Top Seven Toys That I Wish Existed

Welcome to another CCLemon99 Top Seven List!

This time around I'm going to reveal my Tokusatsu toy wish list. Given the toyetic nature of Tokusatsu shows, it's pretty rare for something shown on screen *not* to have a toy. However, there are a handful of occasions where we missed out on something potentially great. I'm sure I'm missing some things out there, but these are the big ones that I could think of.

I'm going to leave out things like Super Robot Chogokin and SHFiguarts because, well, I pretty much do an annual wish list for things like that. Those lines are more or less still alive despite Figuart's obsession with Disney these days. Practically everything on this list has zero chance of getting a release...except maybe my top pick. *fingers crossed*


07. DX Fire Wolzaphone [Mahou Sentai Magiranger]

Mostly so people can stop asking me where I got mine...

This is actually a good request, though. There is, and always has been, a massive demand for this toy. The fact that Bandai never gave it a standard release is trifling. You can only really go two routes for this one. Either wait very patiently and fork over a truckload of cash for the incredibly rare magazine giveaway, or do what I did and go the custom route. In my case, my friend Kingranger actually made mine to my own specifications--and even made an awesome custom box. The electronics feature the standard Wolzaphone sounds, so it would have been nice for Bandai to put some kind of quick release together. Alas, this was the days before Premium Bandai...


06. DX Giga Bitus [Seijuu Sentai Gingaman]

I reviewed Giga Bitus recently. While I enjoyed the toy that was released...I kinda wish there was some kind of full scale release to hold both DX Chogokin Giga Phoenix and DX Chogokin Giga Rhinos.

While having a mecha that can comfortably hold ten other mecha inside of it would be prohibitively expensive and large, a boy can dream...


05. Densetsu no Buki & Hellfriede [Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger]

I might be alone on this one. I actually really like the normal versions of the Zyuranger's Legendary Weapons. That said, they might be just a little bit too drab for toy versions to be necessary. We did get the transformed weapons at least.

Hellfriede, on the otherhand, should have definitely gotten a toy. If you were fighting your younger brother in the backyard, you obviously were re-enacting the Tyrannoranger vs Dragonranger fight. It's pointless without Hellfriede!

It was an awesome design that was just begging for a toy version...


04. Witchblade [Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers S3]

I was disappointed when I learned that this toy doesn't exist. The seventeenth episode of Kakuranger is one of my absolute favorite episodes of the series. It explored an idea that I wish was revisited more than just this once in the series--revenge. Yokai Amikiri is after Saizo because his ancestor cut off her arm. It resulted in one of the most striking and memorable battles in Sentai history.

The most maddening thing about the cancellation? It was the only figure from this 1995 Action Evil Space Aliens line that never made it to production. UGH! Between this and the lack of Scorpina/Lammy I think Bandai may have had something against Ami Kawai characters...


03. DX Roborider & Biorider Henshin Belts [Kamen Rider BLACK RX]

I might be only one of three people who care, but I would have liked the final two iterations of the King Stone. Roborider had those cool mechanic gears while Biorider somehow managed to make the King Stone whole again.

While the DX Sunriser isn't perfect, it would have been nice to have DX versions of the other two to go along with it.


02. DX Fuun Maboroshijo [Ninja Sentai Kakuranger]

Kakuranger has an already great toyline, so this one breaks my heart in a big way.

So Bandai definitely had plans for this one. What made them back out is anyone's guess. It could be that the Wind Illusion Castle is hardly ever seen in the series. It could also be that, from a series perspective, Muteki Shogun was usually seen busting through the roof.

Based on the concept drawings, I can't even say that this would have been that large of a toy. DX Muteki Shogun isn't all that large, and the concept shows that it would have done a clever job of storing the Jusho within.

This toy doesn't appear to be that much less than what King Pyramider was just a year later. I'm sure some more fun features could have been tacked on as well... This likely would have been one of my favorite Kakuranger toys had it been released.


01. Vulcan Brace [Taiyo Sentai Sunvulcan]

*sigh* I know what you're thinking. Whenever Bandai releases or announces new Sunvulcan toys, it usually kills the line that it's from. DX Ranger Keys (non-Web Exclusive) and SHFiguarts are two examples where some of the final toys released were from Sunvulcan. Well...this is one that I kinda hope comes into fruition.

A 1981 release of this likely wouldn't have been all that special. Given the Goggle Brace and Dyna Brace that we ended up getting, it probably would have only focused on VulEagle. You know what though, so what? It would have been *something* much in the same that the Goggle Brace and Dyna Brace are *something* as well.

This is where the Super Sentai Artisan line would come in. How hard would it be to make this happen? It's an easy design that can utilize a basic faceplate swap system. It's also the only major Sentai Henshin item that doesn't friggin' have any kind of toy representation.

While I would love to have a toy from 1981 Popy, a 2018 Premium Bandai version would be just as welcome in my collection.


Those are some toys that I could think of off the top of my head. What non-existent toys do you long to see become a reality? Let me know! I'd honestly love to hear what everyone thinks. Dream toys? Cancelled toys? Impossibly limited quantities? Let's hear them!

I will be back next week with a new annual segment that I would like to try out. April is going to be a monster month on CCLemon99.com. Thirty new posts. 3-0. Every single day. Stay tuned for that...

See ya!


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  1. I completely forgot about the Wind Illusion Castle's existence

    1. It showed up only a few times that weren't Muteki Shogun related. I think budget may have been the biggest issue since the interior was only a gigantic black room.

      Yeah, Kakuranger was virtually set-free. The cockpits of the Choninju were also pretty much black rooms with their symbol and the crystal. There was also the occasional Yokai hangout.

    2. They didn't use sets much because?

    3. It was probably cheaper and easier to shoot on location.

  2. I can confirm that the US stopped doing villain toys because Lord Zedd sucked

    1. I agree that Lord Zedd sucked...but the villain toys never really stopped. Heh.

  3. I'm still surprised that there hasn't been even a teaser of a Sunvulcan brace. They have to be planning to do one, c'mon.

    I don't think a lot of the toys I'd want to see are so impossible, but they still wouldn't do them. My main obsession is basically villain figures. Figuarts would've been the ideal, but I'd even take freaking soft vinyl figures of characters like Birugenia, Kaura, Yamimaru, Super Giluke...and so on. My other big thing was wanting Charawheels of the '80s Sentai teams' motorcycles and trucks. The toys from the time kinda stunk.

    There's one dream Premium Bandai toy of mine that I think is impossible, and probably why they never did a Hellfried -- I'd love a show-looking Seijuu-ken from Gingaman, but since it's so actual-weapony looking, they wouldn't do it. I just think the Seijuu-ken is so cool. I love how the show surrounds it with an importance, making it like the toku Excalibur.

    1. The Vulcan Brace would be the easiest thing in the world to design and shove into a box for some absurd price.

      I really wish villain Figuarts became more of a thing. Outside of the Shocker Combatmen, Shadowmoon, and Doras, there really isn't a whole lot. I would looooove a Birugenia Figuart. I kinda get bummed at the ones they previewed but never released...all those glorious Metal Hero Figuarts... Mad Gallant, Spielban, Metalder, Janperson, etc. Come to think of it, the only Metal Hero villain we did get was Black Beet. Feh. Bandai is wasting the Figuarts line on Disney crap. Does the world really need another Chewbacca figure??

      Sadly, the only way I think a legit Seijuu-ken could happen is if Bandai America did it first. And...well...yeah... A prop-maker friend of a friend owns a hero prop, though. So copies could potentially happen somewhere down the line.

  4. *K.M.* Do you feel disappointed that during Dairanger's developments (1993) they scrapped Daijinryu's second humanoid form?

    Here's the concept art.


    On the very bottom right and you'll see him.