CCLemon99 Magazine Issue Nine

Hi! This is that semi-regular every once in awhile thing I do where I talk about some quick random topics. This time I'll be talking about some anniversary stuff, a little personal news, and pose a very important question. Yeah...I actually need your help with something. Let's dig in, shall we?


What have I been up to...?

Not that you asked...or cared...

It's been a full year since I've written one of these magazine entries. In the time since... life is very different for everyone. I've been fully vaccinated since April which allowed me to go on my first trip of the year in early May. It was nice to travel again! There is no ignoring the fact that this thing isn't over and likely won't be any time soon...but having my shots certainly protects me from hospitalization.

Since the pandemic began I have carefully examined my career and was actually approached with an impressive opportunity completely outside of my current field. It didn't take much convincing for me to accept the new gig even though I am leaving behind a long career. I really can't get into specifics, but one of the motivating factors was being told there was no money for raises due to COVID's effects on the industry while also watching the CEO graciously accept a multi-million dollar bonus for how they navigated the business through COVID.


I gave notice on Monday of this week to overall shock at first, but it's been interesting to sift through individual reactions. I've gotten some great letters of support from corporate and many of my contemporaries. On a more personal level...the people who rely on me directly...things have been much less rosy. I did get some tears. My assistant was gutted of course. My direct superior seems to be in full avoidance of me since getting my letter and having a brief phone call with me. Others have also avoided me. 

It's kinda surprising. I have so many connections that it's hard to reach out to everyone, but I intend to do so as much as I can in my remaining time left before I move on.

I promised an update on twitter, so here it is. It's been...weird. At the end of the day I really hope I inspire the right people to stop putting up with this garbage and end the career suffering.


Question for you...

I've been re-evaluating my collection lately. I'm largely done collecting Tokusatsu toys for three obvious reasons.

1. I have every Sentai Henshin Item and still keep up with the collection as they are released.

2. I have *nearly* every Kakuranger toy boxed. There are a handful of things I need boxes for.

3. I have every 90s Sentai Mecha boxed.

That last one is kinda up for debate since I don't collect the black version of any mecha. If you cast your memory back to the very end of GoGo Five you'll remember that they received one last mecha to close out the series...Max Victory Robo B Version. This wasn't the same mecha repainted...this was an all new Black Version of Max Victory Robo.

So...do I have to do it? Do I need the DX Max Victory Robo B Version to finish out my 90s mecha collection? Sure I already put a cork in it, but I suppose I should continue...

Let me know! Here or Twitter...it's all good.

...and no, this isn't a roundabout way of me bragging about my collection. Or is it...?


YouTube News!

If you are a YouTube creator, you recently received an email regarding Unlisted videos. As you may know, I set the majority of my videos to Unlisted in response to some severe strikes I was receiving from Nippon Columbia. YouTube is now forcing Unlisted videos uploaded prior to 2017 to Private as part of a security update. 

I've chosen to bring all of my videos public once again.

As I write this I am currently bulk-updating the status for all of my videos. There is a good chance everything will be live again by the time you're reading this.

Did I mention that today is my fourteenth anniversary on YouTube? Yeah, on this day in 2007 I started my Youtube Channel. It's a good day to bring everything back I suppose!

New content...someday. For now, we can all relive the past more conveniently again.



Yeah, I have zero interest in checking out this series. There is a Gold Gokaiger guy who does nothing but remind me of how disappointing Gokaiger was to me. 

If you like it, great. I just haven't been able to strike up any interest. If I talk about anything anniversary this year it will be my long-overdue revisit of Gaoranger vs Super Sentai. You know...the time before the Legendary Akared (Legend). He's a Legend, you know... Yep...been there since Day One of Super Sentai, that Legend.


Normally this is where I review a bunch of CDs. I kinda feel like I've posted too much. I may do a stand-alone CD roundup in July. Naturally I've been listening to a lot of music...but my thoughts have been kinda all over the place this month with everything going on.


I'll end it here by saying that things are definitely changing for me. I'm hoping to continue the good momentum and reinvigorate my creativity for you guys. 

Take care and stay safe!



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