Wasted space no more!

I have decided to finally put this space to use. It's about time! I have been threatening hinting at my return to blogging for quite some time now.

Since my previous blog at *sigh* Myspace has been pretty much abandoned, i've pretty much taken to Twitter with all my ranting and raving. Recently, however, I noticed that exactly almost 87% of my tweets have been about Gran Turismo 5. This does not bode well for my followers (I imagine). So... I have decided that I need to split forms and get myself blogging again. Even if nobody reads this, I will be able to get what I have to say off of my chest.

Expect a lot of talk about Tokusatsu, Cars, my videos (and channel for that matter), and while I still have thumbs Gran Turismo 5. I have a lot to say about all of them. Sometimes 140 characters isn't enough dammit!

Let's see how this goes...


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