The CD Collection--Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger CD Single

Welcome to a CCLemon99 review of this year's Super Sentai Theme Song CD Single. This is the companion post/review to my video on the Lupinranger VS Patranger CD Single.

While Japan is one of the few countries resilient to declining CD sales, there is still an ever-growing need to include incentives to CD releases to make them just a little bit more collectible than your standard release. My aim here is to kinda walk through this release from start to finish. I did a short video for my Youtube channel to show off all the goodies, but I'd like to explain everything with a little bit more detail here on the site.

I would also like to put out there that no, I will not give you the music. Buy the CD. That's kinda the point of this post. I want to kinda explain the point of CD collecting in 2018 versus mindlessly downloading everything. Buy a CD every once in awhile... A theme song single like this is a perfect example of something you should buy. It's cheap and usually has some kind of bonuses to make it worth while. Before I get into the package...how about I take a look at each track on this disc? This is a CD after all.


Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger Shudaika

01. Lupinranger VS Patranger [Project.R(Tatsuhiko Yoshida & Hitomi Yoshida)]

I'll have to evaluate this song as best as I can without getting ahead of myself...

This song incorporates themes from both Lupinranger, Dial o mawase and Chase You Up! Patranger. The weak link by a country mile is Hitomi Yoshida. My...word... I really haven't been paying attention to too much Project.R for this very reason. I...cannot stand her voice. It's not singing. It's just a series of shrill noises. Project.R's uninspired music and horrible vocalists has made me fall out of love with Tokusatsu music in a big way.

At least we were spared Hideaki Takatori or worse...YOFFY's honking.

02. Lupinranger, Dial o mawase [Project.R(Tatsuhiko Yoshida)]

The much better theme song. This almost has a late 90s feel to it. I was kinda surprised to find out that Tatsuhiko Yoshida is only twenty-eight years old. He has a little bit of a Shinichi Ishihara thing going for him...though he's a little too wooden. He was a good pick for this song. The overall smoothness of this song is kinda reminiscent of the Dekamaster theme song and

03. Chase You Up! Patranger [Project.R(Hitomi Yoshida)]

Bad. The singing. I really can't deal with the singing over top the boring music. I was hoping that the Karaoke version would kind of remedy this, but the music just isn't all that exciting. This too reminds me of a 90s Tokusatsu theme song...Vanny Knights. Hell, even the singing is just as bad in that one. Actually, it's probably worse.

Remove "Patranger" from the lyrics and this can be a song from any anime. "Drag-onball It's Show Time". Yeah. Ugh...

04. Lupinranger VS Patranger [Original Karaoke]

05. Lupinranger, Dial o mawase [Original Karaoke]

06. Chase You Up! Patranger [Original Karaoke]

07. Kaito Sentai Lupinranger no theme [BGM]

Jazzy! I really dig it. I mean, even when they announced Lupinranger VS Patranger, my mind immediately went to Lupin III...and when you think of Lupin III, it's hard not to think of Yuji Ohno's incredible theme song and subsequent jazz soundtrack to back it. It should come as no surprise that the BGM theme of Lupinranger fits the name like a glove.

08. Keisatsu Sentai Patranger no theme [BGM]

Sounds like music from Go-onger...and Goseiger...and Gokaiger...and ToQger...and...

OVERALL: I enjoy the two dedicated Lupinranger tracks quite a bit. The Patranger tracks are just either incredibly bland or just ruined by that woman-child voice. I'm not up on my Project.R history, but wasn't Mayumi Gojo available? If they needed a decent Project.R singer, they should have gone with her. I really liked the Go-On Wings theme song...

Looking past the blandness of the Patranger music, this single wasn't bad at all. Given the nature of the show we got more content than usual...plus some BGM tracks! A pretty good value for what is usually only a boring four-track single. Twenty-five minutes of music for a low price...I approve.


There's more, though! As I was rambling about earlier in this post, this CD came with some extras...and even more extras if you bothered to pre-order it. Nippon Columbia has done extras to varying degrees of splendor in the past. For Go-Onger we got an Engine Soul and for Gokaiger and Go-Busters we got a Ranger Key. There were some stinkers out there like the ToQger lenticular print and the Kyuranger pop-up nonsense.

This release...kinda combines the good and the bad. The sheer amount of features kinda inspired me to make the video since there is a little bit too much for me to share in just this post. I took like forty-plus photos of this damn set...

The CD itself comes in a sleeve with a pop-up of Lupinranger VS Patranger. OK, kinda weak. BUT. If you're brave enough to cut up the designated pages of the booklet, the pop-up suddenly becomes a calendar covering April 2018 to March 2019. Neat. It would kinda be neater if I could do this without destroying the booklet, though. Hahaa.

A special Carddass card was also included for use with the latest version of NamcoBandai's card-based arcade game.

The main extra is probably going to become the most desired over time, though. If you had the foresight to pre-order the CD Single, you got yourself a swing keychain featuring both the Lupinranger and Patranger logos on it. Pretty neat, huh? My only gripe is that it wasn't incorporated into the case at all. It was just kinda lazily taped onto the wrapper.

All things considered, this is a pretty jam-packed set for only $14. A pretty lengthy CD Single, pop-up case with calendar, Dice-Oh card, and the cool little keychain. I approve. Nippon Columbia has taken a wise approach to making CD collecting more appealing this time around. Just think back to fifteen years ago when you paid the same price and got the Abaranger theme songs, it's Karaoke versions and absolutely nothing else. Dark ages...

So yeah...remember to pre-order CDs even if you aren't totally convinced that you'll buy them. You never know what kind of bonuses will get tossed in and you can always cancel before it ships. Hehe.


For more Tokusatsu CD goodness be sure to check out my CD Collection page. Next month on this site I will be doing DAILY POSTS. Thirty new posts in the month of April. It's insane and I'm really looking forward to it!



  1. I gotta say, those keychains are neat. You'd think they'd be losing more money than they're making with all of the extras they're including to entice CD sales. As for the songs...

    I haven't listened to the separate tracks, but just going by what you hear on the TV each week, I can't stand EITHER vocalist, but I think the guy's the worst offender. He's heard most in the combined track and just sounds dead and flat. After the first episode, I literally thought "Wow! This guy can't sing at all and his voice is being heard each week on national TV." He reminds me of the guy who sang Kamen Rider Wizard's theme.

    I agree with you about Mayumi Gojo, though; pretty much ever since she joined Project.R, I've been expecting her to get her own theme. 10 years later -- NOTHING! But they keep getting all of these newb vocalists each year, often ones who don't even sound good. Gojo was Takatori's pick for the group -- he's written a lot of her stuff -- so I find it doubly weird they don't use her, since Takatori's the elder statesman of the grop. (They didn't even let Gojo shine at that Super Sentai Day concert last year -- they gave her Timeranger to cover, but they just had to throw Sister Mayo in there, too, when Gojo's definitely a better choice for that song.)

    Did you ever watch that concert? I'm curious what you thought about Shogo Kamada's Kakuranger cover, which I thought was surprisingly cool.

    1. The keychains would probably last a week if you used them as intended. I really have to say that the Engine Souls in the Go-onger theme song single and song collection were probably my favorite extras. They worked with the toys AND tied into the CDs since they played the theme songs. Then you get stinkers like the Kyoryuger one that came with a samba egg with the Kyoryuger logo lazily slapped on.

      Admittedly I know very little about Project.R. I can tell you just about anything about Super Sentai Music until about Dekaranger. Beyond that, Gekiranger was a really good year and the rest is just meh...especially once Project.R became a thing.

      I didn't mind his voice all that much outside of the stiffness. That duet is just a little too much...

      I haven't heard that cover. I've only heard a handful of covers of Secret Kakuranger and all of them were terrible. Hahaa.

  2. Thanks for telling me where is the Lupinranger's theme

    1. Lupinranger and Patranger will also have separate Mini Albums released next month.

    2. The mechas themes are just around the corner