Vacation! Some Tokusatsu speak at long last

I'm on vacation from work this week. I was planning on making a bunch of new videos with my new-found freedom, but that has pretty much fallen through. I'm very tired of work and just need my rest I suppose. Next week, i'll be running in top gear until May once again...so I need the rest.

I will, however, be making videos of two of my latest Autoart scale models. A few weeks back I received my Porsche 959 in white and just a few minutes ago I received my Nissan Skyline 2000 Turbo RS-X (R30) in, you guessed it, white. If you want to check out a full list of scale models that I own, click on the 1/18 Scale Model link in the right column, or just click here.

Speaking of pages, I plan on adding more pages. I'm in the midst of typing up a Gran Turismo 5 page where I pick apart a game that took five years for them to make, and less than two months for me to *nearly* complete. I'm at 86% currently. So, ha!

I will be creating some Tokusatsu pages and I will be blogging more about Sentai shows when the opportunity presents itself. To hell with it...I have some time...here goes some random thoughts.

Goseiger: I haven't watched since episode 12. I also saw a clip where Gosei Knight showed up and the rest of the team was covered in poop or something. I'm simply not interested in the show. It struggled from the beginning and felt like an orgy of successful gimmicks from previous shows. No thanks, i'll pass. I don't feel the same great fan reaction that shows like Shinkenger had, either. It feels like filler until the 35th Anniversary show debuts.

Dairanger: It may not be my favorite Sentai series, but it's up there. I've seen it the most aswell. It has insane replay value that no other Sentai series has. So why do I mention it? I have just finished watching it straight through once again. This must be the sixth time i've watched the show. I really love the fight title screens they started doing during the teen episodes. Too bad it didn't last too long.

Kamen Rider OOO: Much like everything since Ryuki, I have no interest in the show. I haven't seen a single episode. I have nothing good or bad to say about it. I just wish people would stop telling me that I need to be watching it. What passes as a Kamen Rider show is a far cry from what I watched as a kid. This new format for Rider shows has nothing for me. So please please PLEASE stop telling what I should be watching. It's not for me.

Gokaiger: I get a lot of messages on Youtube asking for my thoughts on Gokaiger. I can't comment on the show too much (other than I hate the pirate theme) so I will talk a little bit about the toy pictures that have been released. I will be going through this series as cheaply as possible. I noticed that there are a lot of re-issued mecha (that I won't be buying). I guess that's cool. I've already owned all of them once...so there is no need to buy them again. The rest of the toys, nothing has really caught my eye. Shinkenger and Go-onger are the only two series in quite some time to have cool toylines.

Yeah, so I finally have something to say about Tokusatsu in this blog. I really haven't had anything to say due to my lack of viewership. Maybe next time i'll talk about Kakuranger or something. Right?

Anyway, my mp3 player has some battery life in it now. I'm off to shovel snow.


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