CCLemon99 Magazine Issue One

Welcome to my latest blog experiment. I have been absolutely swamped recently but have had a lot of time to dream up ideas to try out here on the blog and elsewhere. This week I want to try out something that is a little bit of a continuation of my previous blog, but some actual content weaved in. These are going to be little blurbs that aren't quite enough content to warrant full articles, but deserve some attention.


Maybe SHFiguarts Fire Isn't Such A Bad Idea...

Many of us were pretty disappointed that Bandai decided to go a different route by skipping Spielban and jumping ahead to Winspector. I did have a thought concerning the switch though. Maybe the reason Bandai decided to move on to Winspector is a little bit less obvious than it seems.

Now that we've endured an entire year of a car based Kamen Rider series (seriously...a friggin car?? The show just finished airing and that concept still baffles me) it seems like now would be the time to unload the franchises that are car heavy. Obviously I haven't seen any sales figures, but the SHFiguarts return to releasing vehicles is possibly behind the move on to Winspector. Factoring Kamen Rider BLACK RX into the mix, it kinda seems like a no-brainer that Bandai would want to get in on the action of revisiting franchises with popular vehicles. Fire's car, Winsquad, is easily one of the most popular Tokusatsu vehicles from the past. It's popularity stems from being both a rad Chevy Camaro (and not a busted out 20 year old used car........Kamen Rider Drive...) and also the fact that it's transformable. It's entirely possible that Drive's thing and Rideron are pretty hot sellers (I know I have my Rideron preorder!) and they want to strike while the iron is hot.

It's a longshot...but who knows! Maybe that is the real reason behind the switch. We need a crazy transforming Figuarts car that isn't that Akibaranger eyesore.


CCLemon99,000,000... CCLemon100,000,000!

My calculations were actually pretty spot on with this one. I talked about my upcoming video schedule in my last blog. Well...I was careful not to release the schedule too soon as I wanted to make sure I had something special to mark the occasion. Last week I posted my 450th video, which was an accomplishment on it's own. I didn't quite reach 100,000,000 by the time that video dropped, so I wanted to make sure I had something really cool for my 100 millionth view video. Instead of going into my Sentai Mechanix month like I planned, I decided to expedite my DeLorean review to have it ready for this weekend. Well, here we are. I finished the video about a week ago and 100,000,000 is here!

Just to be clear...today is the actual date that I hit 100,000,000 views on Youtube. It's the first of October in 2015. I guess the next milestone is 50,000 subscribers. There is also the matter of my ninth anniversary next June. Oh yeah...I already know what I'll be reviewing for that. Hehe


New and Upcoming CD Releases

Believe it or not, I don't really keep up on my Tokusatsu news. From what I see, though, I might actually be the only person on the internet who gives a damn about what kind of Tokusatsu CDs are on the horizon. Here is what's new in the CD world...

-The Ninja Captor CD Set is a month old at this point. It's been getting pretty solid reviews, which is nice since it might mean more releases of the like, but I have literally zero interest. I can't stand Ninja Captor in any capacity...so I don't feel that I'm missing much. Naturally, of course, I recommend purchasing CDs of classic hero series to promote further vault digging.

-Dekaranger 10 Years After will be getting a soundtrack release in a few short days (07.October). Speaking of things I literally have no interest in... I might have actually come around on something that has been a long running joke of mine. Dekaranger might actually be a bigger nemesis of mine than Magiranger is. Why is Toei celebrating their 2002-2006 lowspot so much lately?

-In addition to the Dekaranger 10 Years After Soundtrack, there is also a new single from Isao Sasaki for the 10 Year After version of Midnight Dekaranger. Now this is one I am actually looking forward to. His songs from Dekaranger are probably the one thing I actually enjoyed from the series...so it's cool that they got him back in to revisit them. Even if the new versions suck...they won't suck. It's Isao Sasaki...the man who gave us the great song collection to that lame animated Ultraman series.

-ZZZ Oh yeah... The Ninninger Character album just came out on 30.September if that's your thing.

-In non-Tokusatsu releases from Columbia there are a whole lot of Lupin The Third CDs being re-released this Autumn. I don't know much about Lupin, but I enjoy the music from the series greatly. The composer, Yuji Ohno, did the excellent Seiun Kamen Machineman music collection (which is my nomination for Tokusatsu CD of The Year).


Name That Tune (Tokusatsu Edition)

I am still compiling a new list of songs to feature in an upcoming entry of Non-soundtrack Tokusatsu songs. I had a lot of fun making my previous entry, and I have just about as many songs as I did the first time around. I would like some more though.

If you have a song that you would like to have identified that played in an episode of a Tokusatsu series, please drop me a line. I ask that you follow some of the following criteria in your request...

-Show, episode number, and ballpark timestamp (Believe it or not, I can't ID a song that played "at some point in one of the early episodes of Carranger" at least not quickly...). This one is a MUST.

-A link to where I can watch said episode. Again, please save me some legwork. Help me help you...

-Even better--if you could just dice me up a clip and toss it on Youtube...that would be ideal.

-A thank you would be nice. Heh. Sometimes it takes quite a lot of effort to ID a song. While it's beneficial for me to be able to add it to my list, it's also kinda shitty when that person doesn't say thanks or anything after I hit them back with an answer or at least try.

I did recently help out someone with a bit of music from Megaranger. He was nice enough to pull the audio from the episode of the song in question and I was able to answer his request in less than a minute (I happened to know the music in that case...but even if I didn't, it would have saved me a ton of time.

So please hit me up here, on Youtube, or on Twitter if you have any Tokusatsu ear worms. I will do my best to identify them. I also welcome any tracks you identified on your own. My upcoming list will cover a lot of mid to late 90s shows...as well as some from shows like Bycrosser.


New Computer

I recently bought myself a new computer. Once I get the hang of it, I'll start working on some new projects on it. For now my $300 2007 Chicago Roadtrip computer is still my workhorse. I'll be slowly moving things over and getting it set up to my liking. Hopefully this means cool new things for the future...

It is nice to be able to work without constant lock-ups now...


That is all for now. Hopefully this is something I can continue in the future. I feel like I get these ideas that are never good enough for their own entries, but still worth discussing. I'll try and keep it a solid mix of CCLemon99 and non-CCLemon99 topics if I do this again.

See ya next time...


P.S. I debated throwing in a quick movie review only because this movie pissed me off so much. I took myself to the movies on my Birthday to see Black Mass. What a massive disappointment. On the other hand, I'm entirely sold on SPECTRE. Screw you, I loved Skyfall.


  1. Nice experiment.
    The best part about this magazine is that it's free!!
    I don't have to pay yearly/monthly fee. lol

    I think the reason why Bandai is releasing Winspector is because this year marks the 20th anniversary of the series (1990). Toei likes to hype up the anniversary, so it kinds of make sense. I'm hoping Spielban to get release after. You thought car-themed Rider was ridiculous? Next series is about ghost. Oooooh, scary!
    At least Kazuhiko Nishimura (Joh/YellowLion of Liveman) is making appearance.
    Looking forward to see your Rideron review.

    Happy 100,000,000 views.
    Good luck with 50,000 subscribers!

    I think the reason why Toei is celebrating 2002-2006 series is that actors from those series hang out together frequently, which is the reason why Hurricaneger and Dekaranger had reunion specials. I think this is going to be a trend, since those series are reached 10 years; I'm expecting Magiranger or Boukenger specials next year (ugh). For post-2006 series, I also expect Shinkenger (snore) and Gokaiger (NO!) special in next 5~7 years.

    Why did you used 2 same Gavan images?

    Regarding Lupin III, while I'm not a huge fan, just check out the anime.
    Don't watch the 2014 live-action movie; it sucked.
    Just stick to 1974 version.

    Looking forward to see Issue Two!
    Take care.

    1. You might want to check your math on Winspector. 1990 will be 26 years ago when this Figuart comes out in January. : p

      I used Gavan twice because I only had that one photo on hand but two music articles. Was in a bit of a pinch...but I'll have to find another one for next time. I can always come back and edit this one.

      I have a Top 7 of Lupin The Third Theme versions in my head. There are soooo many versions of it. Heh.