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After my previous post, which you should definitely read if you enjoy my channel, I received a sizeable amount of support on Twitter. Thanks for caring! For the time being, I will trudge on... So here is a housekeeping post to get a few things straight.


Kakuranger month has been a huge success! Not only did I get to make a boatload of nice videos from my favorite 90s Super Sentai, but everyone seems to have enjoyed them all! I love it when a plan comes together...

Seriously though...

I really did have a lot of fun making these videos. It was a great way to recharge my batteries. If you haven't noticed, I've uploaded a brand new video every week since July of last year! That is probably the longest consecutive run I've had so far on my channel. Running in to December I really felt the strain with the endless Ranger Key Sets [which are actually surprisingly easy to edit together]. It was a nice break to do something I really wanted to do and something everyone wanted to see. Win-Win!

Will there be a Kakuranger Month Part 2? I hope so!


The month of February will be here before you know it. This is the perfect time to talk about my February Release Schedule. So here goes.....

05.Feb.2012-250th Video!
12.Feb.2012-Ranger Key Set Sunvulcan
19.Feb.2012-BMW M3 E30 Gott in Himmel! A new car review!
26.Feb.2012-Ranger Key Set Gaoranger

That's right! As of this writing, we're only a few days away from my 250th video. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know what the video is already. For the rest of you slackers...prepare to be wowed.

It should be noted that my 250th video also has a sponser... This entire video would not be possible if it weren't for one King Ranger. This isn't the fansub guy, this is the incredible prop maker whose incredible work won't even be featured in the 250th video. Not clear? It will make sense soon, trust me. In short: Big ups to Mr. King.


March will be here before we know it Damn February and it's freaky shortness...even if it is a leap year this year.... I don't have a calendar of videos lined up yet, but expect the following:

-One or two videos for customs toys that King Ranger made for me.
-A Gobusters trailer video.
-Regular toy review remember when I did those?
-Maaaaybe a car review

That should fill out the four week month. If I don't do a Gobusters trailer, I might just do a short, music-less video on the Gobusters CD Single Ranger Key. Just to show off the sound and some neat pictures.


Tomorrow I will be visiting the Philadelphia International Auto Show. I will bring my camera, so expect the next blog entry to have atleast a few photos of cars I found interesting at the show. I've been looking forward to going to the show for weeks. Even though my buddy bailed on me in favor of work OK, OK...the guy could seriously use the cash now, he gets the pass I'm not any less excited.

Fun times!


I'll be back soon with updates. Hopefully of the good variety!


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