22. DESTINATION (2006.06.21)

01. Koya -beniyo-

The start of this album is immediate. Koya is a upbeat song with some equally as peppy singing. You know I'm all for strong opening tracks and this one does not disappoint. It has the energy and is pretty unique.

02. Usotsuki

I like this one as well. It's groovy with a slight jazz tinge to it. The bass is front and center and guides this song well.

03. Seashore

Another great track. This one is a little bit retro funk sounding. The only issue I have, and one that really doesn't matter in retrospect, is that this song would have sounded more at home in the late 90s rather than 2006. That doesn't stop it from being really cool, though.

04. Nemure rumori no cho

Another jazzy track on par with Usotsuki. Lots of smooth bass to carry it along. The singing is also really on-point.

05. Kodo

This track is more along the same line as Seashore. It's weird how this album is cycling like this. Fun song, but the bass sounds extra fake here versus mildly fake on the previous tracks.

06. GAME (Album Version)

This is the B-Side to Hana yo odore. You know what...? This reminds me SO MUCH of Kome Kome Club's Shake Hip. By default that makes this a great song. It's frantic energy is really welcome. Not because this album is slow, because it certainly isn't. This is a speed that Nakamori really doesn't operate at. It's a pretty unique track.

07. Yoru no hana

This one is a little too 2000s. Ehhhh I don't dig it's jerky beat. Nakamori's singing is great, but the music is a little too dated.

08. Hana yo odore (Album Version)

The second single from this album. Both this and GAME make up a great single. I guess the best way to describe this is Latin-lite. The bass, horns, and drums certainly bring it there. It's an incredibly fun song...I seriously dig it.


More retro funk. This song is a lot of fun, but the fake bass is a little bit meh. Otherwise...thumbs up.

10. Rakka ryuusui (Album Version)

This is actually the lead single from the album. Oh man is it slick. The beat just never lets up and the production is incredibly dense. Given that this song was actually released well in advance of the album, it was clearly an isolated endeavor. That means that it kinda doesn't fit in...but it's so good that it doesn't really matter. A strong song is always welcome.

11. Only You

The beat on this one is really jerky and played out. I honestly don't really dig this track. The ending of this song ever just kinda goes "meh.......".

12. Grace Rain

Ending on a jazzy note? Sure. This is uncharacteristic for this album. This would actually fit in a little more on I hope so, but it's here. I like the last minute change of pace even if this song isn't crazy memorable.

OVERALL: While this album doesn't get heavy play from me, I still enjoy it quite a bit. The production isn't the greatest, but the songs are all pretty solid. If Resonancia wasn't your bag and you want some upbeat Nakamori from the era, be sure to give this album a play.

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