Short month. Not much new.

February is coming to a close. Not much new to report on my end, but I guess there is time for a little housekeeping. Here goes...

I have not one, but two Morphin' Braces headed my way. Review in April-ish.

I shut off the comments on most of my videos. I was getting three types of comments. The good kind, which I always like reading. The bad kind, which seem to be people who like to tell me how I should make my videos and what I should make videos of. The outright annoying kind, which covers the "How much?" "Where did you find it?" and "Sell it to me" variety. I really don't care for the last two kind of comments. Sorry to the people that write in every week with nice things to say. But hey, I'm on Twitter.

March new videos... I'm not sure what will be coming up in March. Well, I do...but I don't know what order the videos will appear. I will have my BMW review that was carried over from February. I will also have a DX Fivered figure from Fiveman. I miiiight be kicking off the month with a short video of the Go-Busters CD Single with Red Buster Ranger Key. Just to show off the key, no music at all. Label X can suck a plum. A set of them preferably.

Go-Busters has started. I guess people want to hear what I think? Maybe I'll sum up my thoughts after the fourth episode.

That's all for now. I really didn't accomplish much in this post... Oh well!


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