I happen to love Uchuu Keiji Gavan. I mean, it's hard not to. The problem is, I loved him in his 1982 series. Now we have Blowkaiger vs. Gavan, Gavan: The Movie, and his appearances in Go-Busters. The prob....you know what, no. Let me get to the point...

Make a new Metal Hero Series!!

Toei took an enormous gamble with Kuuga, and it has paid off for them. Why won't they do the same with Metal Hero? They clearly have an interest. I just want a new Metal Hero series. The stunt work in Metal Hero shows tended to far more involved and fast-paced than that of Rider or Sentai. Sure you got the slow-mo heroes like Jiban and Janperson but think of the fast cars, big guns, big explosions, big stunt action we've been missing since the 90s.

Toei is living in the past in all the wrong ways. Bring back all the heroes that you know and love with the current cheese that they call "effects".

Short and sweet. I want a new Metal Hero series. I want a GOOD Metal Hero series. Stop living in the past, it's lame.


P.S. Canceling Super Sentai would be stupid. I really want people to stop kicking around this theory.

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  1. Well, I don't want Sentai series to be cancelled. Super Sentai is part of Japanese culture since 1975 and it would be awful if that happens.