Cordozar Cometh

I just woke up from an extended nap. Tell me if this doesn't sound like an odd dream...

I was considerably younger and at my Grandparents' house. For some reason they were putting up famous people in their guest rooms, but none were staying there at the time. For some reason my wife was there at the house also. She is looking at the walls which have pictures of the famous people as they were staying at the house. She gets to one picture and says "He was here? I wonder if he'll swing by again.". Sure enough, I hear a low rumble of a loud car coming down the street. I go to the front door to see the car and I don't see anything. Just then, what can only be described as Bruce Willis's Honda Civic from Pulp Fiction crashes through the front of the house where i'd just been standing. The door flies open and who should step out...

Snoop Dogg.

He gets out of the car and says "I need to work on my car. Wasn't this a Jiffy Lube?" and leaves a pitcher of what I can only imagine is Kool Aid (based on his entrance) on the table. He gets back in his car, puts on these aviator goggles and a scarf, and says "I'll be back tomorrow.".

That's pretty much how it ended.

Thoughts? I haven't had a crazy dream, or really any dream i've been able to remember when I woke up, in a long time. What does it mean? O_o

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