Kamen Rider Shin -- Designed to Fail (Also Shin Kamen Rider 2023)

I'm late to the party on this one, but I have to say that the sorry condition of the recent appearance of Kamen Rider Shin isn't too surprising. As I documented in my previous post, I've been going through my book collection lately to see what kind of weird bits of trivia I can share with the class. I stumbled upon something MAJOR in one book that I haven't seen shared anywhere online, but I may save that for a future project. Or never. I'm tired of my discoveries being ripped off by clout-chasing nobodies.

Right...back to Shin.

One my books has some utterly gorgeous photography of Shin. Any book on Shin has sections showing the Making-Of for some of the effects, but few really have these great photos of the guy by himself. This one has some great poses and whatnot and one thing kinda stuck out big time...

...a ripped crotch. 

Way back when this movie was made they were having a hard time with the durability of the poor guy's suit. When you make your Kamen Rider in the style of a monster of the week I guess you shouldn't expect longevity. With Shin's suit complexity it isn't something that can be whipped up like a Sentai suit. Shin is an incredibly detailed and tastefully painted costume. It's also completely made of foam so it isn't as taut as it used to be and it's surface has cracked open quite a bit. This isn't an easy suit to replicate and we don't see Shin often...so it's sad to say that this is the way it is. Poor guy.

I thought this post was worth sharing since I kinda feel bad for Shin and his awesome, yet unfortunate design. It was a hard suit to replicate as a figure let alone a full new suit for what will only be a brief appearance. 


If I can end on an up note, I did see the Shin Kamen Rider trailer that was released *today* and...I love what they did for the trailer. 

The suit looks great, but Cyclone looks like a bastard weirdo with it's Porsche-esque headlight things happening. It's neat that both versions were represented in the trailer. 


Anyway...I think it'll be a fun watch, but I can't say my expectations are too high.

Catch you later!



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