Akina Nakamori Month Introduction

Welcome to a CCLemon99 Special Project! I have officially lost my mind. In my never-ending quest to review every single CD I own, I felt the need to branch out just a little bit more. It started as a desire to review a select handful of albums of one of my favorite singers, Akina Nakamori, and kinda spiraled out of control from there. I realized that I had never listened to her albums chronologically...and that I never really revealed why I had a sudden renewed interest in her a few years ago. I guess I am killing many birds with a single stone...or thirty stones depending on how you look at it.

I can't imagine these posts will get many initial views, but hey...if you were on the fence about picking up any one of these albums, hopefully I helped out just a little bit. I wouldn't call myself the greatest writer...and despite what you may see below, I don't even think I'm a Nakamori superfan. I'm just a chucklehead with a website. 

That said, here is the table of contents of what you can expect during the next thirty days. I will be reviewing every song from every album. There are a few bonuses sprinkled throughout (The Fushigi breakdown was a lot of fun...as was her most recent cover album Cage). If this format proves popular, I plan on carrying it over to my normal reviews...so let me know what you think.

Day 01: <Introduction>

I hope you'll enjoy this project! I also reviewed Akina Nakamori's 1982-1991 Singles CD Box Set [Part 1, Part 2] if you're interested in more reading.

Take Care! 


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  1. This is totally great, mate! I came from youtube in order to get into the whole discography of the amazing Akina!