CCLemon99 Magazine Issue Three

It's time for Issue #3 of CCLemon99 Magazine. This is a little thing I started back in October of last year with Issue #1 and followed up with it again in February with Issue #2. This is where I take smaller topics that have no business being fleshed out into full-on posts. I have some neat bits today...and one hell of a lead story that I'm sure you're well aware of at this point...


Kamen. Rider. J...........SHFiguarts!!!!!!!!

It's happening!!! I hope it's happening at least... This little glimmer of hope has been the best Figuarts news since...well, since Juspion, frankly. A prototype of Kamen Rider J was shown in Singapore at C3 CharaExpo 2016. Forgive me for not giving proper credit where credit is due on the photo and initial report (if you know where the crooked photo originated, let me know), but infinite props to @CoralianRainbow on twitter for getting the coveted Internet FIRST!!!11! award in giving me the heads up...followed by everyone else.

If you're not sure when the obsession began...let me take you on a little journey through time...

At first there was some playfulness in my long descent into madness...

This was pretty short-lived, however...

Then I started replying to random, unrelated tweets...

One down...

Then... I felt like I had to call Bandai out on their almost intentional dickery.

Hopefully J doesn't end up on a shelf next to this guy. : [

Finally......FINALLY Bandai read something I wrote and was like "Oh yeah, CCLemon99??? ......shut up!"

Look at the date... Less than a week before it's surprise showing in Singapore!

I guess in the end this could be the book closing in the best way possible. My channel has less than a year of regularity and I finally get to close out the Showa(ish) era of SHF Kamen Rider and get into some Heisei stuff...possibly at a later date. We'll see.

Maybe this is my going-away present from Bandai after all...

Yes...yes I can, son.


The Farewell

As you might remember, I made the announcement last month that I would be ending weekly uploads when my channel turns 10-years old next June. The reaction was pretty much as I was expecting, I suppose. Yeah, it is more of a big deal to me than it is to anyone else...but I don't know. I'd like to think somewhere out there someone is bummed that they won't be getting a new video from me on a weekly basis. Frankly I'm not entirely sure how I kept with myself for this long. It's been over five years since I've missed a week. How in the world did I accomplish that?? It's a hard machine to shut down, but the process has begun.

Thanks to those who had nice things to say. People have come and gone over the years, but there have been a core group that has stuck with me as far back as I can remember. But really...if you're reading this, you're the best.



Before I can finish off what I started, there is the matter of my upcoming 500th video. It is coming up very, very soon. As I write this post I am also editing it together along with it's sister video going up the same day (I think).

It's going to be one where I get back to my roots (which some would argue I never left). It's definitely a review, not a video. It also features lots and lots of expensive plastic. I mean... that doesn't really narrow it down when it comes to old Tokusatsu toys, but you'll see what I mean.

I also updated my schedule on the right side of the page. It now runs through most of 2016. There is quite a bit of Sentai mecha and a Blue SWAT month to look forward to...along with a number of surprises...

Mark the date! The 500th video will be up on the 14th of August!


New And Upcoming CD Releases

-Zyuohger Mini Album 2 and Original Soundtrack 1 were both released on the 29th of June. This keeps with the strange new tradition of the first OST being released in July-ish instead of May as it had for the decade+ prior to Ninninger.

-Kamen Rider Amazons has a future CD out from Columbia! The 2-Disc Soundtrack will be released on the 3rd of August.

-Ultraman CDs...many of them! Columbia has been releasing plenty of new CDs to celebrate 50 years of the franchise. The next two releases come out on the 20th of this month. There is a CD of entirely Ichiro Mizuki Ultraman songs, and a Best-Of CD centered around the theme song from Ultraman Orb.

-...and now for the biggest news of the batch. Jumborg Ace, Triple Fighter, and Fireman are all getting brand new music collection releases on the 20th of July! These are sure to be rare in five year's time.


Shout!Factory's Choriki Sentai Ohranger

The last time I did one of these CCLemon99 Magazines, the excellent Kakuranger DVD set had been up for pre-order. This time around, the Ohranger set has been announced, but is not yet ready for pre-order. We're still quite far from it's release date (November street date, I'm sure the direct-purchase date is sooner) but am still super-excited for this release.

The main reason I bring this up is because I was wondering if I should go-ahead and post my (largely complete) tear-down of the series. I've done reviews of many series and movies over many, many posts...but with this release on the horizon I feel like I should wait until the official release is either out of very close to being out. I'm leaning toward waiting...

Either way, when the series does go up for pre-order on Shout!'s website, you can bet that I'll be there to pre-order it on day one. I recommend that you go ahead and do the same.

P.S. I know many people are asking for the Ohranger Movie to be included. Forget that, I say. Give us the option to play the credits with the intended theme songs. That'd be a worthy feature! Hehe


Name That Tune (Tokusatsu Edition)

I made the appeal to you, the readers, in my previous issues. I was rewarded with a few new entries which I have secured the discs to. I have enough non-soundtrack songs for two-three more entries. In fact, my next post this month will be another non-soundtrack CD Collection post covering many different shows. I'll just lay out exactly what I said last time... Take it away, past-past me.

I am still compiling a new list of songs to feature in an upcoming entry of Non-soundtrack Tokusatsu songs. I had a lot of fun making my previous entry, and I have just about as many songs as I did the first time around. I would like some more though.

If you have a song that you would like to have identified that played in an episode of a Tokusatsu series, please drop me a line. I ask that you follow some of the following criteria in your request...

-Show, episode number, and ballpark timestamp (Believe it or not, I can't ID a song that played "at some point in one of the early episodes of Carranger" at least not quickly...). This one is a MUST.

-A link to where I can watch said episode. Again, please save me some legwork. Help me help you...

-Even better--if you could just dice me up a clip and toss it on Youtube...that would be ideal.

-A thank you would be nice. Heh. Sometimes it takes quite a lot of effort to ID a song. While it's beneficial for me to be able to add it to my list, it's also kinda shitty when that person doesn't say thanks or anything after I hit them back with an answer or at least try.

I did recently help out someone with a bit of music from Megaranger. He was nice enough to pull the audio from the episode of the song in question and I was able to answer his request in less than a minute (I happened to know the music in that case...but even if I didn't, it would have saved me a ton of time.

So please hit me up here, on Youtube, or on Twitter if you have any Tokusatsu ear worms. I will do my best to identify them. I also welcome any tracks you identified on your own.


Thanks for taking the time to stop by today. I mostly had to mention the Kamen Rider J Figuart business since it has become a bit of a thing (descent into madness) with me on Twitter. I am really, really excited that not only was it finally previewed, but we're getting the J hand if we get it! All this for a movie that I thought sucked...

Next time I'll be digging into my CD Collection once again. I wonder what it'll be.....



  1. At long last, Kamen Rider J Figuart is revealed!
    What took them so long?
    I guess someone at Bandai heard your plea/wish/demand. lol
    Probably the best news happened to tokusatsu Figuart IMO.
    It’s nice that Showa/Ishinomori Riders will finally complete after this.
    Only thing that’s missing is few more bikes, but I doubt they would release Z-Bringer or J-Crosser anytime soon.
    I’m really looking forward to your review of it.
    Such a nice timing for your eventual retirement.

    Looking forward to see 500th (and 501st) video!

    I’m surprised Kamen Rider Amazons is releasing under Columbia, despite every Rider series since Ryuki (including movies; THE FIRST and NEXT) were released under avex.
    I guess Amazons is reboot/remake of Amazon, the rights still belong to Columbia (sort of).
    I’m curious if this is a sign that future Rider series music would be reacquired by Columbia.

    This year has been very big in tokusatsu, where its mark anniversary for Sentai (40), Kamen Rider (45), and Ultraman (50). Looking forward to see future music collection!

    I’m really looking forward for Ohranger DVD; a final piece to complete Noboru Sugimura Sentai!
    Looking forward for tear-down of series. lol
    Such a shame movie will not be included; maybe Shout! might release “sentai movie collection” DVD in future.
    Power Rangers Zeo was popular series so I can see the DVD would sell decently.
    The problem would be Carranger, where Power Rangers Turbo has been polarizing series among franchise. Hopefully, they could at least release til Megaranger in time for 20th anniversary!

    Take care!

    1. You mean Bandai heard my pleas/wishes/demands/threats. :p

      I thought the same thing about Amazons being released under Columbia. That logic kinda goes out the window when you bring The First and The Next into it, though. I don't really have a theory for the change, but it is kinda vexxing.

      I have a two-part Ohranger post semi-completed, but I might make it a three-parter with the meat of it coming out around the time the DVD releases. It's not too far away considering I only do two posts a month. Heh.

      I've had the theory since the beginning that Toei will only make the movies available as a package rather than parcel them out by series. They probably haven't even offered them up to Shout at this point...but who know really. This is why I never really expected to see movies included.