The topic of Hasbro taking over the Power Rangers properties has been one of intrigue, optimism, frustration, and annoyance. In that order.

2018: We are given the news that Saban was ditching Bandai and awarding Hasbro the rights to manufacture Power Rangers toys (with the option to gain full control of the franchise in the fine print).

2019: It's here...we get an overdue Go-Busters adaptation and the birth of a promising, yet shoddy figure line called the Lightning Collection.

2020: A year in and it's all but confirmed at this point that Hasbro killed Super Sentai DVDs in North America and...quality control is still lousy.

We're now four years removed from the announcement of Hasbro taking over the franchise and...I'm done. It's more fair to say I was never in. I bought the Lightning Collection White Ranger, grimaced at the lousy quality, and went on with my life. That is 100% of my Hasbro Power Ranger toys.

Maybe I'll get that Ecliptor and...Empress...Skank (???--legit know nothing about anything post like season two of MMPR) set, but it's such a battle to make sure you get a figure with decent quality control that I probably won't bother.

Zord Ascension Project


Hasbro has some horrible NFT scam happening where you knock three times, pray you're in the right time zone, find the right glory hole, and maybe you'll get a special paint job on your Megazord (that's how those things work, right?). 

That wasn't my biggest "problem", though. I posted an image of the familiar logo in jest and got some idiotic reactions. This is why I don't tweet much anymore. 

I know there are people out there who inherently cannot detect sarcasm and/or take what they read literally. When I tweeted this out last week, I wasn't upset. I wasn't mad. I was more baffled at the course of pure ignorance than Hasbro has been on during their stewardship of the Power Rangers franchise.

The only thing I've genuinely tweeted in anger is that time I called Mark Wahlberg a piece of shit...he...is just human feces. 

So yeah, those responses ranged from...

"Nuh uh...that's not the Zyuranger logo" to "Maybe, but they have the right to use the logo as they please" to people that follow me liking *only* the tweets from people giving me shit. (Bruh)

I will say this...people mostly agreed with my tweet. Like...yeah, that *is* the Zyuranger "Z' being used for some NFT garbage. I normally post something and close twitter to let the responses come in. This time...I paid attention. 

It is kinda sad when people are just so invested in their "brand' that they will swoop in to defend their faceless company "friend". Nothing new there, but man is it pathetic. Can't we settle on the fact that Hasbro doesn't know it's ass from it's elbow when it comes to Power Rangers or it's Super Sentai source?

This tweet is...pretty much what's up...right down to how he says "Power Rangers". He's referring to this dumb shit:

You mean...this "funny envelope symbol"?

Spoiler: They fucked the finished toy up anyway. Of course they did...but Mouthpiece Magoo felt confident enough to say it'd been corrected for release for some reason. I guess I would just make things up as well if the fans shit a fireball and my bosses were none the wiser to the property in question.

I guess the moral of the story is that companies are not your friend. You can be an uber-collector like me and hold deep and infinite contempt for someone like Bandai Japan who at least puts out the goods to keep you coming back. When it comes to the lazy shits at Hasbro, you have to ask if they're really worth defending every single time.


P.S. Good luck not thinking of Jon Waters saying "ZZZAP" whenever you see that stupid NFT logo now...


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