Toy Story: Dyna Brace...Dyna Brace, Dyna Brace, AND.....Dyna Brace!

Hey, hey! It's another CCLemon99 Toy Story. This is the series where I talk about the times where I made some crazy scores for low prices...or other randomness along the way. Considering I have zillions of toys in my collection, a good number of them have a story to tell. This time around I talk about impatience and how it can sometimes...pay off? 

Let's flash back to 2007. I was just getting my start on Youtube and looking to expand into more 1980s toys. Naturally I had owned my Twin Brace from Liveman long before my channel was a thing, but the rest of my 80s collection was pretty thin. Since it was only 2007 and toys were cheap and plentiful, I was able to remedy this fairly quickly. 

I've told the stories behind the Masking Brace and Prism Flash in the past, but I've always let the mystery of the Dyna Brace kinda linger. What mystery would that be? Well...for someone who was lacking in 1980s Henshin Items...how exactly did this shot end up in my Dyna Brace video?

I guess I should explain...

While shopping for my 80s Sentai Henshin Braces, I knew someone who was attempting the same feat. We were in a bidding war on a Dyna Brace that ended at a whopping $250 with the other guy winning. I had no idea what this was worth since I'd never seen one for sale. The other guy was smarmy about it, I told him to fuck off and...well, apparently he did because I have no idea what happened to him.

Regardless, I was without a Dyna Brace and still very much wanted to add one to my collection. Now...when a toy like that ends at a ridiculous price, more of them tend to suddenly pop up for sale. This time around, four of them ended up for sale and all of four auctions ended within hours of each other. Not wanting to miss out, I bid on all four. This was before smartphones and whatnot, so I placed my bids before going into work that day and prayed that at least one of them would go through.

...all of them did...whoops... 

I was now the proud owner of four Dyna Braces. The loose one was 500 yen, which I was kind enough to mention in the description of my video. I remember the most expensive being something like $65 and the two other boxed ones being $25 or $30 each. To this day I have no idea what the value is on this particular toy thanks to the uniquely warped experience I had trying to procure it. 

As I also mentioned in the video, I played doctor on the loose one for some time. It turned out to be pretty useful since I had some issues with toys of similar build that had issues. The great part is that it still works! Since the band was so stretched when I got it, I can also wear it without destroying the elastic. Who knew it would turn out to be the most valuable of the four to me?

Do I still have all four? Nope... I have three left. I sold one to someone from France on ebay several years ago. Maybe I'll part with another one someday...if I can ever make out how much the damn thing is worth!


I hope you enjoyed this latest toy story. If you'd like to read more, I've collected them on one handy page for you to check out.

Gingaman next? Gingaman next. See ya soon!


  1. Wow three times the same product that's alot of time playing!

  2. Four Dyna Braces...that's crazy! You should buy one more and you can have one for each team member. I always wanted to buy a Dyna Brace and paint the red part black, customizing it to be Hoshikawa's, since he's my favorite Dyna member...

    Ah, the good ol' days, when you could still win an auction even though you bid too damn early. I think sniper programs and bidding wars is one of the things that led to my anxiety.

    1. The beauty of Yahoo Japan Auctions is that sniping doesn't exist. Any bids that occur within (I think) the last ten minutes automatically add time to the clock. Remember that auction you tweeted with the Bison and Sai Chogokin figures? I actually watched it end out of curiosity. It didn't end for an hour+ after it was initially supposed to thanks to last minute bids running up the clock. Kind of annoying since it just lead to infinite bidding wars and me putting down an absurd amount of money if I REALLY wanted something.

      Oh yeah, I only have three Dyna Braces left. Sold one to a French dude some years ago. Can't say I really miss it when I have three left. Hahaa.