Success! Now for the rest... Also, Go-Buster Oh...

Hi there.

So I have begun my massive year-end video onslaught. The C10 Skyline GT-R video was first followed by four (!) videos for the first Buster Machines and Go-Buster Oh. The verdict seems to be in favor of how I handled it. Splitting it into four videos was a lot of work, but it just worked out so much better in the end. I really don't like videos over 10 minutes. I don't like having to make videos over 10 minutes. So I want to eliminate the need for that. I'm glad everyone who has spoken up has felt the same.


As for Go-Buster Oh. Wow...I actually liked a toy and got my ass handed to me for that. Granted it's not excellent or anything, but it's honestly the first mecha that I've actually liked since Engine-oh. I don't care for the helmet/mask or the huge wings on the arms. There certainly is a lot going on, but there needs to be. The individual Buster Machines are actually designed. Gosei Great and Gokaioh were terribly bland in their individual pieces that I can barely picture them in my mind right now. All I know is that Gosei Great was a lightly disguised collection of sex toys while Gokiaoh is better left forgotten since they virtually never used the individual mecha beyond the fart ship.

We finally have a mecha that looks great individually and has a menacing presence combined and people don't like that it doesn't have enough flat edges? Alrighty then. Keep your vibrators. Go-Buster Oh really isn't for everyone, but it's certainly the best effort from Bandai in ages.

Oh, and Shinkenoh sucked. It's cool that they tried for a gimmick, but what an ugly thing. It's also pretty lame that the gimmick pretty much vanished past the first five origami.


The rest of the videos coming up are going to be good. I'm looking forward to getting the Carranger mecha videos out there as well as all the goodies I have in line for January. My GB Custom Visor arrived a few days back, so theres that. I am just waiting on the subject of my 300th video as well as the Moe Moe Zukyuun for my electronic's test. Beyond January? I have loads more in store. Remember... February means new Sentai.

That's it for now. I just wanted to get that out there since it needed to be said...I think.


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