CCLemon99 Magazine Issue Six

It's been awhile, but why not? This is CCLemon99 Magazine Issue Six! I have just a handful of topics to cover this time around. As this is my usual repository for smaller topics, how about we get right into it?

Farewell Toys R Us...

I know it's very old news at this point, but I really haven't had an opportunity to weigh in on the closing of Toys R Us here in the United States. I talked about my relationship with the store in a previous post about one of my favorite toy purchases.

I couldn't really bring myself to visit a store once the closure was announced. I really just wanted to have memories of the store being vibrant and full of life. This whole mentality of "Bankruptcy=DEALS!" is moronic on several levels unless you really need some store fixtures for your own business. Liquidators strip anything and everything of value. On top of that, it really just feels like a scummy attitude to have not unlike being totally cool with going through Grandma's jewelry box while she's still on her way out.

Anyway...it's been real, Toys R Us. I may not be able to do my usual Birthday trip to the same Toys R Us I've been going to since the 90s, but I hope to at least be able to drop in on an International location in the future...

It's 2018...I guess it's time to buy Blue SWAT

I've been putting it off for too long. I'm buying the damn series on DVD. I have a mix of rental VHS and TV recorded episodes, but haven't really moved in a direction to really see the entire series. I ran into a really good deal on the first and last volumes of the series DVD. The next move to make is to, you know, get everything in the middle. That's how they get you, right? At least the prices have kinda leveled off a little bit better since the series was released in 2011.

The show turns 25 next year, so maybe I'll get into it then on the site...and probably Kakuranger again while I'm at it. I watch Kakuranger every year and still pick up little things...

S.H.Figuarts White Ranger...the last hurrah??

...or should it be the last "UHHYAHHHHH!!!"?

I'm not going to lie, I absolutely dig the bizarre and sudden return of Power Rangers Figuarts for the 25th anniversary of the franchise. The Red and Green Ranger Figuarts that were released as San Diego Comicon Event Exclusives for this year are neat, but the White Ranger one is the real deal.

I'm sure I've said it over Twitter a few times, but I don't think I mentioned it anywhere else...but Kibaranger / White Ranger is my favorite Super Sentai Figuart. If you don't own it, I HIGHLY recommend picking up this reissue of sorts. NOW...given that we haven't seen this figure in person there is the chance that they nix my favorite feature, the pearl finish, but I kinda have faith given the cost that this Figuart is going for.

Even if the pearl finish is missing, I totally recommend getting this new White Ranger Figuart. It may not have the stupid Akibaranger bonus items, but you get Tommy's head...so there!

More CD and Series Reviews on the horizon...

I know that announcing future content is kinda stupid, but I feel like I need to put this out there since I've gotten away from both in recent months. Autumn/Winter is my favorite time to review series since I won't have to fend off drug-induced nodding off as I watch series (thank you, seasonal allergies...) and I also have been pulling together some unusual CDs to review in pairs. I have some good ones coming up...so stay tuned.

Gingaman is next on the list of series reviews. I never cared too much for the series, but if I'm hoping it'll be like my revisit of Ohranger last year and I end up enjoying it way more than I remember. We'll see! Stay tuned for that...I know I've fallen behind on Shout!'s releases...but it's not like I'm getting paid, right? Hahaa.

MEGAREAL Digitizer & Battlerizer

Not much else to say other than...yes, I am very much looking forward to this one. I love the little control plate that holds the Battlerizer. I know some people are moaning about the lack of the Keitaizer, but I could honestly do without that one.

As usual, it's great that Bandai Japan is going back and reissuing old toys and giving them some new features to appease collectors of the originals. That reminds me...I never did review the Legacy Zeonizer, did I?


So that's all I really have for this issue of the CCLemon99 Magazine. I kinda did an extended article earlier in the month on the video for Beastie Boys Intergalactic and it's importance to a young Tokusatsu fan such as myself.

I'm just getting back from a big trip and am still unpacking (well...my bag isn't unpacked, but I certainly uploaded the 700+ photos I took to my computer). If you're reading this early, expect the glorious return of CCLemon99 to Youtube very soon with some unusual toys I picked up over the weekend.

Outside of that, I just want to give a quick shoutout to everyone for the love I got for the 11th Anniversary video that I posted a month ago and the continued love I've been getting this Summer. Thank you!

I'm off to work on the next post. Take care!


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  1. I had a similar reaction about Toys R Us. People kept telling me to go there one last time or go look for deals, but...I last visited Toys R Us last summer, and I enjoyed my time there. My Toys R Us had undergone renovations in the early '00s and it never seemed the same to me, and the couple of times I had been there in between had been depressing. But on that last visit, for some reason, I just was really put in mind of how the place used to be and it felt nostalgic and I decided to just keep that feeling rather than go see the place sad and emptied out.

    I'm curious how you'll feel about Blue Swat. (I'm surprised you haven't seen it all already.) I think it's a show that many subsequent toku kinda ripped off of, but it's never given the credit it deserves. (Yeah, they tinker with the show to make it more appealing to kids, but that doesn't change the fact that so many shows lifted from it.)

    The Digitizer seems cool, and I like that you didn't follow the leader by typing it out as Degitaizer. (I know that's a silly pet peeve.) I'm debating whether or not to buy one, but I don't like that they're forcing the Battlerizer on you, that thing's pointless.

    1. The Toys R Us that I had been going to for 20+ years never remodeled. It always had that weird walkway through the seasonal toys that was especially garish around Easter time. There was a TRU that was closer and heavily remodeled, but I avoided that one since it was always packed and was kinda generic.

      Blue SWAT was just one of those series I was never able to catch. Later on nobody really had recordings to trade outside of handfuls of episodes. Might as well do it right...

      The thing I think I'll like about the Battlerizer is that it should still connect with DX Deltamega. The base thing that it comes with shows the little notch where it activates the different sounds. In this case they'll be legit different rather than just sped up versions of the normal sounds on the '97 version.