21. I hope so (2003.05.14)

01. Toki (Instrumental)

Instrumental intro. It's incredibly relaxing.

02. Rain

As Resonancia had a theme, I hope so's theme is ballads. In fact, the full title of the album is "I hope so~Ballad Album~". That said, this first track is a very good beginning.

03. Niji

A slower ballad than the previous track, but definitely a haunting reminder of how Nakamori cut her teeth in the 80s. It's a nice return to form.

04. Hikari (Instrumental)

Brief little instrumental track.

05. Kaze no hate

This song has quite a lot of life to it for it to be considered a ballad. The beat is on 2 and 4 if that gives you an idea of what type of song it is. I like it.

06. I hope so

This album's titular track is more of a rock ballad, which is great. Credit where credit's due...this album has some really good variety in types of ballad. This one in particular is quite chill.

07. Veil

Another chill song with some power in the vocals. Well, there is some light effects on them at least. This album reminds me a lot of the post-Cruise stuff that Nakamori released before leaving Warner in 1991. I feel a bit of Angel Eyes here.

08. Yoi (Instrumental)

Another quick little instrumental interlude.

09. Yuyami o matte

More of a jazzy ballad this time. Some incredibly relaxed singing on this one.

10. Dokei

This is a slower orchestral ballad. Again, the singing is spot-on during this song.

11. Tsumugi uta

Now we've reached a smoother ballad. It isn't rock, but it's certainly not as opulent as the previous song. The chorus is pretty floaty and almost retro with an early 80s sound through the guitar.

12. Yume (Instrumental)

This is the longest of the instrumental interludes. Honestly, it doesn't sound all that dreamy as the name would suggest.

13. Utsutsu no hana

More of a serious track. It's a tad on the disjointed side, but it's also a little slick in tone. It even has a bit of a pulse to it. I like this one quite a bit.

14. Days

The lone single from this album. It's a good song and it certainly encompasses the Ballad vibe of the album, but I wouldn't say it's my favorite. I can see why it was selected to be the single, though. It just has it all going for it. The balance wins out in the end.

OVERALL: I know I didn't have a whole lot to say about these songs individually, but I do really enjoy throwing this album on in the background while I work. The irony is that when I was working on the review for it, I didn't have a whole lot of words.

Ballads aren't something I really examine too much I suppose. It's just very pretty background music to help me relax. It's a good album, but one that the pop fans might not dig on too much.

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