I have been incredibly busy lately. Normally that means videos are on the back-burner and that I usually upload short videos or easily made videos Ranger Keys to hold everyone over. Not so! My upcoming videos actually have me very excited. I'm looking forward to uploading the videos that you will soon be seeing. Here's a list...

18.11.2012: Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R (KPGC10)
25.11.2012: CB-01 Cheetah/Go-Buster Ace
25.11.2012: GT-02 Gorilla
25.11.2012: RH-03 Rabbit
25.11.2012: DX Go-BusterOh
02.12.2012: Carranger Month Preview
09.12.2012: DX Sirender
16.12.2012: DX VRV Robo
23.12.2012: DX Victrailer
30.12.2012: DX Victory Dock
06.01.2013: GB Custom Visor
13.01.2013: 300TH Video
20.01.2013: Lamborghini Miura SV
27.01.2013: Moe Moe Zukyuun [Electronics video, not a review]

That is...quite a schedule. So far, so good though. I have officially started work on Carranger month with the Sirender video. I do need to take a few pictures for the Go-Buster Oh video, but only a few pick-up shots.

I decided to break down Go-BusterOh into four videos because...holy crap there are tons of modes. You know me, I'm a completionist. I need photos of every angle in every mode plus some nice art shots. The dilemma there is time...I don't have much. I've already dedicated December to Carranger month and I want to get the current mecha done by the end of the year. So there you go, four videos in one weekend. I hope you're not busy on the 25th!

I will hopefully be back soon with a handful of BSTTF videos soon. I have tons, I just need to cut them up and publish them.



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