Stupid: Super Sentai Banparaban & Stars On Kamen Rider

I've talked about both of these songs in the past many times. I've used Super Sentai Banparaban as an example of Super Sentai's inconsistent continuity. I've voiced nothing but disdain for both of the songs for being the un-fun kind of disco.

So why did I buy the single? 

In one of my random shopping trips I found this vinyl for a few dollars. I've heard the songs for years and have seen images of the kinda lame covers, but I had never really sought out the single itself for my collection. It's one of the things where the price is right and it kinda has a space in my music collection.

"What are these songs?" You ask.

Well, I should probably take a step back and explain what I'm talking about today. This is a 45rpm 7" vinyl single from 1982 that features a Super Sentai disco medley on Side A and a Kamen Rider disco medley on Side B. The release history is pretty spotty for both of these songs with Super Sentai Banparaban first seeing a CD printing in 1995 on a Super Sentai Theme Song Collection and Stars On Kamen Rider finding it's first CD printing in 1992's Kamen Rider Super 1/Kamen Rider ZX Complete Song Collection. Both songs are performed by the venerable Koorogi '73 with additional uncredited singers. 


Super Sentai Banparaban / Stars On Kamen Rider
Koorogi '73

01. Super Sentai Banparaban

Songs Featured:

01. Tatakae!! Jinzoningen Kikaider
02. Himitsu Sentai Goranger
03. Oh!! Daitetsujin 17
04. JAKQ Dengekitai
05. Battle Fever J
06. Ah Ah Denshi Sentai Denjiman
07. Denjiman ni makasero
08. Taiyo Sentai Sunvulcan
09. Tatakau nakama Sunvulcan
10. Dai Sentai Goggle Five
11. Stop The Battle
12. Jochaku seyo! Gavan
13. Uchuu Keiji Gavan

Ah yes, the Super Sentai disco tribute song that both starts and ends with songs from...NOT Super Sentai series. 

On one hand, this *IS* one of the oldest pieces of media that recognize both Goranger and JAKQ as Super Sentai series. On the other, it also recognizes Kikaider, Daitetsujin 17 and Gavan (with two damn songs no less). This song is a mess. It isn't fun at all.

The only redeeming thing about it is probably the Denjiman themes. They're pretty fun... They aren't sung particularly well, but it's really the only joy I've ever gotten out of this abomination.

02. Stars On Kamen Rider

Songs Featured:

01. Let's Go!! Rider Kick
02. Tatakae! Kamen Rider V3
03. Setup! Kamen Rider X
04. Amazon Rider koko ni ari
05. Kamen Rider Stronger no uta (and a little bit of Kyo mo Tatakau Stronger before it)
06. Moero! Kamen Rider (and a little bit of Kagayaki! 8nin Rider before it)
07. Kamen Rider Super 1
08. Hi o fuke Rider ken
09. Dragon Road

You may be thinking...hang on...why are there only nine songs featured when this is one of the few songs released in conjunction with the tenth Rider special (albeit a year and change before the special actually aired)? I guess they didn't feel the need to drop in Riderman's song. Ack...poor guy. Not to mention...Kamen Rider 2 didn't even make the cover. What the hell!

Outside of the supreme need to include the Super 1 ending song (why??) this features the memorable theme songs from Kamen Rider's decade+1 history. 

Honestly...I think this one is a bit better than Super Sentai Banparaban. It gets points right off the bat for sticking with just Kamen Rider. Sure, there was a little bit more Rider history in 1982, but there was nothing stopping them from suddenly dropping in a "Denden gangan hoy dengan. Ganbare Robocon!".

The only song that really fits in naturally is Kamen Rider ZX's Dragon Road, of course.


Overview: Do I dislike disco? Not in the slightest! If you want to hear an incredible disco tribute to a classic Tokusatsu theme song, look no further than Disco Ultraseven. It's so batshit weird that it's irresistibly catchy. What other Tokusatsu song has the lyric "Shake your booty now"? None.

I can continue to sing the praises of Disco Ultraseven, but I suppose I have to summarize these two loaves that slid out of Toei's studio and into record stores. They just lack the charisma and charm that they deserve. They aren't well produced and suffer from probably the greatest sin of them all...

They're bland.

Both songs seem to find their way into the ears of people who love references. "I know that song...therefore this is good!". It doesn't work that way... Recognition isn't quality. Ugh.

That said, I'd take either one of these turds over those crappy Sentai Hero Getter songs.


Well, that's it for that topic. Disco Ultraseven or GTFO. Be sure to check out my music collection page for more.



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  1. I think the bigger sin is that most of these opening songs are pretty fast and energetic, but here they’re all slowed down to this stiff mid tempo beat that doesn’t fit nearly any of them.

    1. Exactly! Compare the Sun Vulcan theme song to it's Super Sentai Banparaban version. Sheesh!