I DID IT! The Complete 8cm Kamen Rider CD Collection!


As time sprints forward I find myself slowly sunsetting my collection. I've talked about this in the past, and it's true...I'm running out of cool stuff to fill in holes. There has been one hole in particular that has been driving me up the wall.

If you look carefully you'll see that there is one major omission from my 8CM CD Collection--I am missing a Kamen Rider CD Single.

The fun thing is that I don't mention *which* CD I am missing on the page. As it turns out...I've been missing the very first one. 

Yeah--this is a four-track EP from Kamen Rider Black. There is nothing special about the songs themselves--its four songs from the song collection. In addition to this, the single was released at the end of July in 1988...almost three months to the day ahead of Kamen Rider Black RX's debut. 

This is where I kinda draw up theories as to why this single exists. The full Kamen Rider Black Song Collection was released on April 1st of 1988 while this EP was released on July 21st. Considering which songs were included, I feel like this was a last cash grab at the theme song and two of the more popular songs from the series before the new series. The 8CM format debuted in March of 1988, so Columbia may have also been trying to bulk up their catalog to help support D88 Discman sales for Sony.

It could've been a trend thing...it could've been a last minute buck. Either way, I've reviewed the songs included in the past--so you can check them out here.

I don't think this was a popular release as I've only ever seen three for sale in all of my years collecting...and the very first time I discovered this CD existed was back in like 2011. What I can say is that I actually snagged this for a pretty reasonable price all things considered. It's a relief to finally close this chapter of my collection!


Thanks for dropping in today! Check out my music collection page for more info on historic Tokusatsu CDs and music reviews! Also...I have a 2021 wrap-up.




  1. It's been a while since I posted on this blog, but congratulation for completing collection! What a great way to end the year.
    Interesting that your final topic for last year was Black RX Collection and this time it's Black single.

    1. Thanks! A lot of hooey over four songs I've heard a million times. Haha

  2. From Miyake Fan, Are you interested in Kamen Rider Black Sun of 2022? It's made to commemorate 35th anniversary of the original Kamen Rider Black of 1987.

    1. Not really... It doesn't look like my kind of thing.