Youtube Hiatus

Hey y'all.

This post is a rather unfortunate one, but several events kinda brought me here.

I will be taking a (hopefully brief) hiatus from Youtube. I have plans for December, but until then it is very likely that you will not see any new content on my Youtube channel. I really wish I could give more details on what's going on with that, but...yeah, it's just really complicated. Trust me, I'm really going to miss uploading. I promise that I'll be back with some really good videos to close out the year.

That said, I will be serving up some new content here on the site. Gingaman write-up with be happening back-to-back in September and I genuinely hope to have GoGo Five and Timeranger revisited before the end of the year.

Also, if you haven't been to my instagram...be sure to check that out. I've been having fun with it. A lot of it is either using travel photos from my phone and some random toys shots from my folders. Considering only like 40-50% of photos I take end up in videos...there is a good chance some unseen stuff makes it there.

Sorry for the contentless post, but I really had to give this update.

Stay Tuned...



  1. I thought you wouldn't stop posting videos until december but i'll wait until then cheers

    1. Thanks for your patience. There may be one between now and then since it’s mostly complete.

  2. Take care sir. I'll look forward to December videos
    Also can't wait for Gingaman and GogoV posts as well.
    Both of them are my top 5 series after all.

    1. Thanks. There maaaaaay be one video between now and then using some photos I’ve already taken. I’m looking forward to December vids as well. I picked up my year-ending toy already and it’s a good one.

  3. Take whatever time you need. I'll still be there to see whatever you do in December.