03. Fantasy [Gensoukyoku] (1983.03.23)

01. Akina kara.......


As far as intros go, I tend to love/hate ones that are spoken-word. This one is a dictated message, as the title would suggest, from Akina. Nah, I don't like this one.

02. Ruri-iro no yoru e

A nice dabbling into that new-fangled electronic music. I love the mix of dreaminess and clarity in the music. It may be a little on the basic side, but the vocals are spot-on to what little she has to work with.

03. Aventure

I thought that Akina Nakamori would have missed out on the tropical-sounding yachty songs that were all the rage prior to her debut. It makes more sense that I give it credit for, though. We're only a couple year away from her lighting up the charts with a certain Pop-Samba fusion...

04. Nigiwai no kisetsu e

The first, but definitely not the last ballad of this album. It's sung incredibly well, but the music is just a little bit off. Especially the drums toward the end.

05. Kizu-darake no love

I can't say this track stands out all that much, but I dig it. It's a mid-range rock song.

06. Me o tojite ko ryoko excursion

Outside of the baffling intro, this song is a sweet little track. Yeah...that intro. It's double the Akina. If it were just a single set of her vocals, it would have improved the song dearly. Oh well. It's not bad filler if you can look past that.

07. Second Love

From my review of Singles Box 1982-1991: "Second Love is a slow ballad...and a very good one at that. I'm normally not a fan of ballads, but this one kinda captives me. Make a song a ballad and usually it turns a four minute song into ten for me. I don't get that here. It's a very quick song and very well produced. The vocals seem to peak-out at times, but otherwise this is fantastic."

08. Shishunki

The title makes me bristle, but...at least the song is totally listenable otherwise. It's good to have on in the background, but I try not to analyze it much further than that.

09. More motto koishite

This song isn't terribly unique, but it's still a good listen. The singing is as on-point as usual, but it also features the weakest keyboard solo I've ever heard in my entire life.

10. Aitsu wa Joke

Ending something is far more difficult than starting it. During her years at Warner, Akina Nakamori usually had a strong start and equally as strong ending. This is the first album with a song that really leaves a lasting impression. That said, it may be a strong song...but it isn't so much a "goodbye" song. It's one of my favorites from the album...and I'm a firm believer in saving the best(ish) for last.

Like I said, this one kinda sets the pace for several albums that follow.

OVERALL: I never really dug this album. This is the third album from Akina Nakamori in less than a year. Her debut was just that, while her second album was a showcase of her vast improvement. I'd be lying if I said this album wasn't a further improvement of her abilities, but it just seems like the well was running dry for what her management was attempting to do with her.

This was her first number one album.....so what do I know?

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