2012: An anniversary year worth caring about!


Before I get into what I want to say: Click Here. As I am typing this, there is nothing listed for sale on ebay. I will be listing a bunch of auctions that will be ending on April 18th. Time for some good old fashion ebaying. I need space. Also, some extra cash never hurt anyone I guess.

On to the topic!

2012 is the *real* anniversary year. Forget all that Gokaiger hooey from 2011...2012 is where it's at!

In 1982 the very first toy Henshin Brace made it's way on to toy shelves and into the hearts and imaginations of kids everywhere. That's right...you can be that Ranger. Since then the toy Henshin Item has been the second most important mainstay of the Super Sentai toyline. You have your mecha, and you have your Henshin Item.

Since 1982 there has been an enormous assortment of toy Henshin Items. As probably one of the few people on this planet who owns each and every one of them, I plan on doing some special projects to honor my favorite kind of Super Sentai toy. Here is what I have in store for the coming months...

-Henshin Item timeline
-Short written reviews
-A special video

The timeline will document changes and innovations over the years. The short reviews are more or less companion pieces to my videos [which, as you know, probably won't be around forever]. I will be talking about quality, design, etc. Standard stuff. The special video... I'm working on it. It's too soon to say, but just might be my five year anniversary video. Even if I feel the wrath of Label X once more, I will be sure to have something for my five year anniversary on the 25th of June. It might be on my other channel, though.

Let me know what you think! I really hope everything comes together as well as it usually does [accidently].

See ya!


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