The CD Collection--Super Sentai 8cm CD Singles [Megaranger & Gingaman]

Ahhhhhhh! It's back again! It's the return of my disgusting series of excessive CD Collecting. What can I say? I want it all and CDs are cheap if you know how to shop. This time I will be covering the ten 8cm CD singles covering both Megaranger and Gingaman. Last time I took a look at all of the singles covering Liveman through Ohranger. If you *really* want to get up to speed, check out my post from January covering all of the Carranger singles. After today, the only thing left for me to look at for Super Sentai is GoGo Five and Timeranger...

As always, this page is for reference (particularly if you're in the market) since finding any kind of information is difficult in Japanese let alone English. That said, I am not offering downloads of any of the music featured on my site. The aim is to maybe get a few more people interested in CD collecting through details (content, artwork, extras, etc.).

With all of that out of the way...let's get into Megaranger!


Denji Sentai Megaranger OP c/w Install! Megaranger!!

The 1990s had it's fair share of excellent Super Sentai theme songs. Zyuranger was good...Dairanger was fantastic and the genre never looked back until...well, I'll get into when things turn around in a later post. The Megaranger theme song was smack in the middle of a hot streak of excellent theme songs. I could understand why someone might not like this one, but I love it! It's incredibly peppy and features the awesome singing of Naoto Fuuga. It might have a couple little spots of cheese, but it's a great theme song.

The song that it couples with, Install! Megaranger, is a pretty decent fight song. Also by Fuuga, I would say that this one complements the theme song nicely. It does have that killer guitar/synth solo that might as well end the song. A good song, but I wouldn't say it's one of the more memorable songs from the series.

Tracks three and four are Karaoke versions of the previous two tracks.


Denji Sentai Megaranger ED c/w Denji Gattai! Galaxymega

The main Megaranger ending song, Ki no Sei kana, also falls in a long string of wonderful ending songs from 1990s Super Sentai. It is almost an inverted version of Jetman's Kokoro wa Tamago. That one had an emphasis on the orchestra with some light band music playing. This time around, the band music is front and center with the orchestra adding some depth. Yet...the two songs were always similar to me. Maybe the closer comparison would be the Fiveman ending song, but that one stinks.

Oh man. From memory I believe I declared the Galaxymega theme song to be the best Super Sentai Mecha theme song. I did! Way back in 2012. Things have not changed. I friggin love this one. 5-4-1! 5-4-1!! This one is sheer perfection when it comes to mecha themes. It has that killer intro, upbeat music throughout, and great vocals by Naoto Fuuga (who sang the first track on this disc also). I don't think I can say much more about it. Best Sentai Mecha theme song ever...

As usual, tracks three and four are Karaoke. 5-4-1! 5-4-1!!


Denji Sentai Megaranger Digdug! Degitank c/w Multiweapon Megahanasenai

Norio Sakai, anyone? He didn't do a whole lot of singing on Tokusatsu albums, but whenever he did it was a treat. Prior to this he sang Kamen Rider BLACK's ending song Long Long Ago 20th Century, both Gridman theme songs, and the VRV Robo theme from Carranger. He sings the Degitank theme song for Megaranger. Maybe it isn't the most majestic thing to sing about, but I enjoy this song. Interesting to note that the backing vocals are the unmistakable voice of Kumi Sasaki who would later sing the Timeranger opening theme song.

Remember when they gave almost everything a theme song? Well, the Multiweapons also had a song. I guess that makes this the 'single of unnecessary theme songs'... Anyway, I also like this one quite a bit. It's a very fun song with lots of energy and some more of the great Naoto Fuuga. His songs have a tendency of being upbeat and fun.

Karaoke versions of the first two tracks close out this four-track single.


Denji Sentai Megaranger Cyberslider TMY c/w Cosmic World

Once again...why exactly do the Cybersliders have a theme song? Of all of the Megaranger songs that ended up on a CD Single, this is probably the only one I don't like. It's just a little too cheesy. It really sounds more like it belongs on the B-Robo Kabutack song collection. Heh. Naoto Fuuga really sings the hell out of this one at least.

Cosmic World! This one also ended up very high on another Top 7 list of mine. This is exactly what a heroine song in Megaranger should sound like. It's a tad similar to the opening theme song, but manages to be it's own kick-ass thing. This one is sung by Lisa Ooki, who I really am not familiar with given her sheer lack of Tokusatsu work outside of this song.

Another four track single. Two vocal, two Karaoke.


Denji Sentai Megaranger ED2 c/w Mighty! Megaranger

So the second ending song to Megaranger is a little tune called Bomb Dancing Megaranger. It was used from episodes 21-30 and was sung by one of my favorite singers of the era: Hiroko Asakawa. I like this one quite a bit, but maybe not as much as Ki no Sei kana. I kinda recommend Carranger ONDO over this one, but I still really enjoy it. Like Carranger ONDO, this one has it's own dance. The steps were included on a separate sheet of paper.

The other song one this single is Mighty! Megaranger, which is a fairly standard fight song. I tend to get this one mixed up with Install! Megaranger in my head. The biggest difference is that Norio Sakai sings this song once again. Good song, but a little bit on the forgettable side.

Four tracks...two vocal, two Karaoke.


Seijuu Sentai Gingaman OP c/w Chikyuu ni Hikaru o

In my very first Top 7 list I selected the theme song to Gingaman as my favorite Sentai opening theme song between 1998 and 2004. That's right, I picked this one over GoGo Five's theme song. You know what? I stand by that decision. It is everything I think the Zyuranger theme song wanted to be...but done a thousand times better. They even managed to coax Masato Shimon out of retirement to sing it (he sings it under the name Ryu Kisami). It's a fantastic production and fits the series amazingly well. Go back and listen to it again. There used to be a time when Sentai theme songs had personality and then Hurricaneger happened.

The coupling song, Chikyu ni Hikaru o is a fairly standard action song that is kinda let down by it's synthetic bass. Eh. I wouldn't say I'm totally down with this song, but I do seem to listen to it regularly. This song is sung by Eiichi Sato who has a pretty unique voice. If you don't like his voice, I recommend trying to listen to the Karaoke version of this song...you'll quickly miss his voice. Maybe he isn't the best singer, but his contribution helps make this song listenable.

Do I really need to mention that this single has two vocal and two Karaoke tracks? No? Too bad!


Seijuu Sentai Gingaman ED c/w Mugendai no Yuuki

Masato Shimon also sings the ending song, Hadashi no kokoro de. I genuinely think this is a pretty beautiful song. Keep in mind, I didn't care for Masato Shimon very much. His Gingaman theme songs are truly fantastic. This song is the child that Megaranger and Jetman's ending song never had. It features this janky guitar that bounces off of Shimon's equally as janky vocals. Great song. It's a shame it took this long for me to like something of Shimon's that wasn't his Taiyaki song.

The coupling song on this single is a pretty good action song called Mugendai no Yuuki by Shinji Kakishima. I wouldn't say it has any stand out moments, but it's still a really cool upbeat song.

There are four tracks here--two vocal, two Karaoke.



Seijuu Sentai Gingaman Ginga no Ohja Gingaioh c/w Kiti o muke

Oh. My God. Yes. While I like Takayuki Miyauchi's other mecha theme songs, this one takes first prize in my heart. I would even go further and say that this is the best Gingaman song outside of the theme songs. This song has the room for Miyauchi to live up to his potential--something that he wasn't afforded on the bummer of a Muteki Shogun theme song. Not only was Miyauchi fantastic, the music is bonafide earworm territory. The horn parts will have you whistling for days...

The song that couples with the Gingaioh theme song is called Kiti o muke by Norio Sakai. It's a great companion to the Gingaioh theme song, but doesn't quite meet it in awesomeness. Still, the two songs work very well together to make a well-rounded single.

Keeping with the norm, this one is 2vocal2karaokious.


Seijuu Sentai Gingaman Misetsukero Seijuu Tamashii! c/w Ginga Tensei! Jikuu o Koete

Oh wow! Misetsukero Seijuu Tamashii is sung by Yukio Yamagata...the man who would later go on to give Gaoranger theme it's impeccably tuned vocals. I always imagined that someone at Columbia was taking notes when they made this song so that later they could give Yamagata his own theme song when the opportunity to put his gruffer-than-Kushida's voice to work arose. Sure, he did some songs between this and Gaoranger, but I'm willing to bet that this one got him the job. I love it! Especially the awesome little breakdown about three quarters of the way through.

To complete this very good single, an action song called Ginga Tensei! Jikuu o Koete couples as the second track. This one is sung by Yoshito Fuchigami, who might sound a bit familiar if you listened to the Carranger IN songs that he happened to also sing. I happen to like this song quite a lot, though I know that it is only probably just better than average. It definitely gets the job done, though!


Seijuu Sentai Gingaman Unare Juugekibo! Juugekiha! c/w Gingapink Saya~Hana no Senshi

Yet another unnecessary weapon song--this time for the Jugekibos. Forget that, though...it's Naoto Fuuga! His enthusiasm is missing from this rather straight-laced song collection. Maybe that's for the best, though. I'm not really feeling the Jugekibo theme song. It's alright, but it's a bit...all over the place...especially at the two-thirds point.

I would have to rank Gingapink's song among some of the forgotten heroine theme songs. It isn't bad, it's just pretty bland. The music is really cheap sounding pretty much throughout. Not even Hiroko Asakawa could bring this one to life. What a shame. Give this one a listen if you get a chance. It doesn't even sound like it's from the same series. Actually, it sounds like the Karaoke machine version of itself...with some good vocals laid on top. Poor Hiroko Asakawa. I think I'm going to listen to Seishun Circuit now in protest.

You guessed it! There are two vocal tracks and two Karaoke tracks on this CD Single.


Recommended Pick: This is probably the toughest 'recommended pick' I've had to do. I really have to give it to the Ki no sei kana/Denji Gattai! Galaxymega single. It might be a little bit lacking in the artwork (it isn't bad, just not as crisp as some of the Gingaman singles) but the two songs are incredible. The Karaoke version of the Galaxymega theme puts it over the edge for me...


That does it for the latest batch of CDs from my CD collection. This topic was selected by Twitter poll. Seeing as Metal Hero has lost out to Super Sentai every single time, I think I should just finish up the damn Sentai singles in the CD next post. Stay tuned for GoGo Five and Timeranger singles in September!

Be sure to check out my CD Collection page here. I get CDs faster than I can update that page, so there is way more than that on the way.

Thank you so much for stopping by today.


P.S. Here are some photos of the sheet that was included with the Bomb Dancing! Megaranger single. As with the Carranger ones, I won't be scanning these since some asshat will likely just lift them and put them on their nothing of a website.


  1. Good post! (Man, the back of that one Gingaman single's cover art with the profile of Ryouma and Ginga Red is really cool.)

    It's nice to encounter someone else who doesn't care for Masato Shimon's singing, though. I think I dislike him more than you do, though. His voice is just nails on a chalkboard while chewing a wad of foil to me. He's so mismatched on a lot of songs and kills 'em. I do like the Gingaman themes the most out of his stuff, but when I listen to the Gingaiou theme, I definitely think Miyauchi would have been a better choice. (Or Miyauchi for the OP and MoJo for the ED. It's weird the way MoJo vanished from '90s toku soundtracks.)

    As for Lisa Ooki, I first sought out the song Cosmic World after seeing her credited as the back-up chorus on the Agito OP. I wonder what happened to her, because she has a pretty good voice.

    1. Thanks! The artwork on the Gingaman singles in general is pretty damn good, but I always liked that Ryoma/Gingared cover the best.

      It is kinda strange that MoJo largely vanished in the 90s. He did a song for Ultraman Dyna and the immortal Segata Sanshiro theme song and that was pretty much it. He was kinda starting back up again around the time Gingaman was on...but didn't seem to be with Columbia.

      As for Miyauchi, I'm not sure he could have pulled the Gingaman OP off. It could be just me, but I don't really see it. He kinda suffered the same fate as Kageyama for a few years. "You did good, so we'll toss you a mecha theme every once in awhile.".

      I always wonder about the small-time Columbia singers. They do maybe a handful of songs across a handful of unrelated franchises and then disappear. There was guys like Susumu Ooya who were even given the monumental responsibility of helming series theme songs (Janperson) who pretty much got wiped out when Forte mercifully went bust. Then there were singers like Yasuhide Sawazaki who got some strong IN songs (and weirdly enough he sang the Dairanger theme song at Columbia Anime Fest '93) and went bust. Ooki kinda falls into the latter. I've seen her name on a few other things, but it largely seems to be chorus work.

  2. Nice to do another topic on Super Sentai Singles!
    It’s nice that you discuss topics on Megaranger and Gingaman outside of Top 7 (Sentai OP, Mecha, etc.) posts.

    I really liked Megaranger as kid; likeable character, memorable music, innovative mecha design (GalaxyMega), etc.)
    It was interesting to see that 5 rangers are high school students, which hasn’t happened since Turboranger. I might be minority, but Megaranger handled high school aspect much better; Turboranger character felt bit too old. It has more “Seishun!” IMO.
    I also like that it’s also first toku to have video game motif! (Take that upcoming Kamen Rider Ex-Aid!)

    As for Naoto Fuuga, he’s such an underrated toku singer, who only made songs for 2 toku shows (Megaranger and Kamen Rider Agito).
    Nevertheless, OP/ED of Megaranger are excellent and memorable; one of the favorites in later 90’s.

    Didn’t noticed Kumi Sasaki voice for Degitank theme.

    Regarding Cyberslider theme, it still baffled me that it exists.
    I guess Cyberslider was popular enough to warrant theme song; not to mention, it’s one of the coolest ranger vehicle.
    I do like the funkiness, but it just felt out of place and it should have belongs in Kabutack.
    At least Fuuga enjoys singing it though.

    It’s very hard to find info on Lisa Ooki, since I can’t even find her on Wikipedia!
    I do like “Cosmic World!”, so it would have been nice if she sang more song for Sentai and Kamen Rider; another underrated singer.

    ONDO for sentai in 2-years in a row? That’s insane.
    Nevertheless, I really like “Bomb Dancing Megaranger”; one of my favorite secondary/alternate ED theme (with dance!). Nice to see it comes with dance steps on separate sheets.

    As for Gingaman, it’s one of the most underrate gem of sentai and tokusatu in general; a show that not a lot of people talks often compared to other 90s sentai.
    I often see this show as how Zyuranger should have been like, where it has great balance of drama and humor, better plot, memorable character, and excellent writing by Yasuko Kobayashi.
    Among the “fantasy” themed sentai (Zyuranger, Magiranger, Goseiger, etc.) this one is the best.
    It’s also the last sentai (as of 2016) to use “man” in title, which is also notable.

    Regarding music, much like most of 90’s sentai/toku shows, they are excellent.
    I really like the OP/ED theme, despite not a fan of Masato Shimon.
    Like the show itself, it’s the best among fantasy themed sentai.

    I like the artwork for Gingaioh single too.
    Nice to see Fuuga again, this time a song for weapon, which is pretty unique.
    While the song may not be great, Jugekibo is one of my favorite sentai weapons!
    Not too much to say on Gingapink song; it’s OK.
    Nice that Gingaman and Jukeibo is on one side of single, while Saya/Gingapink is on other.

    Looking forward to see GoGo Five and Timeranger (a last great Sentais) in September.
    Hopefully, you could get to Metal Hero by October.

    Take care.

    1. I'm totally going to finish Sentai next month...but I'm not totally sure I want to jump right into Metal Hero after that. I'd like to at least do something other than 8cm for October.

      Before the year is over I'd like to get another Non-soundtrack entry in. I'd also like to do an entry about actor's singing careers outside of Tokusatsu at some point. I could do many entries around that. My goal is to start it off with an actress who only ever acted in a single episode of Dairanger, but somehow managed to have a weird connection to the series in a totally unrelated way. You know... overanalyzing something CCLemon99-style. Hahaa There is no way to gauge interest on something like that, so I just go ahead and post it.

  3. *K.M.* Will you review Megaranger-Timeranger song collection in a seperate posts again in the future? because some of the songs are missing in this post (like... Watashi Rashiku Ashita E,Juusouken! Seigi Yo Kagayake!! and many more).