Podcasting? Me? Help!

I'm thinking about starting up a new project. Since I tend to be a person who really enjoys his privacy, this one is quite a doozy.

A little back story...

I *love* when I get bursts of creative energy. I work in a job where I used to have free reign over pretty much everything I did. Years later i'm doing the same work, but I really need to stick with a tight program (when people are watching...). The best thing to happen to me creatively has to be my Youtube channel. I love making videos so much that I even started up a second channel (CCDBZ99) and broadened my horizons on my main channel to include pop culture reviews (Honda ASIMO, Segata Sanshiro, Pepsiman, etc.) as well as the thing that has really been honing my photographic skill, my 1:18 scale car model reviews.

Since last October-ish I feel that I have been in a rut. I really, really need to try something new. The first step was to bring this blog to life. I registered this account god knows how long ago and am finally getting around to using it. The next step...


...I might try micropodcasting. This goes against everything i've built up over the years. I don't like talking in real life, or online. I might be the lone PSN hold-out that doesn't own a microphone. I think I need to atleast try my shot at making some kind of audio Q and A type thing to get started. I'll be taking some time in the future to put a script together and whatnot.

On the otherhand, I feel that not revealing my voice really strengthens what I do with my reviews. Hmmm.

It's still up in the air. I figure...if i'm going to take a chance, it might as well be something that won't leave me maimed or otherwise disfigured.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Advice?


P.S. No, i'm not going to reveal my face.
P.S.2 Don't be afraid to tell me I should've been doing this for awhile.
P.S.3 Don't be afraid to tell me to take this idea out back and shoot it in the head.
P.S.4 Twitter @CCLemon99

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