So busy!

Things sure are crazy now!

Here are three fast updates:

1. Gokaiger stuff. I haz it. I should be getting a shipment of an array of toys shortly. I haven't been promised a DX Mobairates in this first shipment, but I should be getting one shortly. As soon as I get it, i'll be working on my trailer.

2. iPhone 4. I haz it. My network put up preorders for it last Thursday and i'm happy to say that I got my phone early and actually like it. If you have an iPhone, the Lightbikes App is flippin' awesome [and free!].

3. Batman & Robin. I haz it...infact I have all of the Batman films on Bluray. I've been watching a Batman movie weekly and since I just watched the not-THAT-bad Batman Forever, Batman & Robin is next. This is the only one I haven't seen, and in preparation for this legendary awful film...let's just say i'll be looking to the Skyy vodka for some guidance.


I have prepared some new videos. Not sure which video you'll be seeing this weekend, but it's bound to be a good one! [Aren't they all?]

See ya there!


P.S. I'm very close to buying a new vehicle...

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