Reebok X Power Rangers -- HUH?

If it weren't for a random ad on a website, I wouldn't even know this was a thing...

Today I'm going to take a look at possibly the most bizarre major merchandise collaborate I've ever come across--the Reebok x Power Rangers line. As a dude who really digs sneakers, I was intrigued by the concept. I bought a pair of Tron adidas back in 2006 and the year before I bought several pairs of the adidas Superstar Anniversary sneakers...which included my all-time favorite sneaker (the blue suede Superstar).

Feet are gross, so I can appreciate un-gross things to cover them up is what I'm getting at. Let's take a look at these Power Rangers Reeboks and see how they turned out.


Power Rangers Question Mid Basketball

I'll start with what I believe was the original shoe (?). This is the Megazord themed sneaker that draws in some vaguely memorable styling and color cues without being too overbearing.

This one...is alright I guess? I give them points for being asymmetric in a world where your two shoes should match. They're fine. I respect the game, but I wouldn't wear them. 

The trick box is kinda neat I suppose.


Power Rangers Classic Leather

This is the blandest fucking shoe I've ever seen. How is this even part of the line?


Power Rangers Answer IV Men's Basketball

I kiiiiinda dig this Lord Zedd themed sneaker with the tubing looped around to the heel. Outside of it being woefully impractical and possibly being a tripping hazard, it's neat.

I think the only thing about it that I actively dislike is the location of the zipper...and possibly the silver. I get it--it fits with the theme. Silver shoes like that just don't work in the real world, though.

Yeah, like I said...this one is kinda sorta OKish. It certainly looks better from a distance. 

Good from afar, but far from good lookin'.


Power Rangers Instapump Fury 94

This one really saddens me. As a dude who had a pair of Reebok Pumps in the 90s, I was hoping they would do something cool with the design in this line. Nope! Instead we are given the fugliest shoe that I've ever ever ever seen.

On the other hand...this shoe leaves zero-doubt to what it is or who it is trying to pay tribute to. The details are there, and I'm sure that this designed meticulously up close without ever taking a step back to check their work.

Truly headache inducing...


Power Rangers Zig Dynamica

You know what...? This might be my pick of the bunch. It's discreet, but it gets the job done perfectly. The pentagram on the tongue of the left shoe is a really cool touch. Not to mention, the shoe itself looks pretty cushy. Its everything the other shoes in this line aren't!

It may not be my style, but I can get behind this!


Power Rangers Hurrikaze II Low

Saving the best for last!

Kidding! This is by far and away the biggest disappointment of the bunch.

First off...as you may know I am a major fan of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. I will jump at any chance to add to my collection. The problems here are numerous...

-Why did they pick the Grandpa shoes as a base?

-If they were going to go with such a bland design, why not go big and make the left shoe camouflage and the right shoe white??

-The 90s Bandai "EVIL SPACE ALIENS" is so out of place on the tongue.

-"I got a life and I'm lovin' it". Is that a thing??

This is the one that I got the ad for on a random site that introduced me to this line. I was drawn in by it's badness and kept a consistent stream of disappointment as I saw what else was up for grabs.


Ummm...so that's that for that. You can check out the shoes on the Reebok site here, or you can wait until the next Power Morphicon to see them in action against bad convention hall carpeting. 



Hang on a minute...

Boots with the fur?

Reeboks with the strap??

Hurrikaze II LOW???

I can't be the only one who noticed!


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