find myself needing a little outlet for my creativity. I used to stay centered by making weekly videos and chucking them into the Youtube abyss. It was something I did for me, which is why I couldn't bring myself to give a fuck about anyone who didn't think I was operating on some kind of professional level. It's a hobby...it's no longer a hobby when a Patreon link is introduced.


The stuff I've been dealing with in the real world has kinda necessitated some kind of release. Amazon Japan kinda hit me right in the soul when I went to order the Reiwa Robocon (or Robottie if...Toei is really sure about how they'd like to proceed) CD set. Tomica released a high quality 1:64 scale model of my beloved Lexus IS?

For the record...this car drives awful in the snow. RWD isn't always the best...

Yes! Tomy has a line called Tomytec Neo Vintage. This line has insanely detailed models of largely humdrum everyday cars from the 1950s-1990s. You can get taxis, Dad sedans, sports cars, sport"y" cars, radio vehicles, etc. Short of train set scale model (1:87) this is the smallest way to relive some of the great cars of Japan's (and Europe to a lesser degree) past. This is where my Toyota Altezza/Lexus IS300 comes in.

I immediately made the purchase. The price tags for these cars are steep, but you can see where the money goes. Like I said, the detail on the cars in this line are perfection. The sculpts are as close to the real thing as they get AND they are very careful to maintain a scale throughout the series. These cars are 1:64 and they mean it. Hot Wheels fluctuate between scales because they have to fit on the same card. 

If I can take a step back--I have another trick up my sleeve.

A few months back I found something on Amazon that blew me away--an exact replica of my Subaru BRZ. You know...the famous Ohranger one

This is the only appropriate song for this photo...

This may sound like a big "so what" but this model is e-x-a-c-t. It is of the facelifted BRZ (2017-2020). It's white. It even has the same wheels. So naturally I bought a couple. The difference here is that the model is made by Kyosho rather than Tomica. Check it out...

Of course I needed a garage to house them. Getting back to that Tomitec Neo Vintage line, I found a slick garage that fits the bill. It has a roll-up door and a window in the back to let some light in.

It's fabulous.

While I have both of the real cars in my driveway, I can have my little 1:64 scene to remind me of the joys of the open road when it's not available to me. Even though my Lexus is undergoing some major work at the moment...and the BRZ just fought me for an afternoon to change into it's winter wheels and new brake pads, everything is perfect in my little JDM garage. 

Sure, I may be getting into a new car in the near future...but I get to live in the moment just a little bit during the craziness.

Thanks for reading this little...whatever this is. I didn't intend this as a post to show off some automotive goods (both 1:64 and 1:1 scale) but this is just a reminder to make sure you take the time to find your own thing in this crazy world. Things aren't so bad when you ignore your social media and carve out a little slice of joy for yourself everyday.

See ya!


Stupid: Super Sentai Banparaban & Stars On Kamen Rider
Toy Story: Pladera Kamen Rider J Set

Kamen Rider Shin -- Designed to Fail (Also Shin Kamen Rider 2023)
The Mystery of Kamen Rider J's Helmet

A Huge Discovery in Time for 25 Years of Gekisou Sentai Carranger!

Stupid: Super Sentai Banparaban & Stars On Kamen Rider

I've talked about both of these songs in the past many times. I've used Super Sentai Banparaban as an example of Super Sentai's inconsistent continuity. I've voiced nothing but disdain for both of the songs for being the un-fun kind of disco.

So why did I buy the single? 

In one of my random shopping trips I found this vinyl for a few dollars. I've heard the songs for years and have seen images of the kinda lame covers, but I had never really sought out the single itself for my collection. It's one of the things where the price is right and it kinda has a space in my music collection.

"What are these songs?" You ask.

Well, I should probably take a step back and explain what I'm talking about today. This is a 45rpm 7" vinyl single from 1982 that features a Super Sentai disco medley on Side A and a Kamen Rider disco medley on Side B. The release history is pretty spotty for both of these songs with Super Sentai Banparaban first seeing a CD printing in 1995 on a Super Sentai Theme Song Collection and Stars On Kamen Rider finding it's first CD printing in 1992's Kamen Rider Super 1/Kamen Rider ZX Complete Song Collection. Both songs are performed by the venerable Koorogi '73 with additional uncredited singers. 


Super Sentai Banparaban / Stars On Kamen Rider
Koorogi '73

01. Super Sentai Banparaban

Songs Featured:

01. Tatakae!! Jinzoningen Kikaider
02. Himitsu Sentai Goranger
03. Oh!! Daitetsujin 17
04. JAKQ Dengekitai
05. Battle Fever J
06. Ah Ah Denshi Sentai Denjiman
07. Denjiman ni makasero
08. Taiyo Sentai Sunvulcan
09. Tatakau nakama Sunvulcan
10. Dai Sentai Goggle Five
11. Stop The Battle
12. Jochaku seyo! Gavan
13. Uchuu Keiji Gavan

Ah yes, the Super Sentai disco tribute song that both starts and ends with songs from...NOT Super Sentai series. 

On one hand, this *IS* one of the oldest pieces of media that recognize both Goranger and JAKQ as Super Sentai series. On the other, it also recognizes Kikaider, Daitetsujin 17 and Gavan (with two damn songs no less). This song is a mess. It isn't fun at all.

The only redeeming thing about it is probably the Denjiman themes. They're pretty fun... They aren't sung particularly well, but it's really the only joy I've ever gotten out of this abomination.

02. Stars On Kamen Rider

Songs Featured:

01. Let's Go!! Rider Kick
02. Tatakae! Kamen Rider V3
03. Setup! Kamen Rider X
04. Amazon Rider koko ni ari
05. Kamen Rider Stronger no uta (and a little bit of Kyo mo Tatakau Stronger before it)
06. Moero! Kamen Rider (and a little bit of Kagayaki! 8nin Rider before it)
07. Kamen Rider Super 1
08. Hi o fuke Rider ken
09. Dragon Road

You may be thinking...hang on...why are there only nine songs featured when this is one of the few songs released in conjunction with the tenth Rider special (albeit a year and change before the special actually aired)? I guess they didn't feel the need to drop in Riderman's song. Ack...poor guy. Not to mention...Kamen Rider 2 didn't even make the cover. What the hell!

Outside of the supreme need to include the Super 1 ending song (why??) this features the memorable theme songs from Kamen Rider's decade+1 history. 

Honestly...I think this one is a bit better than Super Sentai Banparaban. It gets points right off the bat for sticking with just Kamen Rider. Sure, there was a little bit more Rider history in 1982, but there was nothing stopping them from suddenly dropping in a "Denden gangan hoy dengan. Ganbare Robocon!".

The only song that really fits in naturally is Kamen Rider ZX's Dragon Road, of course.


Overview: Do I dislike disco? Not in the slightest! If you want to hear an incredible disco tribute to a classic Tokusatsu theme song, look no further than Disco Ultraseven. It's so batshit weird that it's irresistibly catchy. What other Tokusatsu song has the lyric "Shake your booty now"? None.

I can continue to sing the praises of Disco Ultraseven, but I suppose I have to summarize these two loaves that slid out of Toei's studio and into record stores. They just lack the charisma and charm that they deserve. They aren't well produced and suffer from probably the greatest sin of them all...

They're bland.

Both songs seem to find their way into the ears of people who love references. "I know that song...therefore this is good!". It doesn't work that way... Recognition isn't quality. Ugh.

That said, I'd take either one of these turds over those crappy Sentai Hero Getter songs.


Well, that's it for that topic. Disco Ultraseven or GTFO. Be sure to check out my music collection page for more.



Relieving Stress with my 1:64 Dream Garage
Toy Story: Pladera Kamen Rider J Set

Kamen Rider Shin -- Designed to Fail (Also Shin Kamen Rider 2023)
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