Auto Show! Gokaiger merch news!

Earlier today I was at the Philadelphia International Auto Show. It has been a long standing tradition of mine to attend this show and I always look forward to it. I always take a ton of photos while i'm there as well. Here are some brief thoughts about various cars...

Honda CR-Z: I've grown to like this car more and more over time. Sure the nose is a bit funky looking, but it's actually a very nice looking car in person. Nice enough for me to consider purchasing one... I can't quite wrap my head around it being a Hybrid, though. With that, it does have an enormous engine for a Hybrid. Oh, and that grille would be the first swap-out i'd make if I got one. Hmmmm... Decisions...

Hyundai Genesis Coupe: Also a serious for my dollars. It is a little bit more than the CR-Z, but what you get is SO much more. Bigger interior, bigger engine, bigger everything--for not too much more money.

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG: Where we're going we don't need...roads.

Chevrolet Camaro: By far the worst car i've ever seen in my entire life. It should be noted that contrary to all of the iconic imagery, this car wasn't a tribute to the Troops or anything. Just a slippery American boner with four wheels. Make sure you check out my photoset for more pictures of this propelled diarrhea.

Porsche 959: I'm not a Porsche guy...but this is one of my favorites. I've been a huge fan of this car since it was in production. This is the first time i've seen one in person (only 337 were made--not many left Europe) and I was NOT disappointed. Excellent car!

Ford GT40 MkII: Another car i've always admired yet have never seen in person. The iconic Ford racer from the '60s was at the show! I prefer the taillights from the MkI GT40, but it's the same basic premise here. Pure sex.

That is basically all I wanted to say about the Auto Show. I took a ton of pictures and posted the majority of them on my flickr photostream. Be sure to check them out: http://www.flickr.com/photos/50333869@N07/sets/72157625963622766/


Gokaiger Merchandise News!

OK, so the premiere of Gokaiger is fast approaching. Typically I try to preorder or secure multiples of the annual Henshin Device prior to the show's debut. Here is my situation...

1. Two webstores cancelled my preorders of the DX Mobairates. Fuck.
2. Friends I typically rely on to purchase easy items are understandably too busy for my silly hobby. (Bummer)
3. I'm not sure I even like the damn thing.

The good news is...my discounted preorder of DX Gokaioh is still good. Y4300 isn't a bad price. I did manage to get...whatever the hell the Goseiger mecha is (seriously, i'm drawing a blank on the name) for Y4000. To be honest, the conversion rates have screwed me up so bad for finding good deals that I don't really care about spending copious amounts of time looking for the rock bottom price. (EDIT: Gosei Great! I finally remembered the name of it)

So yeah, i'm still looking to secure atleast one DX Mobairates for my 29 year strong complete Sentai Henshin Device collection. I'd really like to just say "To hell with it, I won't even review it until March or so." but I still want to release my trailer of it before the month is up. Preferably on the 20th.

We'll see how it goes. Maybe i'll try some alternate routes for a preorder. Or see if I can get one someone as soon as it is released. In all honesty, I can't spend too much time in front of a computer to do so... We'll see. There will be a review. There will be a trailer. There will be blood...

I type too much...


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